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  2. Hi My names BUDGIE I have just bought my 1st Hybrid a Civic 2008 1.3 IMA 4 door Saloon 85K I live near Bognor Regis West Sussex very pleased so far done away with my Vw Passat Diesel as I think Diesel will Be Far Too Expensive pretty soon SB
  3. Hi i bought a new E HRV in March left it for a week last month whilst on holiday came back to flat batter only registered 1.8 v on the AA man’s test rig. took it to dealer no fault found! Do I cancel my next holiday or keep my battery booster in the car? anyone else had this problem. Battery is about the size of a big motorbike one. Colin
  4. Yes, my wife bought one in 2016 from Japanese exporters Goodmayes in Essex, we moved to Ayr, Scotland in 2018 and we use a local Honda dealer, unfortunately they dont seem to have spare parts and have to search the internet, we had the car in the dealers for 3 months on one occasion. Currently we are waiting for them to get another fan belt, been waiting two months! The engine warning light came on a few months back and they replaced the sensors but last week it came back on again?
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  7. @Bigt2811 Welcome to honda owners club🙂
  8. my Honda CRV 2007 2.2 ictdi ex according to the manual is supposed to have a previous destination delete function, IE (Choose a destination to delete option) i cant for the life of me seem to locate it anywhere, anyone else come across this issue? any help welcome regards Baz
  9. 2014 or 64 crv was not coded, the people who bought from New had to put there own code's in . I had to send my satnav to clarion to have it re coded.
  10. Hello, My wife and son bought a Honda Stream 2004 from Goodmayes Japanese exports in Essex, England around 2016, it only has 39,000 miles on the clock currently and we moved to Scotland in 2018. My local Honda dealer never seems to have spare parts for it. We have been waiting 3 months for a fan belt! Also the last few months the engine warning light has come on, again Honda not much idea what is wrong with it, they replaced the sensors and the warning light extinguished OK, but after a month the warning light has come back on, been like it for a week now. I live in Ayr, Scotland
  11. I have a 1982 Honda Civic Station Wagon. I want to touch up some areas or maybe do a complete respray. Unfortunately the paint sticker is faded and I cannot read the colour. All I can get off the sticker is “Dulux” and something “red”, ie there’s a word before “red” but I just can’t read it. The existing paint looks maroon/brown. I’m gonna research it but thought someone might know. Cheers!
  12. Any joy with this? I have the same system and am due to get my battery replaced this week. I have the serial which is actually a word but no code is included. Can you help me out? Thanks.
  13. I did. Trevor was right. One of the calipers had split and was rubbing on the disc.
  14. Hi, I have a 2004 CRV and the fob has become unreliable. Does anyone know if I can get a new one with new electronics programed to work like the original at a sensible price?
  15. Hi guys my name is Tony i am 57 i have had my honda accord tourer 2004 2.2i-ctdi for about 10 years now i have also got a honda vfr750fl 1990
  16. Hi strange one my 2004 2.2i-ctdi tourer tailgate opens on the keyfob but wont close on the fob or the button on the tailgate tried the reset can also ope manually
  17. Hello all My sister has owned this car for 18 years, it has been sorn for the past 3 years. The reason for this was that it needed a new ABS modulator. She is now thinking of parting with this car. Is there anyone that can help with selling advice, or know a site where to advertise for sale, either for restoration or maybe even spares for someone who has the same model. We are located in South West Devon. 2 pictures uploaded for reference, private plate removed.
  18. I have a dc2 1996 for sale .No rush on arches uses mot much oil looking for 11k .dry stored fresh mot no faults . 07713239331 located Scotland
  19. Am third owner of 2008/9 Japanese built Honda Jazz EX iShift. Its original radio/music centre consul has been replaced by a fully integrated Honda SatNav/Music system and bluetooth HFT link. The generic owners manual that came with the car doesn’t cover the functions for this touch screen system which has a Garmin navigation programme on a 40GB HDD. Have managed to find some limited data for the Music Catcher and navigation functions, but have nothing for the HFT link set up procedure. Honda appear to have no data for this, now obsolete, system. A PDF set does exist - somewhere - but so far, my searches have drawn a blank. For the record, this unit (new) from Honda originally cost c.£2,750 or nearly £3K. It’s too good to scrap so would like to find the full PDF for this superb, hitec system. Has anyone come across this particular system and perhaps knows where I might get the PDF guide?
  20. Just got myself a 03 honda accord 😁
  21. Hi, I have both units for sale the 6 disc stereo unit and the sat nav screen stereo unit offers welcome. I am based in paignton, Devon Cheers
  22. I'm looking for 2005 honda jazz car meeting club events
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  24. Hi everyone, I have just purchased a Civic mk 10,1.5 cvt.I have heard a lot of bad reports regarding cvt transmissions and wondered if any civic owner has ever had issues with their mk 10 cvt,any advice would be appreciated Thanks
  25. @Stevejane Hi, welcome to hoc! Please can you share photos so others can see and try help?
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