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    Thank you Trevor - much appreciated! I'm going to Reading Honda garage on Wednesday so this information is excellent and does fit with some thoughts I was having. best regards Carl
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    Thank you Trevor. Will definitely give it a try. Why is it better to remove the negative terminal instead of the positive one?
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    Hi....welcome to the Forum Certainly sounds like water ingress in a body control unit. Alternative thoughts are maybe it could be some wiring in the tailgate area so when the tailgate opens and closes it breaks the wiring in the loom which connects the two. Can give loads of strange faults, easy to check and repair though Let us know how you get on with it
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    I have an Accord for sale. Left hand drive. Belgian paperwork. Always stored in garage and still in Belgium at moment. Paperwork shows built in Swindon. Colour Silver. Interior v good condition. Exterior has fairly deep scratches at lower door areas. If anyone is interested I will bring it to the UK (where I live in Worcestershire). want to give it a good home as car was driven by my now elderly mum for 15 years. Has about 80k kilometers on clock. Questions welcome. I can provide pictures early November.
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    Hello Trevor, Thank you. That was very kind of you. I've done scrap yards near by, but can try further afield. I've never heard of a vehicle trimmer, but I shall follow it up. If I eventually find the Holy Grail, I shall post the result. Hilda
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