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  2. Hello Mickser61, I've got a CRV 2005 been a member since July really enjoy it loads of exprience and knowldege here and freely shared..... but I'm not one of them I'm learning!!
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  4. I've had the same issue with a 2021 hybrid crv. Left sitting for 5 days, required a jump start. 2nd occasion it had been left for 3 days same issue, battery dead. I've invested in a jumper pack to leave in the car. Its annoying when there is enough power to unlock the doors, interior lights and headlights power up but car refuses to even try to start.
  5. Lovely looking motor. Aafter a year of owning my first Honda a 2005 CRV it's the best cat and the oldest at 18 years that i've ever had know the shape is considered too boxy now but I love it and with the back seats out it's a perfect 'dog car'. On Bangers and Cash this week, they asked who they considered made the best cars - Dave said that the UK only had a short window many years ago, Paul said the Germans and Derek said the Japanese 🖕
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  7. Thnaks for the feedback, seen what offers start coming along.
  8. I wouldn't take the chance of using it in any inner city ULEZ zones....the fines are not worth the risk
  9. They are NOT pets, they were bred to be weapons! Anything that I can't kick away if it's attacking a child should simply be avoided, and that's that!
  10. One of My all time favourite adverts!
  11. Believe you will need a scantool to do this I use an icarsoft scan tool which has the function
  12. I've just had exactly the same problem, rear drivers side footwell like a paddling pool. After lifting the lower section of door seal and removing the plastic trim two white plastic elbows are visible and two of those four joints were leaking. I stripped some copper cable 1mm or 1.5mm will do, take a piece about 5cm long turn around joint and twist up, ( like a hose clip ) snip off excess, don't twist too tight or wire will snap, I done all four while I was there works a treat, when refitting make sure sharp ends are not in contact with wiring loom, bend them over or tape up.
  13. I did a fully detailed post on here on how to re-set the sat nav system which worked for me ! My " copy " failed.
  14. I found if I hold map,return and zoom I get the System menu..(still didnt work but new disc works OK)
  15. Hi Trevor nothing to do with the tensioner or water pump it was a missing plate the round washer that goes in between crank pulley and the cam belt cog that I I forgot to install when putting it back together, so it was all my fault but it’s sorted now runs fine. Thanks for asking. Andy
  16. That doesn't sound good about the rack being heavy to use, but as long as it is driveable and safe then so be it not sure about why the radio is giving an E code but chances are it stands for Error and maybe worth resetting the battery to see if it clears.....if the garage cleared the memory then I would ask them to reset the radio and clock
  17. Sounds like the battery is still discharged the best method is to use a battery conditioner which will sort it completely (desulphation process) If not then jump start it again and give it a long run at speed to ensure that it is fully charged but if its an old battery then it may need replacing if it doesn't restart
  18. Not sure it does but would certainly make it easier to withdraw it from the position it is in
  19. The adjustment (if any) would be on the throttle body housing where the intake trunking meets the engine Not entirely sure if it has drive by wire throttle though?
  20. sorry to hear that certain individuals (cannot call them human beings) have broken into your car and damaged parts in the process Not sure but maybe loosen the screws and see if it realigns and retighten the screws to see if that improves it
  21. Thanks for reply BAZZER RN 1 - good advice which I will follow up. There was a one way valve just above the rear tailgate when open, which I put a fine drill into as recommended by a friend but it made no difference. Somebody else may find our chat useful. Thanks.
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  23. The handbook should tell you how to enter the code and reset the time & radio.
  24. Looking on youtube to check the air con is working I can see if the compessor belt is running when the air con is turned on - looked easy to find on the car on the video, where is it on a 2005 CRV please????
  25. I did indeed try all of the comparison sites as well as a couple of specialist brokers all to the same effect i.e. quotes between £750 and £1200. I eventually settled on an online company (Nutshell) at £540. I did question Nutshell about the fact that they quote the car as a 2.0 petrol auto (which does not exist), when it is a hybrid. Their answer was, "we are insuring a ZR-V Advance so what does it matter". I just hope that I do not have to make a claim that tests that issue. I see the point regarding technology etc. but the HR-V is (as I am led to believe) basically a "pumped up" Civic which in turn uses pretty much the same powertrain as the CR-V hybrid but only 2 wheel drive. So no major uplift in technology there. To complete the insult, my previous insurers gave me a derisory refund of £210 after 2 months of policy costing £380. That is some admin fee for cancellation! I am now thinking that, as the Honda salesman suggested, it is probably the insurance companies jumping on the current general price hike mentality and getting their noses in the trough for any reason they can find.
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