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    A local garage provided the assistance of their diagnostics machine to reset the VSA (obviously for a small fee)
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    Hi bendybead, regarding the mileage you can rarely go wrong with a Honda Diesel. I have a Honda Accord with the same 2.2l diesel and it has nearly 160k on the clock, with others on the market with up to 250k. With some research I’ve found that the turbos are reliable (again my car has the original). Finally the DPF filter will only really block up if your doing short, stop-start journeys, However, a long journey of above 40 mph for 20 minutes should clean it through. I’m not an expert as I’m new to driving so other perspectives might be useful. However, thought I could help I had similar questions when considering buying my own. Oliver. 😃
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    Thank You, I’m going to have a look at the weekend. Then I’ll let you know
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    Carry on as before with my previous car. Just clip charging leads on without removing standing connections. I got away with that for years but Honda having more complicated electrics (e.g.flashing alarm light) prompted me to check- thanks for that.
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    Sounds like an ABS sensor has gone faulty

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