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    Honda CRV Headlights for UK Model (2002 - 2006) Genuine UK Honda RHD Headlights (I live in France so changed to left hand headlights) Good as New Condition £25 Each + postage and packing £45 For pair + postage and packing Please contact if interested
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    Sounds like the headlamps can't breath with the condensation inside. Maybe leave the covers off from the back (where you would replace the bulbs) to allow some air to circulate
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    Ok thanks for the advice. I just realized that it has got EPS. So I am confused about the full lock thing now. I think I under tightened the belt so I did it again today to about 6-7mm roughly and haven't had a squeal since. Yeah the college is in a bit of a crisis right now but fingers crossed because I am enjoying myself there so far.
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    Hi Sensescaper, you do not need to take the bumper off, you need to turn the wheels fully to the left or the right depending on what side your changing, remove the inner wheel arch lining and reach in through there. I agree it's not easy and you need fairly long arms but that's the way in. if you have the manual it tells you how to do it in there. I used to do 30K a year in my 2010 Accord Tourer and would have to change the bulbs at least once a year, so worth buying the expensive bulbs rather than the cheap ones. Got 257K out of mine, before chopping it in, a great car. Everything still worked and was still getting 48 mpg on my commute, same clutch same exhaust.
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    Port Solent, very nice, we often frequent the Harvester there or a Brazilian buffet restaurant there called Casa Brasil that is well worth a visit if you are back at anytime. It's above Watermark. Fingers crossed on the CRV, I'll keep you posted, thanks
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    No I'm happy with that. The Accord Tourer I had, manual 2.2, used to get between 46 and 50, that was an excellent car. Had 257K out of her, same clutch, exhaust and everything electrical worked fine, great piece of engineering. Only got rid of her because my wife no longer wanted to drive so I have the CRV now, just hope she is as good.
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    Grease or oil or even water on the clutch plate can cause judder, also thrust bearing worn or sticking on the pivot ???
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    Hi Tim, I had this on a 2010 Accord Tourer, it could be either the manifold split, they were made as two parts and welded together, they did recall them but under 60K. I had the same issue on my 2011 CRV this was replaced by Honda. But I also had a concertina type exhaust pipe on the rear of the engine go on the Accord , that had to be replaced, about £170 for the pipe and £300 labour as the pipe is at the rear of the engine and hard to get to 😞
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    Ebay is your friend....
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    Postponed till Friday will update then. No issue this morning but doesn't seem to do it when the engine management light is on already, which is strange.
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    Hi Trevor it is in tomorrow for fault codes check, so will keep you posted. Will have a lil Smart car for the day.

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