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  1. Trevor

    CRV EX 2011 / Dashboard light query.

    It may need resetting but generally they usually reset once the correct pressure is in the tyres. Worth double checking the pressures using another gauge
  2. Trevor

    Hi to all

    Hi Tony....welcome to the Forum I too believe that my CR-V is the best car I have ever owned, although I would say that I don't have much luck communicating with my onboard system....it doesn't understand a word I say 😞 Good to have you onboard Cheers . Trevor
  3. Trevor

    Good morning & hello

    The Civic is a great car and lasts forever with the right maintenance. Feel free to start a new thread and I would be very interested to read about the various mods you carry out. Cheers, Trevor
  4. Trevor

    Good morning & hello

    Hi James / Jim I personally drive a CR-V (3rd generation) and have to say it's probably the best car I have ever owned. What year is your Civic and what spec? Good to have you onboard Cheers . Trevor
  5. Trevor

    Hello members .

    Hi Andy.....welcome to the Forum Wow....can't remember the last time I saw a CR-X in the flesh. Feel free to post up a pic or two of the CR-X. We'll see how many other owners of this rare marque are out there and see if we can arrange a meeting somewhere Cheers, Trevor
  6. Hi James...welcome to the Forum My very first thoughts are that the car probably has Keyless Entry and therefore the keys could be getting corrupted signals which could be switching the car off and then allowing it to power up with no faults registered. I would be tempted to use the other/spare key and see if the fault occurs with it. If it doesn't then problem solved, it if does then I would address it with Honda as a 'safety issue' as you should not have this occurring when driving, which it seems has not occurred as yet but may progress further. Please keep us informed of the progress with this one. Cheers, Trevor
  7. Trevor

    Replace radio

    Hi Julian.....welcome to the Forum I have a 2007 model CRV and it has the upgraded head unit with SatNav but saying that it is not much use with respect to technology compared to what is available in the aftermarket. I have considered changing it to a double-din unit, either X-Trons or even better a Japanese unit (Sony, Panasonic, etc)....far better technology and functionality with SatNav and other features, handsfree phone calls, Bluetooth other devices, WiFi, etc. Here's a link to a company that provides aftermarket solutions: http://www.iceboxauto.com/honda Let us know how you get on with this issue and if you do replace with an aftermarket unit then let us know which one you go for. Cheer . Trevor
  8. Trevor

    New member after all these years

    Hi Malcolm....welcome to the Forum The Accord will eventually, like most other cars, become a classic and if in great condition and the fact that you are looking after it so well in its golden years, then it will surely realise some value over time. Either way, its a wonderful thing to have to tinker with and fettle to keep in good working order. Feel free to post up a photo of it on here if you like. Cheers, Trevor
  9. Trevor

    2.0 i-VTEC MPG

    That would be a shame as the only other option would be LPG which would be cheaper to run the car on but would take some time to recoup the outlay
  10. Trevor

    1500cc Vtec V Tec engine

    Hi Keith...welcome to the Club You can place an advert on here if you like https://uk.hondaownersclub.com/forums/forum/57-buy-or-sell-honda-parts-accessories/ Cheers, Trevor
  11. Trevor

    Honda accord wiper blades

    Hi and welcome to the Club You can still get wiper refills (thin and thick) pick the right thickness and fit ..... usually cost around £5 for the pair Cheers, Trevor
  12. Trevor

    2.0 i-VTEC MPG

    Hi Marv...welcome to the Forum That does seem a bit low....I would be tempted to go through a few things to improve the MPG....such as Spark Plugs, Air Filter, Engine Oil, all of which can improve the economy. After that, then I would consider taking the car on different runs to see where it improves....e.g. motorway versus Dual Carriageway, longer runs, etc. May also need a clear out by running some cleaning solution through the fuel and giving it a blast up the motorway. Depends on how the previous owner drove it and may not have given it enough of a clear out every so often.
  13. Hi Joe Bad luck about being hit before the dash cam is installed. Here is a link that should work https://www.drivn.co.uk/nextbase-dash-cam-hardwire-kit/
  14. Trevor

    Headlights not working

    Hi Craig....welcome to the Forum That is a very odd one, and probably best looked at by an auto-electrician if you have already checked everything through yourself. I cannot personally think of anything else to check if you have already gone through it all. Let us know what you find as would love to know what the problem was Cheers Trevor
  15. Trevor


    You don't need to remove the turbo as you run it through with it in situ. There are several different kits available so worth looking to see which one suits you best. Let us know how you get on with it