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  1. Trevor

    Abs fault

    The problem may be stemming from poor battery terminal connections so I would check there first. Otherwise, the fault may be more complex, see link: http://www.vehix411.com/6611-2/
  2. Hi....welcome to the Forum Wow! that's a lot of miles on the clock but as I say, it obviously got there by being a reliable car £795 is cheap enough, go for it 🙂
  3. Great result so far Andy! Don't forget also to get the Shell Drivers Card as it gives you money back when you accrue enough points....win, win!
  4. Great result Bob! It's worth publicising the supplier as I'm sure there are lots of people out there who desire a full size spare wheel in their car.
  5. Look forward to hearing the diagnosis. Get him also to pay particular attention to any earth cables and battery connections which could be causing the issue
  6. Shell also do loyalty points which equates to money off in the future 🙂
  7. It's difficult to regain confidence in a vehicle I find once it has played up, but after a while when it has gone wrong I tend to forget it and just continue driving with no problems....assuming it doesn't occur anymore in the future.
  8. Sounds like the headlamps can't breath with the condensation inside. Maybe leave the covers off from the back (where you would replace the bulbs) to allow some air to circulate
  9. It definitely sounds like the battery is failing. Check the terminals are tight on the battery and that there is no corrosion on them. Failing that, check the alternator output (which sounds like its okay if the revs affect the dash illumination) and replace the battery if in doubt.
  10. It sounds like it could be a sensor at fault if the DPF and regens are okay then it is the only thing that I would be leaning towards. Maybe that or a software update, worth contacting your Honda dealership to enquire if this is the case
  11. With the amount of rain we have had lately I am not at all surprised that its getting in everywhere. The easiest and most accurate method to determine where water is getting in is to use a Smoke Generator which will leak the smoke out wherever the water is getting in, far easier to see it as well
  12. Hi Matt.....welcome to the Forum Both great cars with superb engines, never miss a beat! Good to have you onboard
  13. Hi Richard....welcome to the Forum I would definitely get this checked out by an auto-electrician or reputable garage as it sounds like power distribution, could even be loose battery terminals causing it Let us know what you find
  14. I find that the branded fuel is not that much more expensive than the supermarkets nowadays so I tend to use the better fuels (esso, bp, shell, texaco) they also have loyalty points which equate to money off in the long term so much lost by not using the supermarkets. Generally tend to also notice the difference in performance but not really an increase in economy though
  15. Its certainly worth trying to ascertain whether it is substandard fuel that could be causing the issue. Also, don't forget the Italian tune-up....always works to clear out the engine 🙂
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