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  2. Good Morning Folks. I'm getting a clicking noise occasionally about 3 secs after I pull away on my auto CRV. My garage can't replicate the issue but say there is some play in one of the front drive shafts. They are saying that none of the motor factors they use carry them and it would have to be direct from Honda £725.00. They did find somewhere that recon them but they are dubious that they can get the parts to recon it if they send it to them. As the click is only minor at the moment and they cannot confirm that it is that I'm going to wait till it gets worse to confirm it is that and not a wheel bearing maybe. My baby has just hit the 129000 mark so guess some bearings may be due to start wearing, but am surprised the driveshafts. Anyone else had to change driveshafts or do you know if they can recon them. Cheers Andy
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  4. Hello I have an 2006 FR-V, 2L petrol which has recently had a replacement catalytic converter and lambda sensors fitted after the originals were stolen. A couple of months after they were fitted, the yellow engine malfunction light has been coming on. I've taken it to my local mechanic who found the P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold fault code (alongside P2185 - although P0420 was listed first and I've had P2185 sporadically before). He's cleared it a few times but each time it comes back on within a week. I believe that P2185 has been resolved with a new coolant temperature sensor at the bottom of the radiator (the connectors in the old one were corroded) but I'm still left with P0420. What's the best thing to do from here? The mechanic has said he'll charge quite a lot just to diagnose this one. Thanks in advance
  5. This happened to us too this week. But with ours it was only for an hour or so. Then it started working again. Stupid question but did you try to lock/unlock it from the inside?
  6. Hi Trever Thanks for the reply, sorry I've been away for a bit, but things are slowly but surly getting back to some sort of normality and my days are getting fuller. I agree with your observation about the gadgets in the car, but I have worked my way through the owners manual, and have just about sorted them all out !! I have also downloaded the 'Honda e' app on my phone, and added the extras, 'O.K. Honda' etc., (Very useful). You can locate the car anywhere, and perform certain functions like locking or unlocking the doors, and sound the horn to find it in a multi story carpark or large parking area. Neil
  7. Thanks will do I'm thinking it's the Aircon and possibly the bearings as when I now turn on the Aircon it makes such a clackety sound Will get back with more details
  8. I have had this problem in the past and had to adapt my speech (talking slower) to see if that made any difference....it did and also then accepted some choice words which also worked 🙂
  9. How many sensors did they have listed for it and can they be interchanged (if the same part number) so you can try the other sensors if faulty
  10. I think there is a post in the forums that covered this some time ago. Try a search (top right corner of screen) and see what's there
  11. Sounds like the belt is shredding as either the alternator or the air con compressor are seized. You will need to remove the belt and see which pulley is not rotating.
  12. May be the only option as done it in the past as long as you have a replacement one to hand
  13. Hi Jeff....welcome to the Club I would probably go from the part number and see which others share the same compressor. Find the number and put it in an eBay search and hopefully should list other models with this pump fitted
  14. Hi Mark.....welcome to the Club Chances are it may be the belt slipping or broken. Also, when I have stored up cars over the years then the alternator can seize which is evident by the belt slipping and burning smell. Worth seeing it the belt is in good condition then running the engine to see if the alternator pulley is rotating then go from there with electrical checks on the alternator connections
  15. I will take that as a no idea then 😞 I’ve taken the option of buying a replacement actuator and bracket, will check it works then smash the old one to bits….yay
  16. Is there no other way to extract more power from the engine?? Especially seeing as it’s a low compression engine.
  17. Hello, newbie here so apologies if its been asked before. I have a 2009 model Honda Accord, and have owned it for the last 9 years. Its an absolute beast, never let me down. It would seem now though, with nearly 210k on the clock, that the air con pump has failed. My question is, does anyone here know if a pump off the earlier Accord model will fit, or would one off a Civic or CR-V? I'm really struggling to get one off the model I have, hence the question. There's loads of CR-V and Civics about in the scrapyard but no Accords. Looked at a few pictures online of different pumps from varying models and can't seem to see much difference. Any help greatly appreciated.
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  19. Sounds like You have everything covered, however the exhaust tips wont help. Cold air intake lets the engine breathe better, but I might suggest a low restriction, cat converter and a straight thru muffler to let it breathe out. Regards, Little G
  20. Hi. My Honda is making a noise around the fan belt drives. It seems a lot louder than usual. The only things that have happened are that I recharged the air con, which now is lovely and cold. But then the battery drained a few hours later. Well tbh it kinda started turning off during driving when I slowed down. Later I had to attempt a battery to battery jump start, but the car battery jumped back to life the second I connected the leads. The next day the battery was dead again. I did the same and drive for a few hours. But the engine sounds loud. After an hour I stopped. Then came back to car and as I pulled out, the car went clunk and smoke appeared. I stopped. Looked ( see video ) and tried again. Just smoke this time. Looked again and it seemed to be ok, but noisy. I checked with the dash wifi engine checker and it said something about a Knock sensor 1 issue but that cleared a few hours later. Any ideas? https://youtu.be/5w2kpghjYOI
  21. I bought an 06 ictdi saloon in January for £600. Body work is rough but mechanically perfect. Had zero issues since buying the car. And pulls extremely well. mom now in the process of turning it into a track car, as I’ve now bought a 2010 Idtec saloon
  22. Going to be taking my old 2.2 ictdi mk7 accord on track, as I’m getting a new car in the coming weeks. what performance gains can I get and what mods are available for the N22A2 engines? I have already had an EGR and DPF DELETE, race cat, and straight piped twin tip exhaust, stage 1 remap, battery has been relocated to the boot and a ram air cold air intake fitted. I’m waiting on delivery of a lightweight flywheel, and performance clutch. What further performance mods are available for this engine.
  23. It may be leaking from the rear screen and dripping into the boot area. The hose sometimes becomes detached from the washer jet so worth checking that first
  24. The guy is Halifax auto keys his number is +447495090892 He charged me £110 but couldn't get the powered tailgate to operate with the new key, so we swapped the circuit board from the old key and it works great. Hope this helps Alastair
  25. Hi Alastair, any chance you could post details of the guy that provided the spare key for you? I need a spare key as well and have been quoted £287 by the main dealer (includes programming). I'm based in Harrogate but do travel around.
  26. Hello all. I have a barn find. Not really a find as I put it there! SORN since 2014 but I thought I would like to get her roadworthy again. I usually started up every six month or so but have been neglectful lately and it's been a couple of years. Unusual model: Integra XSi, 1990 that I have had since new (import). I had a feeling there was a charging issue but couldn't recall so I put a new battery in (random purchase from Halfords) and she started first time. Checked the battery and had 12.5v. And was charging at 14.5v. So all good. Drove around the field but then I noticed the charge light had come on. And stays on. Any ideas anyone? Thanks.
  27. Hi guys. I bought for my girlfriend Honda Jazz for first car, but i think there is a problem with the automatic gearbox. During driving on D sometimes it's switch off and after few seconds coming back to normal. Also when is on D mode it's blinking. I went to Honda for diagnostic and i have been advised to change c/v/t speed sensors. I bought one sensor to see if it's work but there is still the same problem. I will be happy if there is someone who know what could be the problem. Thanks
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