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  2. grogee

    Honda 'approved' fluids

    I didn't like that answer so I did some more research. (Bearing in mind my Legend is 20 years old and I'm not made of money). Mannol claim that their 'MANNOL O.E.M. 8218 Multivehicle JWS' product 'Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products' including "HONDA ATF-Z1 (not for CVT) / ATF DW-1". It also suits a lot of other Japanese specs too according to the list. https://mannol.de/en/?action=accessory_chemical_preview&name=O.E.M. 8218 Multivehicle JWS Which is good enough for me, especially at £20 for 4 litres (eBay). I did use Mannol stuff before on a Volvo I had that was fussy about power steering fluid, no issues and it's reasonably priced.
  3. Trevor

    Hello from Warwickshire

    probably the case but easy to simulate by disconnecting and applying a load to the boot to see if the headlamps shift down
  4. Jono

    Honda FRV

    Going to have to bite the bullet and buy one ! The car is old but runs like a dream and never let's me down. It's been converted to lpg and does 150 miles off £10 of gas.
  5. That’s the plan. I have just bought one of the oil extractor pumps which should be fine for interim changes and the oil filter is the old cartridge screw in type which is easy to change. The location of it is great too as I can actually just put the front wheels on full lock and can access it without jacking the car up. That makes it easy for me to do my own oil changes every 6000 miles - at least then I know it’s been done. Car is great otherwise apart from a few annoying internal rattles which I have not managed to locate as yet.
  6. Trevor

    tailgate issue

    Hi....welcome to the Forum I would definitely go back to the dealership and get them to change it under warranty as this shouldn't happen on a car this new. It's a common fault on some Nissans but wasn't aware of it on Honda's though
  7. Earlier
  8. Surely being only two years old the car should have some sort of warranty? I would persist in hassling the dealer if it is affecting drivability and / or safety
  9. Trevor


    Hi and welcome 🙂
  10. I have a 2017 HONDA HR-V BLACK EDITION I-DTEC 120 (1.6cc) & have ongoing issues with the idle stop and wondering if this is a common problem? Over the past 2 years it’s been in the Garage at least 6 times for the same issue or issues relating to the idle stop and is booked back into garage agin tomorrow. The idle stop works for so long (anything from a few days to max 6 months) and then randomly stops working with a dash warning showing low battery charge. It was last in the garage 2 weeks ago when they again charged the battery overnight, fault again seemed to be rectified but 10 days & 300 miles later the same issue. On some occasions the fault appears to rectify itself within a few weeks. The garage have previously replaced 2 fuses and another part after a discussion with Honda’s master technician, however recently all the garage has done is charge the battery overnight. Has anyone else had a similar problem and know how it was rectified
  11. This is wicked mate! Do you have a link to the finished video?
  12. J1M-

    Headlights not working

    Have you tried putting in some different bulbs to see if that's the problem?
  13. Neildevon

    2008 diesel ctdi No manual available?

    I'm a new member with 10 reg idtec and no manual as well, could really do with one.
  14. Hi all I hope somebody can assist. Mr vehicle had a fire and went for a repair in a city 600km from my home. I have been ripped off and am now considering my options to diy the reassembly. I will be replacing the engine but since I will be starting with a stripped down vehicle I would greatly appreciate a step by step guide for installing and refitting. Thank you in advance.
  15. Trevor

    Honda Insurance

    Hi Mark.....welcome to the Forums Here is a link to Adrian Flux who provide a discount to Owners Club members on policies. https://www.adrianflux.co.uk/car-insurance/ If you mention Honda Owners Club and hopefully you'll get a cheaper quote Cheers, Trevor
  16. Neildevon

    New member CRV Idtec

    Thanks Trevor I'll try that, nice to hear from you in beautiful Dorset. All the best. Neil
  17. Hello. My old 93 accord which still runs great has developed occasionally a squeeling sound going around left hand bends. At first I thought it was the tyre scrapping then discounted it. Also sometimes when I am stopped at lights the speedo goes up and down. Any ideas? Thanks
  18. Trevor

    2014 CR-V Service Manual

    You might find some manuals for slightly earlier CRVs on eBay that cover the 2.0 litre engine but they only seem to go to 2010 https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=2014+honda+crv+workshop+manual&_sacat=0
  19. TMH

    Honda CRV

    Hi thanks appreciate that I’ll check them out BW
  20. Trevor

    Shuddering when pulling away

    Worth having it checked out as it could be a loose bolt if previous work has been carried out on it in the suspension or transmission areas
  21. Trevor

    Fitting running boards / side steps

    4x4 Direct sell them
  22. Trevor

    Honda Man

    Hi....welcome to the Forum A connisseur of fine vehicles then...good collection! Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  23. bendybead

    A scratch after 2 weeks!

    Thank you Trevor. I'll try that this weekend.😀
  24. Trevor

    Honda CRZ Owners Manual

    Hi....welcome to the Forum Die-hard Honda fan then....welcome aboard!
  25. Trevor

    At Last, I got won!!

    Exactly the same effect it had upon me when I got a CR-V and I've had a lot of superb cars over the years but the CR-V is by far the best everyday car I have ever owned. Even the exact same thought....why didn't I get one 10 years ago and not mess around with all the others i have had in that time, and the only answer I can give myself is that wasn't ready for it (only 55 years old) and maybe I had to wait until a mature(ish) age to own one and not have to prove a point by driving around with a V8 or a sporty model - the car that is 🙂 Keep enjoying it and if you like, you can review it at www.drivn.co.uk
  26. Polibon

    Strange Vibration

    I think I will try a new drive shaft and see if it makes any difference. What does it mean when people say these cars don't like pattern parts? Does the car whinge through the speakers? Do they fail in a short time? CV's usually go from contamination. I have replaced several on previous cars and not had an issue with pattern parts. At least it should, improve, fix it, or stay the same, and any of those will tell me something. The Honda one is £400, a pattern one at my local motor factor is £120 and the same brand unit is for sale online for £75 and it comes with 3 years warranty. Bit of a no-contest. Still concerned it may not fix the problem though. Interesting you mention tyres; I could swap the Kenda's for the Pirelli/Goodyear set. Sadly I found the spare is a brand new Michelin on an alloy rim. Tempted to swap that for one of the fronts and see what changes. Too many variables when you get a new old car.
  27. J1M-

    Civic Brake Pads

    Just like other people have said I would also wager 15-20k-ish miles
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