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  2. The engine bay looks stock .But the car sound is deep for a diesel actually I know my accord sound.And the turbo you can hear at around 2500rpm it's like charging up and if you keep there unbelievable boost coming up till 5000-5500rpm after loose all power that in second gear in 3rd gear 6000rpm loose the power so I don't know down pipe maybe bigger and has a little turbo blow sound in the exhaust everything looks stock.i think I have to take the car to a map shop.
  3. yeah best bet would be asking the mappers and they should be able to point out the mods to you, alternatively upload some engine bay pics and we might be able to have a look at whats been done, being a diesel, could be basic exhaust upgrades, downpipe is the most common upgrade, can be a number of things but doubt its something more technical if it looks stock
  4. I will do some pictures and will put on. I will try the Facebook page as well.Maybe you know if I take the car in a place where mapping can they tell me any modification has been done on the car. The Reg: Gx57kfr
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  6. hi, they seem to be standard Accord wheels, either them or off the Prelude, im sure theyre standard Honda wheels from one of the two. actually more than likely its off the prelude because thats a 4x114.3 PCD car just like your civic, (i may be wrong) but i think the accord of that generation is 5x114 PCD.. hope this helps answer your question thanks ahmed
  7. hi welcome to the forum, if it says Aux then it has an auc port, im not sure where it is in the mk8 civic, but i have a mk8 accord and its located in the central arm rest glovebox area hope this helps thanks ahmed
  8. hi and welcome, worth a try putting up on the facebook owners pages too, but as you mentioned, we cant get far with pointing you in the right direction without a pic of the car or reg.
  9. car not starting? what to do if your car isnt start during lockdown and quarantine i made a quick video showing you how to diagnose your battery / alternator and starter motor? common problems basically i went to my honda accord and as its been lockdown here in the UK i havnt been out at all for the past 3 months or so and the car didnt start because the battery had gone flat over this time and didnt have enough juice to turn the car over. i got the car jump started using some jump leads. the car started perfectly fine on the first turn once connected to some jump leads. this tells us that the starter motor is working using the volt meter, we can see if the the alternator is working and sending charge to the battery. the battery voltage reading on standby should be 12V as seen on the car battery. so with the car running, if the alternator is working and doing its job, it should be giving power to the battery and the reading should be higher, usually around 14V. as you can see in the video the reading while the car was started was reading 14.0V exactly on the digital voltmeter. this tell us that the alternator is working properly. the final check is after when the car is turned off, the battery should be reading 12V because its a 12V battery, anything less, this tells us that the battery is not holding enough charge / needs charging or it needs replacing. common faults can include the cells within the battery dying... to do this quick check, the tools i used include; jump leads - to start the car volt meter - get the volt reading link on ebay to the voltmeter - China https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254619292208 Link on ebay to the voltmeter - UK based seller https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203026799442 link on ebay for the battery terminal crocodile connectors (these do not come with the volt meter, but are not required because you just need to touch the wires to the battery terminals but i have added these for ease) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/400818460871 this is a quick check which will work on all cars. apologies in advance if this post is not allowed. i thought id share as other car owners may experience this same issue and its a quick guide where they could start thanks link to video https://youtu.be/zdAR6D2aVE4
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  11. Hi. I'm looking to buy a mark 8 Civic and in the photo ads I can see a button on the dash saying CD/Aux. I would like to play music on Spotify through my phone and a 3.5mm cable directly through the head unit, is there an aux in connector on these vehicles that takes a 3.5mm cable and if so where is it located? Thanks. David.
  12. Honda S660 for sale if you are interested you can whatsapp me at +923119112277
  13. Hi all Honda fun.I am a honda civic type s 2.2 diesel owner. I like it very much I bout the car as it had just body kit modification but previously I had the same engine in my accord and never had that deep sound and never heard blow the turbo into the exhaust.The car in very good mechanical condition 155.000 miles in the clock.The previous owner didn't modify anything just painted inside couple of things to red and outside the plastic got be painted to black.If any of the members maybe know my car I will put the registration plate number to help anyone to find out who what did on this car.thank you all and I will upload some more pictures
  14. Thank you kindly I'll try that
  15. There are lots of internet search posts stating the noise levels as being high. Shame you can't fit some other wheels/tyres to make a comparison I have replaced some Chinese tyres (absolutely lethal tyres) considering it may have been a wheel bearing and the difference in road noise is tremendous.
  16. Quite possibly it is a worn DMF then
  17. I fitted nankang tyres ×4 brand new
  18. Hi Paul Usually I would say it could be tyres but you have already covered that one. What tyres did you fit by the way?
  19. Hi Dave....welcome to the Forum I suppose it is down to personal choice with engine and transmissions but I would highly recommend road testing any variations to make you own decision. Unfortunately, some car reviews are personal opinions rather than true fact so it is worth looking at it independently. Most Honda's nowadays are completely trouble-free but always worth getting a good warranty with the purchase just in case
  20. Hi. I'm totally new to Hondas but I was impressed by what I read about the Mark 8 Civic on Parkers Guide when looking for a car for mainly commuting to work and back and the odd trip to the coast. I'm looking to purchase one in the next few weeks and wondered whether there is anything I should look out for when going to see one, inherent faults, best engine, best spec etc? My commute is 13 miles round trip each day, is diesel best or petrol? I'd love an automatic but Parker's said that it was not very good, is that true? Anything that could help me find the right Civic would be very much appreciated. Thanks. Dave.
  21. I have just seen this reply, there is no mention of dual mass flywheel been replaced. I think there plays my problem
  22. Hi, 7 months later my car still does this, I've just put up with it, been to garage they said to change the whole clutch and dmf, i have a rattle on the passenger side when clutch is pressed in it goes away. Was told it's the throw out bearing. Apparently there is a little fork mechanism rattling. Really annoying put gonna ignore it until it falls apart
  23. Has anyone else had any experience of a noise sounding like a wheel bearing on low speeds 2.0 manual petrol 6 speed. 2010.
  24. Hi Trevor,yes,a very sensible suggestion that...will do.
  25. Hi Phil....welcome to the Forum I would personally work my way through a list of 'to do's' once I had a Basic Service carried out. This way at least you can programme the work to be carried out by an independent garage but still have the Honda service history in place
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