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  2. I am desperate to replace the OEM head unit in my 2018 CR-V and am struggling to find suitable models that would allow me to retain: 1 - Rear Parking Camera. 2 - Sat Nav 3 - DAB 4 - Steering wheel controls. 5 - Bluetooth Telephone. Ideally, I'd also like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which I don't have at the moment. Has anyone done this successfully and can recommend a suitable unit please? If there are also recommendations for a reputable company to fit it in the North West I'd appreciate it. Thank you!
  3. Last week
  4. Hi. Can anyone help. My 2013 CR-V 2.2D has suddenly developed a problem. The passenger power window and the same side wing mirror have both stopped working at the same time. The master control switch and the passenger switch for these items don’t work but the switches for all other windows and drivers wing mirror work as normal. Checked fuse’s, but can’t find one for wing mirror, all ok. Checked for damaged wires at door hinged position, all ok. I am thinking it’s probably pointing towards the passenger window side switch or the Master switch assy on driver’s door. But what I ca
  5. Just joined, traded my 2017 crv touring in. Loved the 17,just getting used to the 20,so far glad to be a forum member.
  6. I have a 58 plate FRV 2.2 iCTDi and need to find the location of my oil pressure switch. Can you help?
  7. Hi, We are looking at the possibility of buying a CRV hybrid but need to know the interior measurements between the rear wheel arches. We need to know whether our pet cages will fit. Can anyone tell me this measurement please? Thanks
  8. hey guys having issues with my 2.2 dtec accord. i bought car from a garage in southampton and had it delivered to me in gloucestershire, car seemed ok but a bit down on power anyway a week after i got it on a friday dpf light come up and went into limp mode. took car to honda dealer and had force regen went much better after that. 2 weeks later on a friday wtf dpf light comes on again, getting a bit pissed off with car already now lol. my mechanic got his mate who is a proffesional dpf cleaner to come and clean dpf, great sorted he said dpf is totally clean nice one. a few weeks later ffs dpf
  9. Hi everyone New member here I have a Honda Accord estate 2.2 IDTEC Type S 60 plate and from couple of weeks ago my car is shaking really bad but only in 4th and 5th gear, I can feel a slight vibration in the 3rd gear as well but not all the time, I've been told that it might be the crankshaft pulley. Anyone else had the same problem? Thank you
  10. Yes, my wife's car has suffered from this problem since being bought new from Swansway Rochdale a couple of years ago. It frequently goes flat and the garage and the AA rescue service tell me that this is caused by the type of battery fitted to cars with stop-start systems. We have called out the rescue service at least a dozen times in the past two years. Go to a battery specialist and if your car has stop-start ensure that the correct replacement is supplied. Honda apparently know this is a persistent problem but seem unwilling to find a complete solution. Good luck.
  11. Earlier
  12. Seems like it affected the typing on your keyboard as well. 😊 It's an easy thing to do. Worst case - you've done major damage to the electronics of the car. If you're lucky, it's just the immboliser.
  13. I use 5w-30 fully synthetic. 0w would be too thin for this engine.
  14. Evening Just a quick survey. I know some say that copied sat nav dvd's can damage the sat nav unit. Is this really the case, or just a myth perpetuated by the main stealers to rip us off on updated map dvd's? Personally, I've only used the original Honda ones. Has anyone actually used a copied dvd, if so what was your experience. How long have you used it, any issues, etc Thanks
  15. Hi I have this model, I find it very good on long journeys. I don't drive regularly on motorways but when I have it's been faultless got up to 55.4mpg on a run up to Yorkshire from Essex driving at normal speeds. Noise:- not intrusive . but this will really depend on the tyres fitted. Comfort:- not a car I feel the need to keep stopping in. none stop from North Norfolk back to Essex with ease. Overtaking:- I have the 160bhp engine its perfect for motorway speeds, it's not a racing car obviously but easily got past the middle lane when needed.
  16. It sounds like its "bouncing" A spring would have snapped inside the lock mechanism and doesn't offer any more resistance inside the lock. A new lock would solve the problem in most cases. Sounds like the drivers lock because that's the master that tells the other locks to open.
  17. Welcome. I have the 1.8 Ivtec FRV. Its a great car.
  18. Will do. You won't be able to shut me up.... 🤣😇🖖👍
  19. Hello, hope and pray all is well. Thanks for having me! I greatly appreciate it. Recently inherited a 2011 white Honda Pilot from a elderly relative and need advice in restoring it.
  20. Is there a need for a guard to prevent theft of the cat on a 2012 Jazz 1.4 petrol?. Thanks in advance AJ
  21. What type of Falken tyres do you use?
  22. Will not be deleted. They have known about it since 2018 or the end of 2017. They do not do a service action because apparently this fault does not affect the reliability of the car or safety - the words of the manufacturer. We have nothing to count on. Unless the car is under warranty. In 2018, most cars were still under warranty, but no one was called to the service. When the client reported, they dealt with it, if the client did not report, they did nothing.
  23. Hey i have had my Honda accord for around 3 years now and funnily enough just found out by mechanic telling me that it has headlight washers, was so excited to see them working, have noticed it seems to only work when the screen wash is full in the car, does that make sense or should it be always working? Also realised only works when headlights are switched on.
  24. Yep phoned main dealer, he said 100% through the wheel arch.... plan b after a few bevvies, get busy just dont want to damage anything but . hey
  25. Have you checked the alternator output because if it is charging excessively high rate then this could blow the fuse with a surge of current. Should be putting out around 14.5 volts
  26. The old Accord was a very reliable car but is now getting harder to obtain parts for (new and used). From memory, there wasn't much mechanically that went wrong
  27. Hi......welcome to the forum Thats a shame that they couldn't repair it properly but then I suppose the price would have been a lot higher? Ask away and hopefully someone should be able to help you with your questions
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