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  2. My Accords alarm keeps sounding, I'm trying to find the independent battery so I can replace it, does anyone know where it can ?
  3. Location of alarm battery on my honda accord 06 uk model
  4. Just upgraded my 2014 CR-V to the 2018 model and all is well. Except ... The radio/phone/SatNav is incomprehensible (especially compared to the 2014 model) and I can't programme it to do anything I need it to. Without going into any details, does anyone know where to go to in order to understand it better? The manual's useless (it was fine in the old car). Huge thanks for any intelligence in this area. Peter
  5. Circumstances are such that, with much regret, I have to sell my superb Integra Type R track car. I am hoping it finds a new enthusiast's home who can use it more than I have been able to in the last 2-years. 1996 JDM base, road legal, and beautifully built by Hond-R in Abingdon back in 2013. Full advert listing can be found here - https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/12626003.
  6. Hi, folks. My Mum's typically reliable Jazz has been 'serviced' for some time by a dodgy mechanic, as the Honda dealership service costs were beyond her reach, being a UK pensioner. Anyways, she recently had the gearbox oil changed and the new mechanic pointed out that the gearbox oil hadn't been changed for a VERY long time. Now, especially In hot weather, things get decidedly stiff when changing gear after about 10 miles or so. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Yeah I’ve realised that they not very accurate +/- quite a bit you can’t really rely on them like it’s the gospel. They rely on driving style, roads, temperature, weight in vehicle & many other factor’s. See it as a rough guide even more when the car is older as they get even worse. I’d go as far as suggesting that you should go with the fuel gauge as that is much more accurate
  8. Hi Al. I hope you don't mind m jumping in on this one. I've just bought an 09 FR-V and I have no water to the rear spray nozzle. The front is good and I hear the pump motor when operating the back, but no flow. I've had the tube off the rear nozzle and nothing. I need to trace it back to the reservoir/pump, but it appears to be awkward to access. Can I ask how you got to the pump? Did you remove the wheel arch liner? If so, was this fairly straightforward? Any info would be much appreciated.
  9. Ignore the post as I can’t edit it used the wrong engine code should be F18 not H18
  10. Hi all I’m after abit of advice from the Honda team, I’ve started doing a Honda conversion in my classic mini so far I’ve decided best bang for buck power/cost wise is the F18 engine out of a 51 plate shape accord is perfect (the D16 out of the same age civic is smaller and a better fit but less power and more expensive) The F18 gearbox is somewhat bulky and would struggle to fit it within a started front end mini. Is there any other gearboxes such as the D16 that fit with the F18 engine ? I know there are other engine and gearbox options available such as B16/18 but these are very expensive in comparison to the F18 lump but would their gearboxes work? PS im Yet to buy the Honda donor car so open to most options cheers team
  11. Free boot liner for anyone who wants it.
  12. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1998-honda-integra-type-r-dc2-1 Lustful or ???
  13. Our car alarm keeps going off for no reason is there anyway to disable it?
  14. When we had our catalytic converter stolen (2.0L petrol), we found that the OEM parts were no longer available (unsurprisingly), but EuroFlo are making pattern replacement parts. You can check if EuroFlo are making parts for your model on their website. If they are you can get them at several places, try Online Auto Motive (though beware they sometimes sell the main parts cheaper and the fixings and fittings (bolts, etc) more expensive to make up the difference) or Motor Parts Direct who have an extensive network of parts shops across the UK. You may find that Motor Parts Direct can order the part you need even if it doesn't show on their website. Hope this helps
  15. Hi on eBay and Amazon there is an interface for the steering wheel controls https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/351711790721?hash=item51e3a80681:g:N2MAAOSwiVJbP44v https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263061627301?hash=item3d3fb1e1a5:g:nukAAOSw5kBbMjor
  16. I think as Hondas are high on the reliability of makes the forum quiet , it was the same on the jazz forum Great forum hope it stays for good
  17. Earlier
  18. hello . my name is Pero. i owned honda jazz from 2008 left handed drive. 1.2 idsi. 5s. mt 2002-2008 . my jazz when reading from all system scanner diagnostic tool reaching only engine ecu and electric servo module. other module show message not equiped. car is from europe switcerland . obd port have verry small ammount wire harness.😙obd port on my honda jazz
  19. I need to repair the bolster on my Tan leather 1996 targa but have to buy more leather than I need. Does anybody need any?
  20. I recently purchased a 2020 CRV 2.0 i-MMD Hybrid CVT and my question is, are the wheels driven by the engine or the electric motors...Thanks
  21. Sorry for very late reply, I forgot to mention that we have done all of the above before I posted. The cables and one caliper has also been changed but its almost exactly the same efficiency on a brake tester. I was hoping there might be a Honda mechanic on here that might have a tip or solution. Thanks for the info so far though
  22. My hands free in my 2013 crv sounds fine at my end but everyone I speak to tells me there is a loud buzzing on their side. Is there any fix for this?
  23. Just bought a 1991 NSX coupe. The cruise engages between 30 and 70mph, but will not engage above 70mph. Car is a Japanese import in excellent condition with 35000 miles. Any ideas?
  24. Can anyone tell me please how easy is it to change a cabin a/c pollen filter in my right hand drive Honda Accord 2.4 saloon ADAS behind my glove box? .....and has anybody heard of the NEW filter and what do they think of it? HONDA MOTOR EUROPE INTRODUCES NEW PREMIUM CABIN AIR FILTER WHICH EFFECTIVELY CONTRIBUTES TO REDUCING INFECTION RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH THE SARS-COV-2 VIRUS https://hondanews.eu/eu/en/cars/media/pressreleases/330500/honda-motor-europe-introduces-new-premium-cabin-air-filter-which-effectively-contributes-to-reducing Thanks
  25. I have a Honda Accord Coupe (year 2000) intermittent but very frustrating starting problems every so often. Could this be that I need a new mains fuel relay?
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