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  1. I gave the wiper blade a good clean and lubricated the spring mechanism and this seems to have solved the issue so i will be keeping a close eye on it. Thank you for your reply my friend.
  2. Thank you my friend. I totally agree it is a work horse engine.
  3. Hi folks im currently having issues with my drivers side wiper its not wiping correctly at around the middle its leaving streaks of rain and its making it difficult to see. Its been like this since i bought the car. i changed the wipers because i thought that this was what the issue was. the issue continued. i noticed a small chip in the glass and around where the wipers where not wiping correctly there where small scratches on the glass. the windshield has since been replaced and the issue still persists. i am at my wits end with it as i dont know what the issue could be. any ideas ??
  4. Hello my friends, id like to take this opportunity to introduce myself I'm a huge Honda Fan I've driven many Hondas over the years. i currently Drive the Accord i-CDTi 2.2 2008. Its a joy to drive and has huge power. i look forward very much to hopefully chatting with some of you in due course. thanks alot.
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