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  2. Hi just joined as have just bought a 2005 CRV-my first CRV but had plenty of Honda s in past Civics, Accords and a couple of CRX s Loooking forward to exploring site Cheers
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  4. I’d also read where they found the leak by having some one drive the car during a rain storm and some one in the back watching for water😀😀
  5. Suzie Creamcheeze

    Leaking hatch

    Great thought. Thanks Trevor😀 Suzie
  6. Trevor

    CRV stereo replacement.

    Try these guys....was going to get one myself but sold the vehicle before actually ordering one. http://www.iceboxauto.com/honda
  7. Trevor

    Strange Vibration

    The rear diff oil gives a clunking noise when turning on a sharp turn at low speed (hard lock left or right going onto a driveway for example) You would then need to change the oil with the special fluid from Honda
  8. Trevor


    Hi....welcome to the Forum Tried looking up the Stream on Eurocarparts but although it was listed, it didn't show any more detail than this below: Still can't find what you're looking for?Call our expert team on+44 (0) 203 788 7842 Alternatively you can email your enquiry to partrequest@eurocarparts.com
  9. My Honda is a 2016 Honda Civic hatchback 1.8L automatic, it's absolutely great to drive and I keep it in pristine condition. Always.
  10. Following the untimely passing of my CRV, I have the follwing parts for sale: Folding picnic table from the boot £45 Retractable parcel shelf / load cover £45 Spare wheel cover - Black £25 (the liver bird is a sticker that is easily removed Boot carpet (vgc - no stains) - £15 Owners manual in original wallet £7 Haynes manual £7 All avilable for collection from Wirral, Merseyside
  11. Trevor

    Forum Newbie but had it 10 years

    Hi....welcome to the Forum It could be a sticking brake pad or caliper. If you strip it down and check it out you will more than likely find the issue, and hopefully a cheap fix
  12. Maybe worth trying to source one direct from Japan. Always plenty of suppliers for import vehicles and spares
  13. Trevor

    My First Ever CR-V

    Hi Alan....welcome to the Club It sounds like it is a diverter flap in the dashboard that isn't switching across. Alternatively, ensure that the climate control which separates the driver and passenger temperatures is functioning correctly (consult the manual) Usually, the CR-V is bulletproof but there is a couple of issues with the heating system. Also, if you have had the Airbags replaced then I wonder if any connections came loose on the passenger side? Let us know what you find Cheers, Trevor
  14. Trevor


    Hi Dan Welcome to the Club.....good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  15. Trevor

    CRv 2015 tailgate spoiler brake light

    oh, that's an absolute nightmare but I suppose a necessary task to replace the light unit. If you do replace the unit, a few photos and a brief description would be very handy to post up for others to follow if needs be. Thanks, and good luck
  16. Trevor

    Wheel arch trim

    if it is black plastic then vegetable/sunflower cooking oil rubbed into the plastic is superb....and cheap
  17. I would definitely take the car to the dealer to get a second opinion as 'mayo' under the cap can be caused by condensation from short trips. There are other tests to determine the head gasket is actually failing.
  18. Excellent condition, Rare Classic Sports Car! The japanese answer to a cosworth! 2.2 H Series VTEC + LSD. This rare colour CH-1 Type R, fitted with everything you could dream of, from Full alarm system with remote fob to electric rear windows & full tints, to lightened pulleys & flywheel, Exedy Stage 1 clutch... way too much to list in all honesty... remapped to 220bhp, Will only lighten your purse by £7500. The solid fact of this is, they're going up in price with so little of them being around!!! An absolutely solid investment for anyone looking at treating theirselves with a nice trendy car, thatll make them a fortune back in the future! Not many cars do!!!
  19. Honda Direct Parts

    Extended Warranties - worth it or not?

    Hi Alan With Extended Warranties, I would ask them for a list of what is covered or more importantly what is not covered. I use to work as a service advisor for Skoda and the list of things that weren't covered was staggering. I look after a Genuine Honda Parts website so if you do need anything take a look or send an enquiry if you can't find what you looking for - We beat main dealers https://www.hondadirectparts.co.uk/ Thanks
  20. Thought it best to make a new post, We supply Genuine Honda Parts cheaper than main dealers. We also have an exclusive offer for members so make sure to use your discount code. Send an enquiry on our site or post on here - remember we will need the Reg/ VIN to get the right part so maybe an enquiry through the site is best. https://www.hondadirectparts.co.uk
  21. Honda Direct Parts

    Hello Newbie Forum Member Here

    Hi Everyone, I have just joined the site for a website I look after. We supply Genuine Honda Parts at hugely discounted rates. (A lot cheaper than the main dealers) Anyway, we have agreed to give all members an Exclusive Offer, Free Shipping on all orders over £50. Use code OwnerClubMemberFS I will be here to answer any questions and find any specific Parts/Accessories you need. The website is https://www.hondadirectparts.co.uk - ask me on here or send an enquiry on the page for any part you need. Don't be afraid to ask I don't bite. Thanks, Everyone Lee - Honda Direct Parts
  22. Trevor

    Honda logo IACV parts

    you could always wire in a temporary switch or variable resistor to power the fan to test it or even run it as an over ride
  23. Crvlover

    What's this part called / part number

    That's great, thanks Trevor 👍
  24. Trevor

    EPS advice

    I think you'll find you need to remove the motor assembly to gain access to all the bolts securing the rack to the bulkhead...fiddly job as seen it done on a 4 post lift and looked as though they were struggling with it from underneath
  25. Trevor

    First time Honda owner

    Hi....welcome to the Forum You may be better off with an aftermarket double din stereo with a built in satnav or even a standalone unit, Be far cheaper, and better in the long run. Cheers, Trevor
  26. Trevor

    New member

    Hi Neil ... welcome to the Forum I know you'll definitely enjoy the CRV as it is a great vehicle and incredibly economical for the size of car. Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
  27. Trevor

    CRV rear differential graunch

    Hi...welcome to the Forum It is a common feature of the CR-V to wind up the transmission on full lock when driving on or off a driveway. However, it is accentuated by not changing the rear diff fluid periodically. If it hasn't been done for a while then you will need to flush it first and then replace the fluid. Diff Fluid https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-HONDA-CRV-DPS-FLUID-DIFF-OIL-1-LITRE/322527333403?epid=1415923714&hash=item4b18208c1b:g:sLQAAOSwd7FcM4E4:rk:3:pf:0 If you are flushing the diff, I think there is a special fluid for that, if not available (ask your dealer) then use 2 to 3 bottle of diff oil to flush out (drive around for a while and then replace fluid) Also, with the slippery weather almost upon us then it is worth driving it around on the snow, ice to invoke the 4WD and to get the rear diff working. Also handy for ABS as well. Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
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