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    Many thanks Trevor , hopefully have found an Auto electrician to look at it for me, with the assistance of a roof guide that came with the car.
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  4. Congratulations on your purchase! Hope you share photos for us to see & enjoy.
  5. Thanks b4u2, i just got my hopes up when i saw this: https://www.civinfo.com/threads/illuminated-steering-wheel-controls.34333/#lg=thread-34333&slide=0 maybe it's been photoshopped!
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  7. Honda CR-V MK1 2000 year. Engine 2.0. Comfortable and good car, many parts are replaced with new ones. Straps, brakes, arm fasteners and rubbers ,etc. Open to offers 🤷Honda 2.0 l , no MOT.
  8. When i inquired about having a re-mapp, they asked what the mileage was and if i was on the original clutch, as you mentioned the extra power will make the clutch slip. As my Civic has done 135000 miles and on the original clutch so i took their advice and i had the lot changed by Honda. The only thing i must mention is that the EGR Valve gasket must be in good order as mine is leaking a little as i can smell a wiff of fumes coming into the car when at a standstill, so the next work to be done shortly.
  9. Bought a brand-new Tyre for my lovely HRV’s MOT,sadly it failed and I scrapped the car so I’m selling the wheel.it’s literally only been driven to the MOT station and home. not sure how to insert an image here, but I can send one by email WhatsApp etc. Based in South Manchester.
  10. Hi does anyone have a timing belt stopper plate for a 2 L Honda crv 97/01 any help would be appreciated thanks.
  11. Hi I’m looking for a timing belt stopper plate for a 97/02 Honda cry 2L can anyone help please thanks
  12. I have a Honda crv 2014 the problem I have is the first regenerate light doesn’t come on goes strait to DPF exclamation go to the dealer can any one help
  13. @IM786 Yes main dealers are always more expensive.
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  15. Took the car in this morning to get dealer to eradicate the creaking sound in the cabin and of course asked them about that welcoming chime: as I feared the bloke confirmed that it can't be deactivated. Grrrrrrrrrrr!
  16. I would agree that it is probably a battery fault and worth a visit to Halfords to have it checked and replaced if necessary However as b4u2 has mentioned if you have only just bought the car through a trader then you should go back to them for reimbursement of the cost to replace the battery. Not so sure you could pursue costs through a private sale though
  17. Is the air conditioning switched on when this occurs?
  18. Ebay would be my first choice to source one https://www.ebay.co.uk/b/Vehicle-Parts-Accessories/131090/bn_1838652?mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&siteid=3&campid=5338938280&customid=HondaKW&toolid=20012&mkevt=1
  19. Have you managed to get this issue sorted? Bit strange that both have failed at the same time, anything that coincided with the failure (e.g. any work been carried out recently, flat battery?)
  20. Not sure a software / firmware update will sort this issue but certainly worth confirming the dealer can do this Possibly a Bluetooth adapter to connect with your phone to the car audio system is a cheaper move?
  21. DieselHonda. Thanks for the feedback always nice to know the outcome
  22. First thought is that it may be a poor earth connection which could be causing the slow starting issue (even if the battery has 12.3 volts) as the power will not be reaching the components that require the earth return (e.g. starter motor) As for the alarm, could be worth checking all earth connections and leads to ensure tight and free from corrosion. After that I would check all the sensors (bonnet, boot, doors, etc) to see if the interior light goes off when opened and closed Finally check for any water ingress into the electrics, underbonnet relay and fusebox and also underneath the dashboard
  23. Cheers mate I'll have a look at them other wise I'll look on ebay for replacements
  24. Worth checking your rear lights aren't leaking water into the boot. Quite common place for water to come in and track along the boot area to the lowest point. If you remove the lamp units and see if the water has been getting through the seal and reseal with clear silicon if necessary
  25. Maybe needs to be switched up on your phone or also check that the 'Aux' button is switched to your phone as the voice may then come through the stereo
  26. Thanks b4u2,I took your advise and contacted my vertu dealer, they contacted honda and were very embarised that honda wanted £90.00 for a hand book.I think honda are taking you no what. I think this will go virally the Internet.
  27. Thanks, Trevor, much appreciated. On a separate subject: can the infuriating bing‐bong chime be deactivated? How? I so h a t e it! It assails my ears before I've even sat down behind the wheel. (Mk4 Jazz.)
  28. I would go with an aftermarket one personally as the standard unit is quite limited on its capabilities and would need upgrading with new SatNav discs/cards An aftermarket unit can run off your phone and is far more versatile (and cheaper)
  29. I’m emailing in regards to an event happening on 1/2 July at Brands Hatch, called Super Touring Power. This brand new event for 2023 will see Brands Hatch blast back to the '90s this Summer, celebrating cars from one of the British Touring Car Championship's most fondly remembered eras. Two days of on and off track action will transport visitors back to a much-loved period of national motorsport with races, demonstrations and displays featuring Super Touring machinery. On-circuit action will take place on both the full Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit on Saturday ahead of Indy circuit entertainment on Sunday. Off-track our aim is to fill the venue with car displays, featuring road going versions of the cars that have featured in the BTCC over the decades, in particular during the Super Tourer era. More information on the event can be viewed at www.supertouringpower.com For the car displays we’re accepting applications for cars registered up to and including 1999, and in particular we are looking for Honda Accord. Successful applicants will receive: 1 x free display vehicle pass for the driver Opportunity to take part in parade laps around the circuit (Sunday only) Please let me know if you are interested, or know anyone who would be. We will be looking at all applications to make sure they’re the right fit for the event. Car owners and clubs can apply here: https://www.displaymyvehicle.com/shows/2023/super-touring-power Many thanks for your support, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like any more information.
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