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  2. Hi Trevor, thanks for your help, much appreciated. As I have not had the car that long, I've looked back through the service details and it looks as though the fuel filter might not have been changed for quite a while. The previous owner didn't do a lot of mileage and it looks as though in recent times the car had more in the way of a "intrim" service" which most probably didn't include this. I will be following this up and will keep you posted on what happened. Timbo
  3. 1996 Honda Civic 1.6 V-tec Coupe. 79,245 miles, blue, in vgc. It's currently sorn. Not been on road since April 2019 but has been reg ularly moved, not just left standing. MOT ran out in Feb this year. Offers.
  4. Hi I know there's quite a few posts about battery drain, my mechanic has said when the central locking and alarm is armed that's when battery drain happens, did anyone figure out how to resolve this? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi all. I have an intermittent fault on my 2015 CRV diesel auto in that over time, the D drive light flashes for a while which sometimes makes shifting harsh and moving off pretty sluggish. It also stops reverse selecting unless i switch off and restart. Reading the codes, it says code )0974, P0977, P0980 and P0983 which are the 4 drive solenoids all going to open circuit. The odd thing is, any one of the codes can occur first then if I continue to drive, the rest of the codes will randomly show up. All this leads me to think it is a problem with the harness but I have checked all the connect
  6. Since replacing rear discs and pads, drivers side rear caliper and handbrake cable on my 51 plate civic the handbrake won't hold! Any tips?
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  8. Hello. My father has a 1996 Honda Civic 1.6 V-tec Coupe. It has 79,245 miles, is blue, in vgc. It's currently sorn as he has been looking after my ailing mother in Spain since April 2019. It has been kept moving, not just standing. The MOT ran out in Feb this year. Can you give me an idea of its value or where would be the best place to offer it for sale. Many thanks.
  9. 2013 Accord EX - Rear camera and sat nav display are virtually invisible in normal light . I have searched the menu and made every possible adjustment to very little avail. Do I need a new "unit" or reboot or WHY ? ALSO - Has anyone got a colour code for my alloys - originals. David
  10. Maybe check the glove compartment if it has a light or the boot light staying on?
  11. I discovered today that the catalytic converter has been stolen from my Civic Coupe (2001) 1.7 2 door Honda. Honda don't make the part anymore and I'm told that Honda haven't released the specifications so that there are no "aftermarket" parts available either. Nor can I find anything on E-bay. Does anyone have any other ideas about sourcing the part?
  12. Identical problem on 2015 white pearl jazz
  13. As owners of a 2013 CRV, we are looking to purchase 2 electric bikes and need to find a way to transport them. They would each weight 24 kgs. As we tow a caravan and want to take the bikes with us we cannot use a tow ball fitting carrier. Would prefer a rear vehicle option but are having difficulty finding a suitable one. Have seen roof mounted options but as these bikes are quite heavy a) they seem to be too heavy for the roof bars and b) as we are not getting any younger we are not sure we would be able to lift them anyway. Wondering if anyone else has come across this and has found an
  14. Hi , Fitted replacement head unit over the weekend also fitted USB Aux. while I was at it, glad to say everything working perfectly - I have also bought an updated 2.11 disc from "original map store NOT off eBay" £24.99 - I don`t know if its a copy or not - I can not tell the difference between my original ver 2.01 disc and this one !! I did check the web for reviews and there feedback is all positive so I have taken a chance - I have a spare working DVD nav unit in case it does cause it to fail so thought it was worth taking the risk, I do not know how to update the system, do I just put
  15. Did you ever find the port?
  16. Waxoyl is the best product for preserving metalwork on any vehicle
  17. You should replace it before it starts to knock when turning in on a tight turn (such as pulling onto a driveway or threepoint turn) The oil can be purchased from eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-HONDA-CRV-DPS-FLUID-DIFF-OIL-1-LITRE/392495346713?epid=1415923714&hash=item5b628bb419:g:t-sAAOSwSONcM4GV
  18. Did a hard-wire on my CR-V a while ago but cannot remember which feed it was from (possibly interior lights?). Used a multi-meter to find a permanent 12 volt feed
  19. Hi....welcome to the Forum The 12volt system is designed to avoid battery drainage and therefore there aren't many points within the vehicle where you can grab 12volts with the ignition off. However, I hard-wired a dashcam in my CR-V a little while ago and it took ages to find a 12volts permanent feed but eventually got one using a multimeter....sorry can't remember which circuit it was though....may have been interior lights. They are there in the fusebox but will require a multimeter to find it
  20. Wow! that's going to be hard to source. Alternatively, if you could get a sleeve to go on the shaft as the shaft may have wear in a specific spot and the seal cannot work effectively. Even with a new seal you may need to sleeve the shaft
  21. Couple of useful articles (although non-UK sourced) https://www.torquenews.com/1084/honda-civic-cr-v-oil-dilution-problem-what-you-should-do-now http://www.hondaproblems.com/oil-dilution/ Although it may not be prevalent in the UK it is still worth checking oil level and quality more frequently to ensure no washdown is occurring
  22. Thought it may be turbo variable vanes if it were a diesel engine. They tend to get gummed up with carbon and stick in place, leading to lack of boost
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  24. Hi all, I have recently acquired a 1999 Legend with very few miles from new. Mechanically it is perfect but it has a couple of offside trims damaged/missing. Can anybody help me to find these parts? I would like to restore it back to original condition as It is a beautiful car to drive. I am not sure of the description but have attached some pics. one is a chrome trim from the front offside wing, and the other is the small plastic trim on the offside rear door pillar/wheel arch. Please let me know if you have these items available either new or used. Thanks
  25. Hi, thanks for the info, will check them out - 14th Accord wow ! What do you think of this "electric" nonsense (only my opinion) The government said years ago "Get diesel - best thing since sliced bread" and look at where we are now ! Now if you have a diesel car you are are leper ! And what will your next car be ? No Accord in UK !!!! Cheers
  26. Does anyone know the paint colour/ code for my original equipment alloy wheels . The car is a Honda Accord 2013 EX . Honda UK say - contact your dealer - the dealer says contact Honda UK . I'M merely trying to sort out some bubbling on two wheels so need a good colour match . Any thoughts appreciated. David
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