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  3. From a News report I saw this week, new coal power plants are opening weekly so why is it always us in the UK that have to change to electric cars etc????? The use of fossil fuels in increasing nearly everywhere Countries and territories with the largest number of operational coal power plants worldwide as of July 2023 and have no intentions of changing. China (Mainland} 2 new every week India United States Japan Indonesia Russia Germany Poland Turkey Ukraine Philippines Vietnam Czechia South Korea Kazakhstan Taiwan Australia South Africa BTW Brought a newspaper to day as I do once a week, I buy it to line the bottom of the parrot cage, 9 full pages asking for donations and the same offering luxury cruises and the rest depressing news bottom of the cage best place for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I have a 2000 Honda accord saloon 2.0 and I’m struggling to find the right clutch. I put my reg in online and it comes up with 3 or 4 different sizes I don’t really want to take it out first because I need to remove and replace in one day can any one help please thanks Ryan
  5. Last week
  6. We have a '64 plate (UK) CR-V. It is the 1.6TDi version and the basic model with a basic CD/Radio with BT connection. It has been so reliable that I haven't had the need to be active on any forum. It has been the cheapest and most reliable motoring we have had in over 30 years. If I was to be critical I'd say the ride is a bit soft, the speaker/sound quality is iffy (at best) and the BT system is crap. The problem we are now having is that we are struggling to connect new Android phones to the system. Both are 2022/23 Oppo (same model). We have owned since 2015 and the BT system has not been updated. Is there a way to update the BT software?
  7. Manual or automatic ? are you fitting it or a company ? Either a specialist gearbox company - ebay - or scrapyard direct ! Your choice, just check reputation from where you buy it from ! You don`t say what part of the country you are in ! If you get it right you only do it once ! Good luck
  8. Just replaced my battery after four years - the price was £70 from Halfords, if you work it out that is £17.50 per year - for that cost its not worth the hassle or worry just buy it fit it and forget it for another four years ! Rinse and repeat every four years 😄
  9. Hi just be careful - I had my air-con diagnosed by a specialist local company - they used a scanner through the OBD socket (under the dash) now the ABS and VSA lights come on after reaching 30 mph and stay on ! I have found a link on youtube on how to reset using pins 9 & 4 on the OBD socket using a paperclip to bridge them in sequence - I have not tried it yet but from what I have read it is a known problem with some cars - and mine seems to be one of them, there was no problem prior to the scanner, so just be aware. Good luck !
  10. iCarSoft scanner is quite in-depth for scanning and resetting actuators on Honda models Quite cheap to buy and also updates easily
  11. Not entirely sure where it is on the i-dtec engine but I would start by looking at the end of the cylinder head at the gearbox end Here is the specs for the sensor so it will give you an idea of what you're looking for
  12. Did you get any resolve on this issue? Did the EGR pipe help matters?
  13. I must admit i did not think the CDTi has a knock sensor as a diesel engine has an inherent knock from combustion and I cannot think that this could be negated. What is the code you have from the system?
  14. Not personally used one to keep a battery topped up but do use a battery conditioner on my motorbikes to avoid sulphation which occurs during a period of not being used frequently over the winter period I think as long as you have some method to retain a charge within the battery even if it is minimal then the sulphation process will not occur (as much)
  15. Mk3.2 crv 2.2 148bhp diesel 2011. just had the clutch and fly wheel replaced. Since the work has been done the engine engine sound inside the cab is a lot more noticeable. Its not a fault noise just normal engine noise. It's almost as if some sound proofing is missing or a grommet is not put back properly. Ive searched but cant see anythingout of place. Any ideas
  16. i have the exact same problem with my 2011 mk3. did you find the cause yet?
  17. Hello. Does anyone recommend a scan tool which reads ABS codes? The ABS, Tyre pressure, Steering, and traction control lights all come on one after the other during a journey. Switching off the engine and restarting removed them, but they would return; they are now on permanently. A friend tried to find a code using his scan tools to no avail, as he suspects they do not recognise the car. He says I need a scan tool that will identify the codes. The lights went off a couple of days ago, but came back on after driving it about a quarter of a mile. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.
  18. Excellent Video Alan very well made.
  19. Hello, would anyone be able to tell me where the coolant temperature sensor is on a UK 2013 civic 2.2 i-dtec please
  20. It doesn't do any harm to update periodically as it also updates firmware and keeps you in the system
  21. Trevor

    CRX to HRV

    What a great video Alan....not seen that one before
  22. Just a quick thought - what would it cost to buy a replacement car ? from the list you have given it seems like it is going to be quite expensive ! I do not know what it would cost in US but you could buy a decent 2000 Accord in UK and it would suggest it may cost less than all the repairs you have listed ! Have a look on craig`s list and see what you can find before making your decision, got to be worth a look at least ! You might find a higher spec and a newer model with less miles. Good luck and keep us informed.
  23. Hi, ask the dealership to take off the" diagnostic " charge if you have them carry out the work - that seems fairer to me - diagnostic fee $100 quotation $300 you pay $200, it may give them an incentive for a realistic quote and give you an incentive to let them do the work ! Hope this helps
  24. Your very welcome PJB , I hope you get it sorted, let us know how you get on, I dont think you should be charged for a mechanic to investigate any problems, I have never been charged for that in the UK, Once they find out what the problems are they can then provide a quote to supply the parts and repair the faults for you. Hope it all works out my Friend
  25. I agree, Citroen have produced some excellent cars over the years and have always innovated with new technology. The foot 'handbrake' was really brought over from America and also Mercedes have used it for many decades now. It serves primarily as an Emergency brake (2nd/3rd line braking system) which should bring the car to a halt if needed. Being as most of the cars that employ this type of brake have automatic transmission so it serves to hold or stop the car if needed.
  26. I'm revisiting my fuse box CRV 2005, not been brave enough to put a relay where one is missing. The only thing not work on the car is the air con. Will I do any damage if I put a relay in??? I can't find a fuse box layout the same any where. Alan
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