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    I agree. the satnav as supplied in my brand new CRV top of the range 1.6dtec in January 2018 is crap. New roads in Lancashire as not on the database. The system also does not include traffic cameras as all stand alone Garmin systems do. Like you I an sticking to the Tom Tom which is a much better system. Pull your finger out Honda and get this sorted!!! I've never had trouble with Tom Tom in bad weather. Oh, if you want a MacDonalds - they are indicated!
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    Hi Sean Take it you have the Android Connect System with Garmin navigation. Check you have everything up to date by going to the Garmin 'Where to' screen (back button bottom left from map screen) then settings. Go down to map info. Latest maps are 2018.0 and (I think, not in car atm) Garmin version 3.8. Also check software version in 'Home' then 'Android' then scroll down to version: OC.xxx is RC4, OE.xxx is RC6 and OF.xxx is RC7 (the .xxx are numbers that are car specific so don't matter for version info, just the first two letters). Depending on the version you can install Waze etc. Regards Peter

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