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  2. So this leaves me with a unused full size 15inch steel wheel with a brand new tyre purchased for our previous Honda Jazz. Never been used only when I rotate the wheels to give even wear, never been on the road. Anybody interested in purchasing for £50-00. If so we can meet up on the A1 near Lincoln. Let me know via the forum. Bpb
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  4. Trevor

    Abs fault

    The problem may be stemming from poor battery terminal connections so I would check there first. Otherwise, the fault may be more complex, see link: http://www.vehix411.com/6611-2/
  5. Hi....welcome to the Forum Wow! that's a lot of miles on the clock but as I say, it obviously got there by being a reliable car £795 is cheap enough, go for it 🙂
  6. Great result so far Andy! Don't forget also to get the Shell Drivers Card as it gives you money back when you accrue enough points....win, win!
  7. Honda CRV Headlights for UK Model (2002 - 2006) Genuine UK Honda RHD Headlights (I live in France so changed to left hand headlights) Good as New Condition £25 Each + postage and packing £45 For pair + postage and packing Please contact if interested
  8. Look forward to hearing the diagnosis. Get him also to pay particular attention to any earth cables and battery connections which could be causing the issue
  9. Shell also do loyalty points which equates to money off in the future 🙂
  10. Sounds like the headlamps can't breath with the condensation inside. Maybe leave the covers off from the back (where you would replace the bulbs) to allow some air to circulate
  11. It sounds like it could be a sensor at fault if the DPF and regens are okay then it is the only thing that I would be leaning towards. Maybe that or a software update, worth contacting your Honda dealership to enquire if this is the case
  12. Hi Oarsman Have the exact same problem with my electrics. You wouldn't have the part number for the relay or the exact location of it. Woud it be the switch for the passenger side window? Any help would be much appreciated.
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  14. Hi, hoping for a light bulb moment from avid CR-V fans. My DPF alarm illuminated on the dash about 3 months ago and went into limp mode. The garage conducted a force regen and sent me on my way. All was good for about 2 months until it happened again. This time my local garage couldn't clear the fault so I took it to a terra clean "specialist" who charged me a small fortune, cleared the fault, force regen again and said that all my stats were good and maybe my previous garage didn't regen it correctly. Fast forward 25 miles and it's back on. Any thoughts please? Because I can't keep taking it in for them to charge me the world and it go wrong in less than 24 hours
  15. Hi Matt.....welcome to the Forum Both great cars with superb engines, never miss a beat! Good to have you onboard
  16. Hi Richard....welcome to the Forum I would definitely get this checked out by an auto-electrician or reputable garage as it sounds like power distribution, could even be loose battery terminals causing it Let us know what you find
  17. Ok thanks for the advice. I just realized that it has got EPS. So I am confused about the full lock thing now. I think I under tightened the belt so I did it again today to about 6-7mm roughly and haven't had a squeal since. Yeah the college is in a bit of a crisis right now but fingers crossed because I am enjoying myself there so far.
  18. Hi....welcome to the forum I have come across these before and they appear to work quite well. If someone is coming by to steal your cat then if you make it difficult (but not impossible) for them they will probably leave it and move onto another one that is not protected http://www.catsafe.org.uk/
  19. Hi Sensescaper, you do not need to take the bumper off, you need to turn the wheels fully to the left or the right depending on what side your changing, remove the inner wheel arch lining and reach in through there. I agree it's not easy and you need fairly long arms but that's the way in. if you have the manual it tells you how to do it in there. I used to do 30K a year in my 2010 Accord Tourer and would have to change the bulbs at least once a year, so worth buying the expensive bulbs rather than the cheap ones. Got 257K out of mine, before chopping it in, a great car. Everything still worked and was still getting 48 mpg on my commute, same clutch same exhaust.
  20. 15, inch mk 1 green spare wheel cover, few marks, tidy condition . £40. Collection from Bristol.
  21. Hi Roy Could you please give us some more details about what happened before it packed up
  22. Hi...welcome to the Forums Never had any issues with reception on my CRV radio (SatNav large screen type) so wouldn't say its a known issue Here is a link to one (SatNav version - but don't think the standard version would be any different) https://fave.co/39RD3bj It does show the connector and also the length of loom may give you some idea of where it is likely to be plugged in (my guess it the rear pillar area) Let us know what you find
  23. Hi Moss, a CRV owner myself can also help with any questions, I have a 2011, 2.2 Diesel Auto lovely to drive.
  24. Hi ....welcome to the forum I would definitely change it on the basis that it is 6 years old, regardless of mileage in that period. As it is a rubber component the belt is subject to perishing over time. Quite possibly the tensioners and idlers should be okay as they haven't done much work so would only need the belt
  25. Hi....welcome to the Forum I would pop to the local Honda dealer who would probably be quite obliging and show you how to connect it up. Let us know how you get on with it
  26. If the engine turns over at a fast speed (with no resistance from the cylinders pumping) then it sounds like the timing belt/chain has broken. If you remove the oil filler cap and if possible see if the camshaft is turning when someone is turning the engine over on the key and if it is not then it is no longer connected to the crankshaft and its game over Let us know what you find
  27. Thanks Trevor I will give this a try and see what happens
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