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  2. I'd be surprised if flywheel failed. In diesels, yes, many reasons why, But petrol, it's a single mass flywheel and a lot less cranking force. Can't believe it would cost a lot to check too, there should be cover plate between gearbox and the engine which when removed exposes a lot of flywheel. Can be seen in the image below.
  3. They said Honda said. Cost me a lot in labour just for them to look it. They quoted me the price of what I paid for the car for a new one (around £1200). I said no. I only bought the car recently. I've given it to the people I bought it from. They're gonna have a look. It's been a nightmare. Changing starter motor, battery, paying for recovery 3 times and it could all be for nothing. 😔 What makes you say it might not be the flywheel? It's done over 100.000 miles.
  4. Hi all 2005 Mk7 2.4 auto exec. can I swap/change my version 2.XX DVD unit for a later 3.XX unit from a late 2007 Accord ? The physical size is the same as is the mounting - but the wiring/plugs are not ! the newer unit has more plugs - I am sure it can be done 🙂 (says me who does not have a clue) obviously the wiring would have to be altered (and I don`t need voice operated) but would any other parts need to be changed, the signal receiver for instance ! I could buy a 2.11 update disc from Honda for around £150 (which I feel is a scandal) that would only take it to 2011 at best, still wa
  5. make sure you get the correct size etc., L x W x H. and that the connectors are in the same position, in your case at the rear and + poss on left and - neg on right. size you get from your original battery - it`s the only 100 % way = like for like. Hope this helps Cheers
  6. Anyone have wiring diagram for power locks by any chance?
  7. Hi, car batteries are made by a battery manufacturer - then a retailer has them "badged" with whatever they want to call them ! I don`t know who the maker is but it will be a large company, just make sure it comes with a guarantee ! All batteries are made to a price but sometimes even the top batteries fail even if they cost double that of a "cheap" one, "you pays your money you takes your chance" sums it up really ! firms like Exide and Bosch and others make batteries for other companies also. Cheers
  8. Just checked - looks identical to mine (Honda battery was replaced) now on my 3rd battery, last 2 from Halfords ref. HB053. If my battery starts to play up after around 3 years I just replace it - its not worth being stuck for what it cost`s to replace it. Cheers
  9. Hi Major, I have 2005 accord tourer, I have the same - when I remove (Halfords) battery, the plastic surround is removed and re-fitted to replacement battery - both are then dropped back into battery tray and top holding bracket re-fitted - I presume yours is the same ! hope this helps. Cheers
  10. So I have this issue that unlock function doesn't always work. Or more like works once in 10-20 attempts. Its the same if you use fob or key in the handle, it turns easily and actuates the doors but then immediately locks again. Once unlocked it locks fine. Is it drivers door lock mechanism that's failing?
  11. Hi Would anyone on here happen to know what rear diff ratios are on a Honda CRV , I am considering a rear wheel drive race car project but need to know if the ratios will be suitable ,
  12. Dose anybody have any comments to make on Enduroline batteries for my Honda Accord?
  13. What is this plastic frame work around my battery in my 2012 Accord. This is the original battery and I am thinking it's just the way Honda protect the edge of the battery when it is first made. I was hoping it is that otherwise it restricts me as to what physical size battery I can replace it with?
  14. Easiest way to do is take multimeter and measure the current between terminal and battery while removing fuses one at a time - if removed fuse doesn't change reading in multimeter put it back and try next one. If none of the fuses help it will need more complex digging..
  15. Did the garage sorted it? Would be surprised if it was flywheel..
  16. The problem I have is that the calliper looks fairly new, possibly recon condition. The piston does not have any rusty spots and would say reasonably tight fit. All seals new. When no fluid inside I can operate the piston quite easily, so not sure if calliper is the issue.. Will try to swap calliper carriers tomorrow and see if issue moves together with it.
  17. Hi all, Is it possible to replace a mark 7 (2005) sat-nav unit with version 2.xx disc with a mark 8 (2007 0n) unit with version 3.xx disc (just the dvd unit) as 2.xx discs can only be updated to 2.11 - which is still well out of date ! I don`t want to fit an aftermarket unit if possible - or is it just not possible ? the size and mounting seem identical BUT - is it really that simple ? Many thanks in advance for any replies. Jim
  18. Hi thanks for answering so quick but whatever might get blocked, surely any overflow water should just drain back into the engine compartment. As far as I would think, there shouldn't actually be any way where water could get past the bulkhead into the inside. It should be sealed apart from wiring and pipes etc passing through. After all you wouldn't want fumes and stuff winging their way through 'Holes' in the bulkhead. But also thinking about your suggestion, the only other thing i can think of is that where the air intake is, when water gets in there which it must do because of it be
  19. I have a Honda Accord 2012 Viii ADAS 2.4 Time has come to get a new battery.....thought it would be easy. Original battery seems to have some sort of plastic frame work around it. Is this something Honda put around the original battery or am I restricted to a particular size. What to get a good battery and wondered if this battery from Amazon would be ok? Would if physically fit Bosch S4 Car Battery Type 075 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bosch-Car-Battery-Type-075/dp/B005XVUA9C/ref=sr_1_1?_encoding=UTF8&dchild=1&qid=1610379561&s=automotive&sr=1-1&vehicle=
  20. I would check further inside the bulkhead as it can collect due to blocked drain tubes, which can usually be cleared out by running a metal coat hanger through it and then see if anything runs out from under the car
  21. I have experienced seized calipers on my CR-V and replaced it with a recon one. problem solved
  22. Not sure, but worth a try if you have the parts to hand. Let us know if you do attempt it and how if works out
  23. You may be able to get some keys recut and just replace the blade inside the fob. Having loads of keys and keyrings hanging from the ignition key is a good way to introduce wear into the mechanism due to undue weight hanging off the key
  24. I don't think you'll find anything newer for Honda from 2018, they are always slower to update than other manufacturers
  25. I have just bought a 2007 Jazz with full service history and only 20,000 miles on the clock. However I now find that there is loads of water collecting in the passengers footwell whenever it rains. It appears to be coming in from the bulkhead somewhere although because of the mats etc I can't see where. . The engine compartment is totally clean (ie no leaves or dirt and stuff) Has anybody got any ideas please? So far I have vacuumed out about 8 litres of water. It isn't from the air conditioning unit because it hasn't been used yet. It isn't from the door seal either.
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