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    I had the same error code come up on my 06-plate FRV. The problem was intermittent, first the engine malfunction indicator light came on for a couple of days, then it went off for a day or so. Then it came back on for about a day, then over the following two weeks it kept going on and off, but each time it came back, it stayed on for less time and the gap between when it went off and when it next came on again increased then it went off and hasn't been seen for several months. Never got to the bottom of it, nor found out where that particular sensor is (apparently there are two temperature sensors - especially due to the fact that this one is described as #2) and our mechanic wasn't sure which was which. Not sure if it's relevant but this all happened after we left our car parked near an airport when we went on holiday for a week
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    Stunning 2002 Honda Accord VTEC SE. FSH! 12 months MOT! Starting price £850 - ebay.co.uk/itm/372997447258 Reduced price for quick sale.. Delivery available, contact for more information... - 65,000 Genuine miles - 12 Months MOT - Full Service History - Brand new full exhaust including CAT - Air induction kit fitted (vtec sounds amazing) - Regularly maintained at Honda dealership - No rust whatsoever - Recently undersealed - Two brand new rear tyres - Loads of tread on the front - Brake callipers discs & pads in good condition - Brand new thermostat & tempature sensor - Fresh engine oil & coolant - Headlights now restored - Alloy wheels - Cruise control & A/C Open to sensible offers & viewing at any time. Call on 07500188637 for any more information
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    Thanks Trevor !! I have never posted anything anywhere so this is all new to me ! John
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    When you changed the fob battery,did anything fall out,there is an insignificant small black square shaped 10mm oblong thing.this is what contains the number that is recognised by the immobiliser and with out this it won't start.I only found this out by replacing a fob case,I left this black thing in the old case.
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    The only drawing I have is for a 2006 Honda crv,as there is no reason to change it ,it shows the repeater connected between the front and rear indicators,in parallel with them.If it is like other cars you will find a plug behind the wheelarch where the repeater is situated,you will need to unplug by pressing some sort of lever on the plug.Hope this helps.
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    hi Phil, I've had this problem for over a year,I've tried all sorts of lubricant,the last being a ceramic spray for bicycles from wilko £2.50 it will quiet it for quite a while but it will come back,Eric the car guy on 'you tube' said if you put the cotter pin back the other way round which will make it easier to do another time,I am going to do this when the weather is better and coat the cotter pin with lithium grease at the same time as i think the cotter pin is the cause where it pivots,i think there is slight wear,i have a small piece of bamboo to push the cotter pin out with to keep the pedal in place.hope this helps,you need to remove the panel by the pedal for access.
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    Hello folks Selling my Civic Tourer. It's been great so far, but my Mrs thinks it's too small for us. I hope this car will go where someone will appreciate her. Still has Arnold Clark Warranty transferable to the new owner until 23 May 2021 including 2 Services and 1 more MOT. Thank you for looking Executive Plus Package - Heated Leather Upholstery, SatNav, Reverse Cam, Day Lights, DAB, MP3, USB, Bluetooth, Bi-Xenon Adaptive Headlights with Washers and High Beam Support, Start-Stop Button, Keyless Entry, Auto Idle Stop, Line Assist, Hill assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, EPS, ABS, Stability System, Tyre pressure system, Collision Brake system, Folding Heated Mirrors with Blind spot Indication, Front and Rear Parking Sensors, 17 inch Alloy wheels Removable Head Towbar, Spare Wheel and Tools 2 keys Full Service History. £20 Road tax a year MOT until 22 Dec 2020 No Advisories 4 new Michelin tyres Feb 2019 Front discs and pads May 2019 £9750 ONO Location: Falkirk, Scotland

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