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  2. Hi All, I would greatly appreciate your collective wisdom here,today I swopped out a car battery on my 2016 crv, during the process I had a obd battery minder in line and all seemed to go well until I attempted to start the car, the car will only start with the key fob touching the starter button and also I have lost keyless entry and locking including power tail gate, radio and computer are working fine, I can't believe it's the battery's in the remote as both were working perfectly prior to car battery swop, any thoughts please. Robert
  3. For sale. 1999 Honda Legend 3.5L V6. Gold colour. Approx 77,000 miles. MOT MAY 2024. New YUASA battery. Lovely and smooth to drive, in great overall condition for its age. After market 5 spoke Alloys. 4 keys total including original red and grey keys. Black leather interior. 6 CD changer. Heated and electric front seats etc . . . £2250.00 ono Telford 07920803491
  4. I have music on a USB stick. When I plug the stick into my usb socket in my arm rest of my 2012 Honda Accord it plays fine. BUT I need also to plug my wife's mobile into same socket. Can anybody suggest an adapter/splitter that will pass my music data through as the couple I have bought from Amazon and returned do not work or either say not supported.
  5. Just bought a 2007 Honda Legend, it looks like it has parking sensors on front and rear bumpers (unless they are actually something else?) I cannot find any buttons to turn parking sensors on/off. They don't seem to be coming active when close to objects. Any ideas? Can't seem to find anything in the user manual or googling/YouTubing... Here are some pictures of the car: https://photos.app.goo.gl/wP3xx6JoxALQy3Ld9
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  7. I need a compressor for a 65 reg 1.6 diesel Civic. Honda want about £2000!
  8. Hi, does anyone know if a Honda Jazz emergency wheel will will fit a 2023 Honda Jazz Hybrid?
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  10. Hi Hope you can help. I need a new air compressor for my air con unit. From Honda it's apparently around £2,000 for the part! Does anyone know where I can source an alternative or know who can repair the current compressor? Part number from Honda is 38810-RZ0-E01 Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. Have a look behind the headlamp assembly for any levers that can switch the beam Chances are not, as it is a Japanese produced vehicle and only for RHD market I would guess
  12. I would be tempted to part with it and cut your losses Let someone else go through the expense and time of doing it up and start afresh
  13. Future Classic! A very rare 2002 Limited Edition 1.7L VTEC Auto Coupe in Rallye Red (7th Gen EM2). She drives beautifully and is an eye catcher to say the least. 107,000 miles on the clock which isn’t much for one of these. MOT til end of December 2023. Can get a fresh one if buyer is willing to pay extra and has any doubts. New Front Bumper (previous had a tear), New Radiator, New Thermostat, New Headlight Bulbs - All within the last 2 months. Brake Pads all have minimum 8mm Thickness, Alloys in great condition, Tyres all have reasonable amount of tread, all buttons on centre console functioning as should, Fully Working Electric Sunroof, No Rust, Petrol engine - averages about 40mpg, Pretty nippy considering how cheap it is to insure - eligible for classic car insurance. Issues: Passenger side electric window doesn’t go down - may just be needing a new fuse but not entirely sure. Bodywork - Wing mirror has been glued on which isn’t exactly noticeable until really close up. A fair few minor scuffs, scratches, and peels of the paint’s outer coat. I have photographed as much as I can but all in all the bodywork is fairly okay for it’s age. Small tears to the leather on the driver’s seat and one tear on the rear middle seat upholstery 2 Keys, 3 owners, V5C Logbook, Service history book has been misplaced but have invoices of the more recent work that has been carried out. Half Leather Interior; Central Locking; Rear Spoiler; Electric Sunroof; Upgraded MP3/CD Player; Climate Control / Air Conditioning; Electric Windows; Electric Mirrors; 3x3 Point Rear Seat Belts; ABS; Power Steering; Alarm; Alloy Wheels; Height-adjustable Front Seats; Working Cigarette Lighter Port; Passenger Airbag; Side Airbags; Full Size Spare Wheel; Safety Belt Pretenstioners. I also have a brand new aftermarket front lip for the car that I never got round to installing, so that will be included unless it’s not wanted. ( https://www.carbonculture.com/product-category/honda/honda-civic-2001-2-4dr/honda-civic-2001-2-4dr-front-lips/ ) If you are trying to look at the car’s MOT history and it’s not showing it’s because I recently took off private plates. Either try the current original plate YJ02 OJK or the previous W222ACK which has since been removed. Rugby, Warwickshire Viewing is most definitely welcome. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a viewing: 07990010315 - Call or WhatsApp
  14. Hello, I am interested in buying a second hand, second generation HRV. Does anyone have any knowledge on the noise level reduction after the facelift? They claim the noise has been reduced somewhat. Is it significant? I am curious about motorway noise levels. How is it compared to other hondas. Is a CRV much quiter? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi Trevor, My post is regarding obtaining the radio serial number. Once I can obtain that? Then yes I can use an online service or the post which you kindly provided. | I'll keep my fingers crossed the forum could point me in the right direction how to obtain the radio serial number ? Either its on the CD. Thank you Lee
  16. Sounds like you may have picked up some contaminated fuel and this is filling the canister with water content I would get this attended to sooner than later but not sure if you can reach below the filter to drain it down yourself?
  17. First thought is a wheel bearing (probably Nearside Front - if it disappears when you steer left) Definitely worth having that checked first
  18. Sometimes if the front brake pads have been replaced at some point in time then worth checking that the pad(s) not moving due to part of the fitting kit missing
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  20. Welcome to the Honda Owners club Maurice I am sure you will find some useful information on here. Best Regards BAZZER RN 1
  21. Has anyone got any contacts for drive shafts, looking for n/s and o/s . Been looking online and there is a n/s here or a o/s there. Looking for a company that will sell both. Thanks all. Honda 2005 Frv.2.0 sport
  22. Vtec moters aren't the best when it come to fuel economy. I have a 2.0 2005 FRV with a good deal of Miles and I get 25mpg around town and 30 on moter ways. With wear comes decrease compression and fuel economy I would say. A blue printed engine would he a treat. !!.
  23. HI Jerrmy, I agree totally, and would welcome Honda Owners Club taking this up with Honda UK or Honda Europe. I would be most interested in class action. Note: I have now bought a TomTom for one vehicle but the other is still an issue. Honda UK are just not interested at all, they won't reimburse the Tomtom, swap the unit in the car for a working unit - or even one which will link to the phone for traffic info to be shown on screen from the app (bluetooth connection alone is insufficient without app link). Real pain for me as I know where I'm going, but need the traffic info and alternative routes when necessary (although the last time it cost me at least an hour extra over just staying in the jam!). As I said before, I wont buy again from a manufacturer who treats lifetime subs as obsolete after a couple of years. Incidentally, Honda said in one of their reasons (the other was it was linked with safety camera info provision which is now illegal - totally incorrect on all accounts) that they'd undertaken extensive market research and nobody used Traffic Info. Has anyone actually been contacted by this research as I know of no-one - not even the dealers who are blissfully unaware of the cessation!
  24. Unless you can get the alignment altered to compensate for the UK camber and bias it slightly over one way? Otherwise, tyres may make a difference possibly?
  25. Halford always have a good stock and may be able to order one or even have something similar to fit as they just stick over the old broken mirror glass
  26. Makes sense as the German brands also did that around that era as there were court cases when anyone got trapped in the window going up
  27. Do they come through the audio system? If so, do you have the audio settings on fader getting more sound to the rear than the front?
  28. Not sure as its not available in the United Kingdom (so far)
  29. Hi Shelley Has any work been carried out on the car recently? ...and is the battery in good condition?
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