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    Thanks for the response. We're basically leaving it with the auto electrician most days to test at his leisure. He said he won't charge until he finds a fults which is really good of him. Issue hasn't reappeared in the last week which makes it hard to diagnose.. I'll pass on your comments and het him to check. Thank you
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    Have been an owner of a 1992 Accord 2.0i Coupe Auto since 2001 having acquired it from my late father in law who bought it from new.It's been incredibly reliable and has only done 125,000 miles which after 26 years is nothing,Great engine,box and is a dream to drive,never missing a beat.Having bought a Seat Ateca last march though I've hardly used the Honda so made the decision recently to 'sorn' it,allowed the insurance and MOT to expire and it now sits covered up in my garage awaiting a decision as to what to do with it.Every week I turn it over and let it run for 20 minutes or so on my drive to avoid any problems with seizure etc. I'm very reluctant to get rid - not sure whether this will ever become a classic though - any views?.

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