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  2. Trevor

    CRV rear differential graunch

    Hi...welcome to the Forum It is a common feature of the CR-V to wind up the transmission on full lock when driving on or off a driveway. However, it is accentuated by not changing the rear diff fluid periodically. If it hasn't been done for a while then you will need to flush it first and then replace the fluid. Diff Fluid https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-HONDA-CRV-DPS-FLUID-DIFF-OIL-1-LITRE/322527333403?epid=1415923714&hash=item4b18208c1b:g:sLQAAOSwd7FcM4E4:rk:3:pf:0 If you are flushing the diff, I think there is a special fluid for that, if not available (ask your dealer) then use 2 to 3 bottle of diff oil to flush out (drive around for a while and then replace fluid) Also, with the slippery weather almost upon us then it is worth driving it around on the snow, ice to invoke the 4WD and to get the rear diff working. Also handy for ABS as well. Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
  3. well at least you know the sensors are working okay. I would be tempted to see if there is any way to alter the position of the sensor to match the desired height but it does seem strange that this has occurred, unless the ride height at the rear has changed e.g. broken road spring, etc
  4. Big Toe

    CRV EX 2011 / Dashboard light query.

    Hi just to let you know it had to be reset by using the computer between dash dials by using buttons on the steering wheel.
  5. Trevor

    Whining sound

    Is the sound from the area of the engine, transmission or wheels? Also, is it engine speed or road speed related?
  6. Trevor

    Hello All - Welding advice please

    Feel free to upload some pictures....spent many years welding all sorts of vehicles so more than happy to be of assistance
  7. Big Toe

    Hi to all

    Thanks Trevor one of the topics i would like to speak about is the onboard computer ĺol! its having trouble understanding me too!
  8. Trevor

    Good morning & hello

    The Civic is a great car and lasts forever with the right maintenance. Feel free to start a new thread and I would be very interested to read about the various mods you carry out. Cheers, Trevor
  9. jameslarkin9876

    2015 CR-V 1.6 diesel ex power cut / complete electrical failure

    Thanks for the response. We're basically leaving it with the auto electrician most days to test at his leisure. He said he won't charge until he finds a fults which is really good of him. Issue hasn't reappeared in the last week which makes it hard to diagnose.. I'll pass on your comments and het him to check. Thank you
  10. Trevor

    Hello members .

    Hi Andy.....welcome to the Forum Wow....can't remember the last time I saw a CR-X in the flesh. Feel free to post up a pic or two of the CR-X. We'll see how many other owners of this rare marque are out there and see if we can arrange a meeting somewhere Cheers, Trevor
  11. Trevor

    Replace radio

    Hi Julian.....welcome to the Forum I have a 2007 model CRV and it has the upgraded head unit with SatNav but saying that it is not much use with respect to technology compared to what is available in the aftermarket. I have considered changing it to a double-din unit, either X-Trons or even better a Japanese unit (Sony, Panasonic, etc)....far better technology and functionality with SatNav and other features, handsfree phone calls, Bluetooth other devices, WiFi, etc. Here's a link to a company that provides aftermarket solutions: http://www.iceboxauto.com/honda Let us know how you get on with this issue and if you do replace with an aftermarket unit then let us know which one you go for. Cheer . Trevor
  12. Trevor

    New member after all these years

    Hi Malcolm....welcome to the Forum The Accord will eventually, like most other cars, become a classic and if in great condition and the fact that you are looking after it so well in its golden years, then it will surely realise some value over time. Either way, its a wonderful thing to have to tinker with and fettle to keep in good working order. Feel free to post up a photo of it on here if you like. Cheers, Trevor
  13. keith

    1500cc Vtec V Tec engine

    thanks Trevor from admin
  14. Trevor

    2.0 i-VTEC MPG

    That would be a shame as the only other option would be LPG which would be cheaper to run the car on but would take some time to recoup the outlay
  15. Trevor

    Honda accord wiper blades

    Hi and welcome to the Club You can still get wiper refills (thin and thick) pick the right thickness and fit ..... usually cost around £5 for the pair Cheers, Trevor
  16. thanks Trevor, didnt work but I get the drift.
  17. Trevor

    Headlights not working

    Hi Craig....welcome to the Forum That is a very odd one, and probably best looked at by an auto-electrician if you have already checked everything through yourself. I cannot personally think of anything else to check if you have already gone through it all. Let us know what you find as would love to know what the problem was Cheers Trevor
  18. Trevor


    You don't need to remove the turbo as you run it through with it in situ. There are several different kits available so worth looking to see which one suits you best. Let us know how you get on with it
  19. Trevor

    Greetings everyone

    Hi Joe....welcome to the Forum I also own a CRV and have to say its the best car I've owned. Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  20. Trevor

    Fitting parrot

    Hi Andy....welcome to the Forum Sorry, can't be of any help to you as it would be something quite specific that either someone who has fitted one in the past or someone who works in the car audio industry may be able to help you. Good to have you onboard Cheers . Trevor
  21. Not an ideal situation but at least for diagnostic purposes then it is what needs to be done. I would ensure that all lights (including boot light) are switched off and if it does go flat again then I'm sure they'll quickly find the fault
  22. Trevor


    Try some glass glue (not superglue as when it hardens it can crack glass) or otherwise you used to be able to get mirror self adhesive pads (not sure is you can still get them) Try Halfords to see what they have in stock
  23. Trevor

    help with satnav please

    Oh well....back to the drawing board!
  24. Just got civic sport 51 plate, lovely little car but old stereo lets it down
  25. den.holm80@yahoo.co.uk


    HONDA ACCORD AERODECK 1955cc. 1986. Having a garage clear out. I have had seven (7) of these wonderful little 'fire engines' over the years. Clearing out remainders. In good reasonable unrestored original condition. Can't be bothered with e-Bay etc. Front and back bumpers. Centre Exhaust section (new). Starter. Alternator. Space Saver wheel & tyre.(unused). Radiator. 'Bits and pieces'. COLLECTION ONLY. NEW MILTON HAMPSHIRE. Any reasonable time.
  26. horsemate

    Jazz owners handbook

    Just purchased a 2008 (57 plate) Jazz for my niece but there was no owners handbook in the car. Does anyone happen to have a spare one they don't need? Thanks.
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