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  2. I personally found the autobox quite pleasant to drive but that was on a petrol engine CRV and the engine lacked response so probably better with the diesel engine
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  4. Thanks for the welcome and the reply! I'm hoping that it is something simple like that; I'll be checking the earth lead as soon as it stops raining ☔.... I'm also off to look at a 2012 iDtec auto on Saturday. Anyone got any experience of the auto box?
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  6. Hi....welcome to the Forum I assume the vehicle battery is in good condition? Also, check all battery cables and connections, including earth leads....especially those running to the gearbox as this has been out recently it may not have been put back properly or loose on the connection. Let us know how it all goes
  7. Greetings all from Northern Ireland - hope you can help. My CRV is, at the moment, broken down, and has been for most of the last month. It's a 2007 2.2 Cdti with 160000 miles and just suddenly stopped working, with all the dash lights flashing. I've had a diagnostic technician out, but he couldn't get the car to communicate with his equipment, though it did start and run for 3 days after he had been. It's very frustrating, to say the least. I think that it's something electrical - the cam chain is fine, no noise when running, and it has a new clutch and flywheel, which is why I'm loathe to give up on it. Anyone come across this before? Thanks in advance!
  8. Cambelt/Chain failure? Blocked Oilways? Could be any number of reasons really Does it spin over very quickly or completely locked up?
  9. Our civic vtec engine blew up! Regular service 130,000miles maintained OK, ran perfect then stopped on restarting just when bang!! Now the engine turns but does not start any ideas please?
  10. Our civic vtec engine blew up! Regular service 130,000miles maintained OK, ran perfect then stopped on restarting just when bang!! Now the engine turns but does not start any ideas please?
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  12. Hi Sue....welcome to the Forum The first thing that comes to mind is the Battery earth terminal and leads.....make sure the terminal is secure on the battery and has no corrosion build up on the terminal. Also check the leads and ensure both ends are secure and free of any corrosion. After that I would check the battery condition and if good then you would have to proceed with individually diagnosis each electrical fault, but its always worth checking the obvious first and at no cost. Let us know how you get on with it all
  13. Sue here....Sorry 🙄 year 2007 🤦‍♀️
  14. Hi I have a Honda Civic 1907 brilliant car 👍 but there’s a problem with the electrics at the moment and I don’t know which route to go to get it fixed. It was suggested to me to try this forum as a start. Basically on the dashboard the clock is only partly lit up, a lot of the time the windscreen wipers at times have a mind of their own and so does my key fob-which will work one day but not the next! Has anybody else had this problem? thankyou In anticipation ☺️
  15. Ok trevor Thanks for that. I have had a brief look but could not locate it. Ive checked it on the passenger side can not visibily see it. I think i may need to dig bit deeper by removing some panels. Ive removed the glove box no joy there. Will let you know how i get on Thanks trev
  16. Could possibly be the Fuel Shut-Off Inertia switch (not sure where it is located though) as this would trigger if there is an accident and cut off the fuel
  17. Trevor Thanks for your reply appreciated. There is spark, thats been checked. it had bump at the front and where the bonnet latches onto that has been pushed back by an inch or so. Any other suggestions?
  18. If there is a spark on the plugs then it may well be fuel pump related. If there is no spark then I would be looking at the Crankshaft sensor as this generates the signal for both fuel and spark Let us know what you find
  19. Sounds like it could be an issue with a slight leak in the exhaust or EGR valve...worth getting checked before it gets any worse Let us know what you find
  20. Is this any good? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1X-New-Old-Stock-Genuine-Honda-Accessory-Alarm-Remote-Keyfob-HA2/352813991858?fits=Car+Make%3AHonda|Model%3ACivic|Cars+Year%3A1998&hash=item52255a47b2:g:BZMAAOSwfkpdl1S2 I see there are kits available on eBay but look like they are from the States which is still possible to get and cheap enough
  21. Hi...welcome to the Forum Typically around town you should not expect much more than around low 30's to the gallon On an extra urban run it should achieve around high 30's to low 40's and on a decent motorway run it should get around mid to high 40 mpg.
  22. Hi everyone, just joined this Forum, I have a CR-V EX I-DTEC AUTO DIESEL, wondering what mpg I should realistically be seeing. Mostly town driving. Trevor
  23. I have a honda accord 2003 uk model Car cranks but wont start. Can someone tell me where is the fuel pump fuse? Or any other suggestions?
  24. Hi all for the past week I've noticed the smell of exhaust gases coming through my air vents whilst the car isn't moving. just wondering if anyone has had this problem before? maybe a leaking manifold? Cheers. It's a 58 plate diesel accord
  25. I need to find a way to replace the key fob on my 1998 Honda Civic. The rubber button on one side has become so worn that all that can be seen is the plastic part underneath. This is hard to reach and becoming more difficult by the day to use. Honda UK says that it's no longer supported, and so they can't get the parts.
  26. Useful Resource for 2007 CR-V owners https://owners.honda.com/vehicles/information/2007/CR-V/manuals
  27. Hi Trevor, here are some pics. regards Des
  28. Have you got any photos of the car please
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