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  2. Hi Barri 👋 Welcome 🙏 🤗
  3. I'm in the process of buying a 2010 CRV with 190000 miles and the airbag light is on. Did you find out what the issue was with yours?
  4. UPDATE 2. I had problems separating ball joint from the arm, I cut the arm where it located into the ball joint threaded section allowing easy separating. I also used a bit of scaffold pole to drive the ball joints back in as access using my equipment was limited from above I.e the hub mountings got in the way of the c clamp insertion tool. Just checked the tracking, spot on though the steering wheel is not completely central, but that's just a case of equal turns on both track rod ends to bring it back where it should be. That's it . Finished. Car has 140k its the 1.8 petrol engine UK spec.
  5. All the other photos I’ve got the board won’t let me upload as the size is too big 🤷‍♂️
  6. If the lights operate ok using the switch on the light unit, take a look at the door mounted switches which operate when doors opened.
  7. Common problem. I have a 2006 and the unit works fine apart from Sat Nav which doesnt work and displays the disc reading error. At first, not knowing much about the car, I thought cleaning the unit and disc might fix it, but it didnt. Then I started reading about the fault from other owners and discovered that people have tried using other discs with no luck. The general opinion is forget trying to fix the problem, even if you could get it working the data is completely out of date. Advice is to buy a modern, portable Sat Nav unit, which is a fairly cheap solution and wouild be far better in its data content and operation. Or, take the unit out and replace it with a complete new modern unit, which is a costly option. I now only use the unit to listen to the radio and have a screen mounted Garmin Sat Nav, sometimes even using my smart phone in a suction mount and one of the many Map Apps.
  8. Last week
  9. Thanks for your post Trevor. Yes I think your right, I will go ahead and do the oil and filter change. That also gives me the chance to see what crud is in the box. I will report back once done.
  10. Welcome Trevor, cross check who owners the brand, some are very clever at making statement like UK based, produced in the UK etc when often it means it's made in the EU, China etc and just packaged here for resale.
  11. Hi Chas....welcome to the Club A glutton for punishment with restoring Honda's but they are amongst the best cars to work on compared to many other makes. I was always working on MG and Rover cars as not too dissimilar to Honda and always enjoyed working on them. Good to have you on board and you are welcome to assist in answering any posts that you can as you have the in-depth knowledge
  12. I have a 20l s which was pulling which turned out to be the brake calliper which was heating up and warped the disk checking the temperature of the calliper after a drive can help you determine if your having issues
  13. Before buying our e:Ny1 we were reading up on charging electric cars in a manner that looks after the battery. We had the impression that maybe 80% is a good maximum charge as the more the charge towards 100% the more heat is created and heat can reduce the longevity of your battery. I wrote to Honda about this and did not get a clear reply. Maybe I worded my enquiry in a manner that confused them. When I charge it is mainly from home on a 7 KWh charger. For simplicity I would like to have the confidence to plug it in and let it charge to 100% whenever possible. Does anyone out there have any good advice for me please
  14. I am planning to buy a new ZR-V in the coming months and was wondering whether it is possible to retrofit a CD Player using USB ports? I am not interested in other methods such as streaming etc. I note that demand for CD retrofitting is increasing and that , for example, BMW Australia and USA dealers now offer retrofitting as an option (albeit for a fee)
  15. On inspection I have found that both of my rear tyres are worn on the inside, car has done 160K. Have I a bush problem, I haven't got a broken spring.
  16. My query is this.. I have recently bought the car mentioned above and i was wondering is it imperative that i use the special honda hybrid green engine oil. Costly oil i just discovered €126.00 for liters. What would happen if i used 0w 15 oil ?
  17. Earlier
  18. confused as to why and what the Euro ncap ( safety) standard has to do with CO2 emissions?
  19. Thank you for the Kind Offer but my Religion will not allow me to partake in these activities ,However I have nominated an acquaintance of mine who goes by the name of Alan GSD Probably a fictitious name who I know would be the perfect substitute for David. He advertises in his local Church Magazine where you find his details Bless you my Son
  20. Hi folks, I have 2015 Crv and recently I can only get heat if I put it up to High. I usually have it around 20-22 but now the car is either roasting hot or cold. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  21. Just bought a new to me Honda CRV 2014 2.2 diesel. There’s a weird clicking noise coming from behind the glovebox when I turn on the ignition. I’m presuming it’s the heating flap actuator. Anyone have a guide to how to remove this at all? Thanks
  22. Hey Currently restoring an EJ2 (94 coupe). She's chamelia red pearl and slowly coming together. Most mechanical work carried out now however finding body parts in the UK is seeming rather tricky. Anyone sitting on any spare bumpers or general parts they are willing to sell?
  23. Absolutely brilliant !!!! Keep up the good work 🤣
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