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  2. Hi All, I have a 2014 2.2 EX CRV bought it Jan 2019, warranty service was done back in Oct 2019, 39kish... 2020 nothing really happened, its been about 1.5years since the last service, thought I better service it and get the discs and pads done after the MOT (which was fine)! BUT, I can't find any info in the books about what service it is meant to be! I normally buy a service pack and give the car to my local garage who does my MOTs etc. Its a low miler, so after the 39K service back in Oct 19 (box 5, 60months service bo
  3. Admin please delete - double thread error!
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  5. Hi Stubsey ....welcome to the Club They are both incredibly reliable and sold vehicles as you would well know after seven of them 🙂 Feel free to dive into any posts that you feel you can help out with. Good to have you onboard!
  6. 2020 Honda CRV front lower bumper, rear lower bumper taken off by the dealer at point of sale replaced with Areo kit £75 for the pair
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  8. How do I reset , Tyre pressure Warning
  9. Hi just had a genuine Honda Towbar fitted with all wiring looms , my question is does the towbar automatically turn off the parking sensors when plugged in ?
  10. Hi I'm curious as well as I have the same problem and literally just replaced the driveshaft and the half shaft and the problem is still on
  11. Somethings wrong, the turbo charged models usually have good spunk in that power range. How many miles do You have On her ? could need a tune up, valve lash adjustment.... G
  12. I purchased a spacesaver wheel for the wifes 2012 Jazz which had 15" wheels. We have just changed the wifes Jazz for a 2018 model which has 16" wheels. The salesman at the Honda garage insisted I didn't have to buy a new spare wheel as the one purchased for the earlier vehicle would fit the new one. Can this be right as the wheel sizes are different?
  13. Hi, ive just bought one. I’m getting about 42mpg and thats travelling 25ish miles to work and 25 back. A few roundabouts, 40 zones and a dual carrriageway. Plus a few nipping about town, so I’m ok with that. Sometimes put my foot down too. I reckon if you were to take it easy on a long distance ride, you would probably get a lot more. Depending on driving. Nice relaxing drive drive though. Hope this helps alittle.
  14. Hi everyone thanks for having me. I was looking for recommendations for a media player for my 2010 CRV EX . Would like to keep the steering wheel controls if possible. Many thanks in advance.
  15. Baz

    heated seats

    dont really think water ingress getting to were the relays are situated!
  16. no never been used for towing 3 owners before me one was a lady and car was ex lease hire, heated seat fuse is not blown so thats ok, was not aware the seats only work when sat on but will check the circuits and make sure theres no problem there.
  17. Never thought of that. That’s the last thing I need after forking out to fix the actuator. Not sure if it’s worth Paying for a new clutch but will have a think. thanks for the feedback mate
  18. Hi Andrew.....welcome to the Club £85 for the software update is worth the money as it would have put everything to where it should now be. However, the fluid change I imagine should be somewhere between the two quoted prices but nearer the higher price if the filter is also changed Let us know how you get on with it
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  20. If this is your spec vehicle then it is 5w30 https://www.castrol.com/en_gb/united-kingdom/home/car-engine-oil-and-fluids/motor-oil-and-fluids-finder.html?customerType=retail&category=cars&make=honda-eu&model=jazz-ii-ge-gg-2008-2015&engineType=jazz-1-2-i-vtec-2008-2011&ref=64e1ceb4e5374f787597255e066481e1&component=engine
  21. Hi Tom.....welcome to the Forum Good to have you onboard
  22. had a look at online its mostly series 2
  23. Hi ....welcome to the Club I guess if you could drill another hole to accommodate the bolt thats in a different position or the other option would be to remove it and secure with two bolts which may be sufficient to securely retain it to the car. Let us know how you get on with it
  24. I have just bought a 2001 2.0i SE Accord (5 door) and am trying to find suitable roof bars. I have a set of Yakima Through Bar Whispbars from a previous car but they don't seem to do a fitting for this model Accord (they do one for older and newer models). Thule also don't seem to do one and neither do Halfords. Has anyone with one of these accords managed to fit roof bars and if so can they recommend? Thanks.
  25. 10w40 semi synthetic would be fine to use.
  26. Its a tough one as old Honda's are really becoming sought after but not sure its worth spending huge amounts of money on it. Maybe worth removing the subframe and getting it welded as an option (if welded correctly) as opposed to a replacement, if available
  27. I would try either the Coolant Temperature Sensor or the Crankshaft Sensor as either could be causing this issue,
  28. You should be able to just straight swap an aftermarket horn and it should work okay (assuming resistance is similar)
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