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    I didn't like that answer so I did some more research. (Bearing in mind my Legend is 20 years old and I'm not made of money). Mannol claim that their 'MANNOL O.E.M. 8218 Multivehicle JWS' product 'Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products' including "HONDA ATF-Z1 (not for CVT) / ATF DW-1". It also suits a lot of other Japanese specs too according to the list. https://mannol.de/en/?action=accessory_chemical_preview&name=O.E.M. 8218 Multivehicle JWS Which is good enough for me, especially at £20 for 4 litres (eBay). I did use Mannol stuff before on a Volvo I had that was fussy about power steering fluid, no issues and it's reasonably priced.
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    Going to have to bite the bullet and buy one ! The car is old but runs like a dream and never let's me down. It's been converted to lpg and does 150 miles off £10 of gas.
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    That’s the plan. I have just bought one of the oil extractor pumps which should be fine for interim changes and the oil filter is the old cartridge screw in type which is easy to change. The location of it is great too as I can actually just put the front wheels on full lock and can access it without jacking the car up. That makes it easy for me to do my own oil changes every 6000 miles - at least then I know it’s been done. Car is great otherwise apart from a few annoying internal rattles which I have not managed to locate as yet.
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    Thanks Trevor I'll try that, nice to hear from you in beautiful Dorset. All the best. Neil
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    Hi thanks appreciate that I’ll check them out BW

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