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  2. Looks like your right that. I am not that handy with cars so i will ask my garage I use to carry out the repair.
  3. The bearings tend to go on these usually you get a grinding noise when you out the AC on. Mine is doing it now ! Maybe yours passed that stage. you can get new bearings and it's a pretty straightforward job.
  4. Hi there, I've wanted to change the head unit in my 2014 Honda Civic to something a little bit more modern. I took the car to Halfords as they seemed to be good value. However, they tried installing the stereo only to find that the stereo would turn itself off after about a minute or so. They tried two different units (Kenwood and Pioneer) and the same thing happened. In the end I think they just gave up as they didn't know what the issue was. Apparently they tried a few cables too, to no avail. Thankfully, I was not charged for anything. Does anyone know why this might happen? The standar
  5. Hi all. Just thought I'd comment on access to the oil filter Mk2 2.0 petrol) in case anyone didn't already know! All the guides seem to state that you need to raise the car up to access the filter. We'll, having just changed mine I can tell you that's not necessary. If you point the steering to the right, you can easily reach the filter through the wheel arch. Simple. Next on the list is valve clearances...
  6. Hi guys. I know it's a long shot but I had my house burgled and the keys stolen to my Honda Civic, Black, 2017 PJ17 OVW. Car was taken and on Sunday 20/09/2020 in the Bury, Greater Manchester area. My Mrs Ford Fiesta was taken too and content was found dumped in the Norden, near Rochdale, Greater Manchester area. thank you, jaysam666@gmail.com
  7. Hi Everyone new to the group, owned hondas for years but never joined a forum, here is my pride and joy. dave
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  9. C.R Technology manufactured unit (UK) 30% power and torque improvement on the 150 bhp engine Virtually new Contact me for more info if you are interested
  10. Hi....welcome to the Forum I have found that several times before when one family member gets a certain brand of car then the others tend to follow and with Honda reliability its easy to see why this methodology works. Good to have you onboard
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  12. Hi, Honda Civic Cusco Front Lower Strut Brace Bar. Very rare and In good condition, minor cosmetic marks. Was fitted to Honda Civic EK4 VTI, may fit others. £40 ono (buyer pays postage) Collection from Enfield, EN1.
  13. Hi all Would just like to introduce myself, I have a Civic EK4 VTI and family members have a CRV. Great to meet you all.
  14. Hi....welcome to the Forum I have in the past moved the door seal around just slightly (shuffled along by about an inch or so) and this can give the seal a slightly different profile and may give better sealing.
  15. Honda HR-V 2003 4wd, 5 door, 5 speed manual, RHD. Hi all, I was hoping someone on here has had a similar experience with water ingress into the front passenger footwell. I'm enquiring on behalf of a friend of mine who's in his 70's as he's asked me if I can do some research into the issue for him. I have looked very closely at both front passenger door seals, the inner door hole seal is fine but the outer is slightly perished and kinked around the door hinge. There is evidence of dirty water marks running down from the hinge on the door towards the front kic
  16. I don't personally own a smoke generator although I would like one (bit expensive) so would source a local garage that has one
  17. Hi....welcome to the Forum If you can find an old school panel beater they will be able to repair that damage. Trouble is nowadays they are not (in the main) capable of repairing damaged panels or it is not economical for them to repair (as in they don't make quick money out of it). Replacement panels are the only route for most people nowadays but if you can find someone who can heat and beat the dents then respray afterwards the that is what I would do.
  18. Please could anyone help. My neighbour accidently fell into my passenger front wing parked outside my house, I have been told by a number of body repair shops that a new wing is needed, tried honda main dealer, none, tried scrap yards, none. Just wondered if anyone would have one. Honda concerto 1993 k reg Regards Janic
  19. I think something is loose inside the car. When going through bumpy tarmac, the noise is also heard. I tried to open up the headlining but the front light area is not a sunglasses box. I am not sure know how to open it It is a brilliant idea. Do you have any smoke generator that you would recommend?
  20. That's exactly what I thought. I've put the exact same part number in on a few websites and the part is coming in at around £80-100. I think I'll go for one of them.
  21. Wow! thats a hefty price! I'm sure a good independent garage can sort a replacement at a lot cheaper price
  22. Hi....welcome to the Forum Haven't heard of it being an issue. If the engine is very low miles then until it is completely bedded in the you may get some washdown in the bores and in which case you could use a slightly heavier weight oil until then.
  23. Hi Usman.....welcome to the Forum That's a fine looking machine, surprised the styling didn't carry across onto other UK models. Good to have you onboard
  24. Thanks for the update Paul....at least they're getting there with being able to update through the phone now.
  25. Hard to say from the audio recording, if it is wind noise then you could use a smoke generator to see if there is somewhere the noise is coming in from.
  26. Hi all, I am driving a Honda Accord 2003 Ex 2.4 and I am experiencing this strange annoying rattling sound when traveling above 65mph. I was wondering if anybody have similar experience. I taped up the windows and others, went to the dealer to check but the noise persist. The dealer says it would be too expensive to investigate so I was wondering if any Honda expert has experienced such issue. The audio file is when travelling at 76mph output 1.mp3
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