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  3. Thank you Trevor - much appreciated! I'm going to Reading Honda garage on Wednesday so this information is excellent and does fit with some thoughts I was having. best regards Carl
  4. Thank you Trevor. Will definitely give it a try. Why is it better to remove the negative terminal instead of the positive one?
  5. Hi Arif.....welcome to the Forum I would imagine it is a faulty door sensor If you close and open each door in turn and see if the interior light goes out after opening and closing each one (may be delayed slightly) and then if one does not either turn the light on or off then it is a faulty sensor. Alternatively, if you are going to remove a terminal, it is best to remove the negative terminal and not the positive. Let us know what you find
  6. Hi, I have a Civic 1.4 2006. Recently changed the car battery and ever since the car alarm keeps going off. It's so annoying!! I've had to isolate the positive terminal of the battery as it was waking up the neighbours at night. Does anyone know of how to resolve this issue? How to reset or fix it? Would appreciate any help! Thnx Arif
  7. Hi.....welcome to the Forum Where is the smell coming from (e.g. under the bonnet, inside the cabin, etc) ? Also, is it consuming engine oil ? In normal use, and assuming it the engine is 'stretching its legs' then very little oil should be being burnt and I would investigate this as a matter of urgency. If you take the oil filler cap off when the engine is at idle then there should be very little plumes of oily vapour being emitted....excessive amounts could suggest the rings are gummed up with carbon or worse. Sometimes, an oil or fuel additive can assist in reducing the amount of oil being consumed in combustion.
  8. smell of burning oil has crv 2.2i-ctdi got a pvc valve
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  10. Hi....welcome to the Forum Certainly sounds like water ingress in a body control unit. Alternative thoughts are maybe it could be some wiring in the tailgate area so when the tailgate opens and closes it breaks the wiring in the loom which connects the two. Can give loads of strange faults, easy to check and repair though Let us know how you get on with it
  11. I have an Accord for sale. Left hand drive. Belgian paperwork. Always stored in garage and still in Belgium at moment. Paperwork shows built in Swindon. Colour Silver. Interior v good condition. Exterior has fairly deep scratches at lower door areas. If anyone is interested I will bring it to the UK (where I live in Worcestershire). want to give it a good home as car was driven by my now elderly mum for 15 years. Has about 80k kilometers on clock. Questions welcome. I can provide pictures early November.
  12. Hi all Having a problem... car still running BUT ... Tailgate opening button not working from outside (electrically) but can open manually from inside Passenger left front window not working Wing mirror left passenger not working and heater demist system not working Flashers not working when locking / unlocking car Note: these electrical problems above have been seasonal for the last 5 years - i.e. warm periods NO PROBLEMS AT ALL and then colder / wetter periods THE PROBLEMS APPEAR suddenly UNTIL this summer when the problems persisted Anyone recognise this set of issues and any potential remedy? I am having it looked by a dealership next week rgds Oarsman
  13. Its always worth having a go at maintaining your car no matter what age as long as it doesn't require special tools, which unfortunately most modern cars now use to carry out even the most simple procedures.
  14. Not sure why but will they fit even though they look different? If not, then return them for the right ones
  15. Congratulations on your purchase! Certainly looks a great car and if it needs a few things that are relatively inexpensive then so be it. Keep us updated on the refurb progress. p.s. we have increased the file size for photo attachments but worth reducing the size prior to posting up as this tends to jam up the server with massive images.
  16. Okay that's great anyway they just don't want you to fix your own cars these days lol. Not that I'm a great DIYer lol but was hoping to give some things a go and perhaps will. I know you tube can be good for specific jobs as well anyway. Thanks very much for the info Trevor that's great.
  17. I finally have the Accord! Not as straightforward as I imagined; I made an offer of £750 which was accepted, then I backed out because I felt that there was too much money that needed spending on the car, then I changed my mind again and went for it! This time for £700! Having looked over the car it needs the following jobs addressing immediately: 1. Cambelt - last one replaced about 44k agao, but in 2011, so well overdue. 2. Power steering fluid cooler completely porous - I have sourced an excellent secondhand one for £85 with virtually no corrosion at all (it's been dry-stored for some time). 3. The immobiliser antenna located around the ignition barrel is faulty - again, I have sourced a used replacement for £17. I have started to clean the car up awaiting the replacement parts and the paintwork is exceptional for an eighteen year old car. The bonnet has a few scratches and stone-chips, so may get a repaint in the Spring. I have attempted to add a couple more images for now...but I am limited to 128kb max which is nuts??? Is there a reason for this?
  18. Hello all, I've got to change my rear trailing arm bushes again. I've ordered some that have arrived but they look different to the ones I purchased a couple years ago. The website states that they are for a mk1 crv but I don't understand why they have a different shape?
  19. Hi.....welcome to the Forum Here is a link to a supplier who lists some struts at a very reasonable price https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/honda/cr-v-ii-rd/18473/10926/tailgate-struts
  20. Hi...welcome to the Forum Here is a link to Haynes who list a manual for your car...available in print only and although it says it doesn''t cover diesels and its US market, I would imagine that the majority of the information is the same. https://haynes.com/en-gb/honda/civic/2012-2015
  21. Hi I hope this topic hasn't been posted recently as I couldn't see a search for recent topic. I'm looking for a good manual for repairs preferably a cd manual with good screen shots and step by step guides for jobs to de done on my Honda for when the time comes. The Honda model I have is a diesel 2014 I DTEC Honda Civic 1.6L. I've just bought it from an approved dealer but may want to do some jobs whatever I feel brave enough to do later. All information on the best repair guides appreciated. I couldn't see anything on the Honda website unfortunately. Thanks.
  22. Anyone know where I can get the tailgate gas strut and little brackets that attach it to the back door and car . ? i have a 2006 CD-Ti . Unfortunately these replacements seem like gold dust , i can get a pair of glass gas struts for about 50p on ebays
  23. Hello Trevor, Thank you. That was very kind of you. I've done scrap yards near by, but can try further afield. I've never heard of a vehicle trimmer, but I shall follow it up. If I eventually find the Holy Grail, I shall post the result. Hilda
  24. Hi Hilda....welcome to the Forum Checked eBay and cannot find anything. So apart from a scrapyard then I would advise visiting a vehicle trimmers who may be able to manufacture a new belt to fit the existing seatbelt mechanism. Let us know if you find one anywhere
  25. Keep us updated and hope it is everything you hope for
  26. Hi....welcome to the Forum I could recommend using the parts search facility on Euro Car Parts . https://www.eurocarparts.com/ Just type in your registration number and this should bring up all available service parts Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
  27. Hello All I seem to be struggling to locate parts for the Honda. This is my first Honda, i dont know much about cars. My mechanic quoted me some silly prices and i believe he was struggling to find parts too! Car : Honda Accord Coupe 2.0, Manual/Petrol, Engine 1997, Car Registered 2000. Engine F20B5/F20B7, VIN is A602458 The part numbers i need are for - Two Front Shock Absorbers - Spark Plugs - Front Brake Disc and Pads - Rear Brake Disc and Pads - Engine Oil? 10W40 Semi Synth? Mobil 2000? - Stuff for my service like air/oil filters etc? If anyone knows what to buy, even better!?
  28. Thanks Trevor! The photos are always better than real life! Let’s hope not in this case. I’m viewing the car later today. My only issue is the subframe rust and how advanced this is (front and rear). Not familiar with this model, but I am assuming cambelt and not chain so hopefully the history will stack up too. Cheers Dave
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