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Honda Insight

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The Honda Insight is a hybrid electric vehicle manufactured by Honda and the first production vehicle to feature Honda's Integrated Motor Assist system. The first-generation Insight was produced from 1999 to 2006 as a three-door hatchback. The 2000 Insight ranks as the most efficient United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified gasoline-fueled vehicle ever, with a highway rating of 61 miles per US gallon (3.9 L/100 km; 73 mpg-imp) and combined city/highway rating of 53 miles per US gallon (4.4 L/100 km; 64 mpg-imp).

Honda introduced the second-generation Insight to its home market of Japan in February 2009. The car went on sale in the United States on March 24, 2009.[4] At $19,800 as a five-door hatchback it is the least expensive hybrid available in the US.[5] In December 2010, Honda introduced a less expensive base model for the 2011 model year priced US$18,200. The Insight was launched April 2009 in the UK as the most affordable hybrid on the market with a starting price from £15,490 (otr), which was more than £2,000 lower than other hybrids, and became the best selling hybrid for the month.

Honda's Insight, billed as the cheapest gas-electric hybrid on the market, ranked as the top-selling vehicle in Japan for the month of April 2009, the first time a hybrid has clinched that spot. During its first twelve months after first available in the Japanese market, the second-generation Insight sold 143,015 units around the world.

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