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  2. but surely if there is enough power in the battery to start the car and then to restart it again i would have thought the battery should be ok as there is more power drawn from the battery to start the vehicle than is needed to operate other systems. just my thoughts.
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  4. Has any Honda CRZ Owner have experience of reversing a Honda CRZ into what seems to be the common size UK brick built Garage , of 2500 m/m inside wall to wall, door entrance width of 2140 m/m . I sold my Civic VTI 1993 EG6 . which i kept in the garage . And now looking at, Honda CRZ, to purchase , but with no access to, One that i can try to see if i can get it in, the garage . for parking.
  5. My 15 plate jazz has a rip on the drivers seat at the side from getting in and out of the car just wondered what these replacement seat covers are like thanks
  6. sorry dont have any pics but it was in daytona yellow with black bonnet and wing tops now we are talking 1972 ish 0- 60 6.2sec 132mph flat out on the standard engine balanced and blue printed re-jetted carb lowed and uprated suspension flattened rear springs bot could that thing corner or what when i worked for a lotus dealer before i bought the capri it was in the line up for sale a chap came in one day looking at the cars bragging about his E Type our boss said i've got something to beat that the guy laughed when he saw it so they lined up side by side on the lane the capri left him standi
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  8. As per the subject. Obscenity acquired a Civic Tourer of 2017 model year. I wonder if a previous owner of a tourer has roof bar/rack that they longer want or require. I can certainly find such a good home. Thanks in anticipation, W
  9. I took it in and all they did was install a s/w update. Hope that cures the problem as the guarantee runs out August. I am going to get the service done late July to pick up any problems prior to that.
  10. Sounds like an absolute drama, but that is the same for a lot of modern vehicles nowadays Did it pass the MOT test okay? p.s. SuperBlackBird....very nice bike!
  11. I think that's they key word 'watching the road' and being aware of your surroundings....speed cameras tend to distract drivers and lead to harsh braking at the last moment.
  12. That's harsh Taz ....I would have contested that in court as it can't be proved by the police officers in question. My understanding (advanced motorcycle qualified) is that you can safely and legally ride over the double solid white lines on a motorbike if safe to do so and also if the traffic is at a standstill and at a sensible crawling speed.
  13. Trouble is that the vibration is at a high(ish) speed and difficult to diagnose a static or dynamic imbalance at that speed as tyre machines can only simulate low rotational speed to balance the wheel and tyre. I used to fill tyres with a puncture prevention liquid which would throw out under centrifugal force and coat the inside of the tyre (Slime is very similar). However, on some tyres (Dunlop in particular) it would not adhere to the inside of the tyre and create a dynamic imbalance which was noticeable at a similar speed to what you have described. In your case, I imagine you
  14. Hi. Selling my used Honda FR-V. It's a 2009 model (58 plate) with 103700 miles on the clock. Lots more details on gumtree, with photos. https://www.gumtree.com/p/honda/honda-fr-v-22l-103700-miles/1407006962 Thanks
  15. Hi All I have a 1.8 petrol honda FR-V 2008 with an engine light on. Code P0135 Air fuel ratio (A/F) sensor (sensor1) heater circuit malfunction. I am struggling to find this part. I have taken it to my local garage and he ordered the part but the connector was wrong ( female socket required, see pics) Hes struggling to find it. does any know the part number and where i can buy the part ? let me know if you need any more info. i have attached some pics, hopefully there not too big/small. He believes its the top sensor (he couldnt disc
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  17. Now that is quite interesting. I'll take mine out of the drawer under the front middle seat where it's been sat for about a year now πŸ™‚ Cheers Craig 😳
  18. Hi Trevor, only thing that happened is one day the rear window switch stopped working for a few seconds but then finally put the window up. When I got back in the car an hour later all the passenger windows never worked again. I had on that journey prior to the fault had to press the window lock a few times due to kids, which is why I think it’s that switch cause the unit is now behaving exactly as it would if the window lock was activated even though the switch has no effect anymore.
  19. No, the satnav discs not being readable should not affect the audio as far as I can see. If the battery is draining with the engine and ignition off (and the doors closed so no interior light on) then i would probably look at the alternator being faulty.
  20. Hi....welcome to the Club I would test the pressures to see if they are correct otherwise the system will shut down which may be the reason
  21. Hi Guys and gals, Looking for the Rear bench Strikers from the CRX Mk2 found the part no: striker, RR. Seat 78185-SB3-003 Many thx
  22. Thanks for the response. After having this issue for about 4 days solid on every journey It has now cleared itself and not shown up for last 2 days and counting Will see about getting those checks done Still a massive difference in price between AGM and EFB battery types, interested to knwo if others have gone with the AGM type and found them OK ?
  23. I would then position it to the right of the ADAS in that case
  24. Nice collectable item and also a good pen regardless of the branding
  25. Have a look here... https://www.wheelfitment.eu/car/Honda/FR-V%20(2005%20-%202010).html Hope this helps.
  26. yes springs and shockers are combined, but have you any broken coil springs???
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