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  2. I personally found the autobox quite pleasant to drive but that was on a petrol engine CRV and the engine lacked response so probably better with the diesel engine
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  4. Cambelt/Chain failure? Blocked Oilways? Could be any number of reasons really Does it spin over very quickly or completely locked up?
  5. Our civic vtec engine blew up! Regular service 130,000miles maintained OK, ran perfect then stopped on restarting just when bang!! Now the engine turns but does not start any ideas please?
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  7. Hi Sue....welcome to the Forum The first thing that comes to mind is the Battery earth terminal and leads.....make sure the terminal is secure on the battery and has no corrosion build up on the terminal. Also check the leads and ensure both ends are secure and free of any corrosion. After that I would check the battery condition and if good then you would have to proceed with individually diagnosis each electrical fault, but its always worth checking the obvious first and at no cost. Let us know how you get on with it all
  8. Ok trevor Thanks for that. I have had a brief look but could not locate it. Ive checked it on the passenger side can not visibily see it. I think i may need to dig bit deeper by removing some panels. Ive removed the glove box no joy there. Will let you know how i get on Thanks trev
  9. Sounds like it could be an issue with a slight leak in the exhaust or EGR valve...worth getting checked before it gets any worse Let us know what you find
  10. Is this any good? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1X-New-Old-Stock-Genuine-Honda-Accessory-Alarm-Remote-Keyfob-HA2/352813991858?fits=Car+Make%3AHonda|Model%3ACivic|Cars+Year%3A1998&hash=item52255a47b2:g:BZMAAOSwfkpdl1S2 I see there are kits available on eBay but look like they are from the States which is still possible to get and cheap enough
  11. Hi...welcome to the Forum Typically around town you should not expect much more than around low 30's to the gallon On an extra urban run it should achieve around high 30's to low 40's and on a decent motorway run it should get around mid to high 40 mpg.
  12. Useful Resource for 2007 CR-V owners https://owners.honda.com/vehicles/information/2007/CR-V/manuals
  13. Hi Dave...welcome to the Forum The only time I have found anything like this occurring is when the pickup strainer has been clogged up and as the first part to receive any oil feed would be number one cylinder fed from the oil pump which is right next to the first entry/exit point of the crank drilling. If you bought a set of shells then you should have enough left in the packet (or removed and replaced from another cylinder but still usable) to re-shell number one big end and check out the pickup strainer and all seals/o-rings to ensure that oil is definitely being drawn up from the sump. Let us know how you get on with this engine Cheers, Trevor
  14. Honda has unveiled the all-new Jazz, featuring advanced two-motor hybrid powertrain technology as standard for the first time. The new generation of the popular B-segment hatchback builds on the class-leading comfort and space Jazz is known for with exceptional “EV-like” driving dynamics and advanced technology and safety features. The new Jazz will introduce the efficiency benefits and performance of hybrid power to the mass market and accelerate Honda towards achieving its ambition of all its European mainstream models to feature electrified powertrains by 2022. The next-generation Jazz will be the first model in Honda’s European line-up to wear the new “e:HEV” powertrain badging. This is the first example of “Honda e:Technology” branding that will feature across all future electrified products. Read Full Article Here https://hondanews.eu/gb/en/cars/media/pressreleases/193623/all-new-jazz-leads-electrification-charge-for-honda?utm_campaign=NewsAlert_3036&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=hondanews.eu
  15. A quick search has not revealed anything so it may be a case of repairing it once more 😞
  16. Small light fuse number 29? I would see what else is not working (e.g. interior lights) as it could be on the same circuit and easier to find which circuit its on
  17. It does seems a little bit on the expensive side, worth trying an independent supplier/fitter who should be able to carry out the same job but a lot cheaper
  18. I don't think there's much more advance on the SatNav updates of which Honda are way behind all other manufacturers. However, if the roads haven't changed much over a couple of years then it should be fine....I have found Europe changes a lot but not so much the UK as road construction hasn't been going on much since all the cutbacks
  19. Anthony86 ...welcome to the Forum I believe it would be worth taking it to the dealer and seeing if it needs a software update which should cure the fault
  20. Hello looking for help / advice iv lost reverse gear , so looking to change box I have B20Z fitted but have been told the B20B will fit as only has 10 BHP extra , by car dismantles , will it fit would anyone know or are the very different thanks ?
  21. chris


    hi everyone, I have had 2 shuttles over the last 20 years and have loved them both the last one was sold cheaply for spares and the whole family cried such was the love for this car, the one I have now needs a bit of tlc brakes slightly grinding and an old exhaust, unfortunately I have a van which comes first for business use and the Honda just sits there depressing me as I don't have the funds to get her on the road again and what with the insurance coming up I just don't have the cash right now to sort her out, I hate seeing her like this and couldn't bare scrapping her as the engine is brilliant she starts in all weather and I'm in a dilemma ,what I would like is another shuttle lover to come and rescue her , I am willing to drop the price for her but cant bear the thought of her going to scrap when all she needs is maybe brake pads and patching up the exhaust ?
  22. Thank you Trevor - much appreciated! I'm going to Reading Honda garage on Wednesday so this information is excellent and does fit with some thoughts I was having. best regards Carl
  23. Thank you Trevor. Will definitely give it a try. Why is it better to remove the negative terminal instead of the positive one?
  24. Hi.....welcome to the Forum Where is the smell coming from (e.g. under the bonnet, inside the cabin, etc) ? Also, is it consuming engine oil ? In normal use, and assuming it the engine is 'stretching its legs' then very little oil should be being burnt and I would investigate this as a matter of urgency. If you take the oil filler cap off when the engine is at idle then there should be very little plumes of oily vapour being emitted....excessive amounts could suggest the rings are gummed up with carbon or worse. Sometimes, an oil or fuel additive can assist in reducing the amount of oil being consumed in combustion.
  25. I have an Accord for sale. Left hand drive. Belgian paperwork. Always stored in garage and still in Belgium at moment. Paperwork shows built in Swindon. Colour Silver. Interior v good condition. Exterior has fairly deep scratches at lower door areas. If anyone is interested I will bring it to the UK (where I live in Worcestershire). want to give it a good home as car was driven by my now elderly mum for 15 years. Has about 80k kilometers on clock. Questions welcome. I can provide pictures early November.
  26. Its always worth having a go at maintaining your car no matter what age as long as it doesn't require special tools, which unfortunately most modern cars now use to carry out even the most simple procedures.
  27. Not sure why but will they fit even though they look different? If not, then return them for the right ones
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