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  1. Trevor

    help with satnav please

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop...look forward to hearing the outcome
  2. Trevor

    help with satnav please

    Yep, seems about right...Honda are way behind with their SatNavs and on-board electronics (e.g. Voice Control, SatNav, etc) compared to other vehicle manufacturers. Shame, because the cars are awesome but they could do with enhancing their infotainment systems to come into the 21st century. Good luck with it all
  3. Trevor

    help with satnav please

    Hi Boris...welcome to the Club I think you'll find that the version you have is the latest one...I could only find a 2016 version to update mine as the latest one. It will mostly still work okay as I am currently running a 2007 version and it is fine in the UK as not much has occurred in the way of new motorways and A roads, however in Europe it is way outdated and would suggest using a SatNav (TomTom, etc) to navigate your route. Cheers, Trevor
  4. Trevor

    Independent honda specialists

    Hi Patrick...welcome to the Forums Sorry, can't help on this one as not au-fait with London area. Hope someone comes up with a recommendation for you
  5. Trevor

    Disabling Alarm on CRV 2016

    Hi SimonUK...welcome to the Forum Do you have a screenshot photo of the page in the manual so that we can decipher the process of disarming the alarm (I assume you mean the ultra-sonics monitoring the interior) Cheers, Trevor
  6. Trevor


    Hi Jerseyman .... welcome to the Forum Good to have you onboard!
  7. Trevor


    Hi Dino....welcome to the Forum Good to have another fellow CR-V owner onboard
  8. Trevor

    Warranty claims

    I have to say that the technology used in Honda SatNavs and other onboard systems is way outdated compared to some other manufacturers....an area in which they could do with investing in.
  9. Trevor

    Hi All

    Hi willyh and welcome to the Club The CR-V is a superb car but I have to say, so is the Jag as well....definitely a lifestyle choice though. I love my CR-V for the pure reliability and available space inside and the comfort and..... Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  10. Trevor

    Heater Motor Rheostat

    Not sure if this is the same model version but generally the rheostat is located near to the motor (if not on top of it)
  11. Trevor


    Hi...welcome to the Forum It could be the file structure for the music stored on the flash drive. Maybe worth playing with the titles and format of the content to see if that makes any difference Let us know how you get on Cheers Trevor
  12. Trevor

    New Member

    Hi Tezza...welcome to the Forum The CRV is a great car and I can understand why you've had a couple of them. Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  13. Trevor


    It sounds like it is broken and unable to refit if it has been ripped off....maybe Araldite or a similar adhesive would work
  14. Trevor

    New 4x4 Terrible

    GDMurray how are you finding the CR-V in everyday driving (e.g. non-snowing conditions)?
  15. Trevor

    New 4x4 Terrible

    Hi Gee I own a 2007 (3rd Generation) 2.2 diesel CR-V with manual gearbox. The Yokos are summer tyres with not a huge amount of tread left on them. In general, i think even if you put your foot down and it starts to slip and lose traction then the Traction Control System should kick in to cut the revs and give you back the traction. If you still have some snow it may be worth trying it again to see what happens....also check your tyre pressures are correct for the conditions. Cheers, Trevor