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  2. I am also in the same boat ..... except I am out in Bulgaria and looking to import a new after market converter from the USA via Amazon. My 1999 Accord Coupe is just about the same as the 2.3L sold in the States so i will use a cat and sensor applicable to the 2.3L. About a year ago I imported LHD headlights for it to get it through the registration and they fit nicely.
  3. Hi, Alex here. I am a newbie and in need of some help. I moved out from the U.K to Bulgaria several years ago and recently had the catalytic converter cut off my 1999 Honda Accord coupe Mark 6, auto, right hand drive. I of course am looking to have it replaced as my MOT is now only a couple of months away. A couple of questions. Firstly can anyone confirm that the exhaust pipe dia is 2.5 inches please ? I would also like to hear from anyone who has also had to replace their cat either in the sedan or the coupe. I replaced the headlights approx, a year back to get the car switched over to Bulgarian rego ...... very complicated indeed, however its done now. I have sourced a cat converter in the USA however it all hinges on the exhaust diameter. Any help is much appreciated. Cheers, Alex.
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  5. Thanks Trevor, only just seen your advice, I'll keep an eye on it.
  6. I recently bought a second hand 1999 Hrv and it has an Immobiliser key and it has gotten damaged so now the circuit won’t complete and as a result the car won’t even do anything. Anyone know a way to totally bypass it?
  7. Our Honda CRV 2.2 cdti 2007 is having fuel issues. Fuel is not reaching the engine, either pump is not pulling or sumtin wrong with the pipes. Need help plz
  8. Just realised, glow plug light has started flashing, Honda FRV2.2 CDI Sport, any one able to point me in the right direction please, M.
  9. Check the tyre tread depth across each axle if these are substantially different this could be your problem. I have had this when I fitted a new tyre to one side only (full size spare) when I replaced the original when repaired the problem was resolved.
  10. CR-Z price reduced to £7,250. Couldn't work out how to edit OP, sorry! New Gumtree link: Honda CR-Z GT, 2011 Hybrid Coupe, 52k, Manual, 1497 (cc), £20 Tax | in Christchurch, Dorset | Gumtree
  11. Also, could anyone give contact details of someone who could help. (as long as it doesn't go against forum rules...) Thanks
  12. I have sent an email to Honda UK in regards to this so will wait with anticipation. I think it is disgusting saying that it is a characteristic of the car, so are they telling me the car windows are designed to click or rattle, it seems that way!! Will update if & when I hear but I will get it sorted.
  13. Hi Trevor, thanks for your reply. My research finds that this is the same with all CRV's of my type and model, as has been verified by quite a few owners on another Honda forum.
  14. Hi. I too am after a thermosensor for a 2003 HRV many searches across several parts platforms and dealers have proved fruitless. Could anyone recommend an alternative part number or sensor that will do the job. Alternatively, is there a work around that will be accepted by an MOT test station? Thanks in advance.
  15. Is this the one pictured? As its' right next to the oil filter on top of the engine as shown in the video?
  16. I would be tempted to block it off and run it until you can get a replacement (secondhand) sensor.
  17. Air Conditioning pulleys are prone to failure and rattle furiously until they expire. Check for visual movement with engine running and also check if the aux belt is fluctuating when running or totally smooth rotation.
  18. Hi Andy, hope you are staying well? I would start with changing the fuel filter and see whether that cures the issue. Had a similar issue with my 2.2 CR-V and the filter change cured it Fiddly to change but not impossible if you have slightly flexible joints
  19. Possibly a knock within the engine being read by the sensor or if there is any interference going to the sensor via the lead?
  20. I guess they would have yanked the O2 sensor connection to release it rather than disconnecting it so would be worth looking at the connection and wiring going to the vehicle loom
  21. You would not really need to adjust valves on modern Honda engines. Unless you have issues with noisy valve-train then it shouldn't need touching
  22. A remap of the engine ECU could cure this. Found when I remapped my CR-V for economical and driveability reasons that the gears had 'longer legs' and contributed to better gear usage
  23. Check for broken earth cables connecting from the battery negative terminal to the gearbox/engine and other associated wiring as excess engine movement could be affecting the connection?
  24. Definitely wheel imbalance....take it to a tyre bay who can rebalance the wheels
  25. Usually located in the kick panel area on the front bulkhead
  26. Hi....welcome to the Club! That sounds like a perfectly reasonable price for what would be a great little runabout/work horse. Let us know how you get on with acquiring it
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