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  2. Thank you Trevor - much appreciated! I'm going to Reading Honda garage on Wednesday so this information is excellent and does fit with some thoughts I was having. best regards Carl
  3. Thank you Trevor. Will definitely give it a try. Why is it better to remove the negative terminal instead of the positive one?
  4. Hi.....welcome to the Forum Where is the smell coming from (e.g. under the bonnet, inside the cabin, etc) ? Also, is it consuming engine oil ? In normal use, and assuming it the engine is 'stretching its legs' then very little oil should be being burnt and I would investigate this as a matter of urgency. If you take the oil filler cap off when the engine is at idle then there should be very little plumes of oily vapour being emitted....excessive amounts could suggest the rings are gummed up with carbon or worse. Sometimes, an oil or fuel additive can assist in reducing the amount of oil being consumed in combustion.
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  6. I have an Accord for sale. Left hand drive. Belgian paperwork. Always stored in garage and still in Belgium at moment. Paperwork shows built in Swindon. Colour Silver. Interior v good condition. Exterior has fairly deep scratches at lower door areas. If anyone is interested I will bring it to the UK (where I live in Worcestershire). want to give it a good home as car was driven by my now elderly mum for 15 years. Has about 80k kilometers on clock. Questions welcome. I can provide pictures early November.
  7. Its always worth having a go at maintaining your car no matter what age as long as it doesn't require special tools, which unfortunately most modern cars now use to carry out even the most simple procedures.
  8. Not sure why but will they fit even though they look different? If not, then return them for the right ones
  9. Congratulations on your purchase! Certainly looks a great car and if it needs a few things that are relatively inexpensive then so be it. Keep us updated on the refurb progress. p.s. we have increased the file size for photo attachments but worth reducing the size prior to posting up as this tends to jam up the server with massive images.
  10. Hi.....welcome to the Forum Here is a link to a supplier who lists some struts at a very reasonable price https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/honda/cr-v-ii-rd/18473/10926/tailgate-struts
  11. Hello Trevor, Thank you. That was very kind of you. I've done scrap yards near by, but can try further afield. I've never heard of a vehicle trimmer, but I shall follow it up. If I eventually find the Holy Grail, I shall post the result. Hilda
  12. Hi....welcome to the Forum I could recommend using the parts search facility on Euro Car Parts . https://www.eurocarparts.com/ Just type in your registration number and this should bring up all available service parts Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
  13. Hi James.....welcome to the Forum The mk2 CRV is a superb car and quite capable of moderate off-roading. I assume with a bit of work to allow better ground clearance then it could be a little more adventurous Good to have you onboard
  14. This chap may be interested in it Scipio Africanus ...maybe send him a message to see if he is interested
  15. Hi Stephen....welcome to the Forum There is a chap just posted on here that is he looking at an Accord.....maybe ping him a message through here?
  16. Hi.....welcome to the Forum Nice collection of cars! Have to say, am tempted into a Volvo C70 convertible....how do they fair? reliable or not? The Accord is a completely reliable car overall as long as it has been maintained correctly over the years. Would replace the cambelt if in doubt that it hasn't previously been replaced, otherwise it shouldn't give you any issues. Good to have you onboard and let us know how it goes with the purchase of the Accord
  17. Hi....welcome to the Forums I have heard of similar issues from CR-V owners of the newer models....seems the older one are built better and have technology of the era. The newer ones I'm afraid are still running with old tech and this is the reason it doesn't work too well. They are trying to drag old tech into the newer vehicle range and its not suitable. The voice control function does not and never has worked well but it is just easier to control it manually by hand. The Climate Control is probably set to 'auto' by default so is doing just that I would imagine. The audio may only be down to settings that need changing, worth checking the extensive handbook(s) for more information. Honda customer relations do leave something to be desired as have experienced this personally in the past, otherwise, they do produce damn good vehicles overall
  18. Hi Steve.....welcome to the Forums The 2.2 engine is bomb-proof and the FRV itself is pretty damn good so as long as you stay on top of maintenance items and use quality service parts then you shouldn't have any real issues. Good to have you onboard
  19. Hi John.....welcome to the Forum There should be a rubber bulb on the bulkhead and a bleed nipple on the top of the fuel filter....crack the nipple open very slightly and pump the bulb until all the air is expelled
  20. Hi.....welcome to the Forum i don't see many Shuttle's around much nowadays....hope you're enjoying it? Good to have you onboard
  21. I have the same on my 1999 shuttle 2.3ls model
  22. Trevor


    Hi....welcome to the Forum I would have no hesitation in buying a higher mileage Honda as long as it has a complete service history (not necessarily main dealer stamps) and has been looked after. Although, there are two sorts of high miles....one is motorway miles which are superb and then there are town miles which will see substantially higher wear and tear on the car. Worth looking at how its been used in the past and by whom (e.g. mum using it for school runs, little old lady to go to the post office for her pension, or a sales rep on the motorway. Be in mind also that it is a diesel and they do not like being smoked around town. Good luck with the purchase and hope you don't find anything untoward in the history. Let us know how you get on with it. Cheers, Trevor
  23. I have a 2004 mk7 accord ctdi Tourer 132000 mls in indigo (p502) manual. Full leather air con sat nav auto tailgate in very good condition no smoke serviced. Only advisory on MOT is slight corrosion to rear springs. Drove from Manchester and across Spain last year and didn't miss a beat averaged 58 mpg. Due to an accident which has left my left hand and arm damaged I'm no able to drive a manual car. Would anyone be interested in buying this reliable Honda as it is far too good to scrap.
  24. Looks like it will need to go to a reputable garage for further diagnosis. My thoughts are fuel pressure sensor or fuel filter blocked
  25. Hi....welcome to the Forum The reversal of battery terminals can be enough to destroy electronic components that are current polarity sensitive....unless they have diode protection. If the vehicle is not responding to the new battery (assuming it is fully charged 12volts) then chances are the Electronic Control Units (ECU) are fried and also the Alternator is more than likely damaged as well. It looks like you'll need to take it to a reputable garage or auto electrician to diagnose the fault and damaged components Let us know how you get on with it
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