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  1. Hard to value it but it wouldn't do any hard to list it on eBay and set a high starting price to see if there are any bids or offers to gauge what anyone is likely to pay for it
  2. I use a iCarSoft scan tool and is cheap but does everything you need it to
  3. Hi....welcome to the Club We had that model as a family car and it was superb Feel free to dive in and answer any posts if you like
  4. Sounds like the ABS is invoking when moving slow. Check the reluctor rings (toothed wheel) on the end of the driveshafts for build up of debris or grease. Also, check the tyre sizes are the same and inflation is correct Beyond that I would check the sensors for resistance with a multimeter and look for any damage to them and the cables leading to the sensors
  5. I think I would be tempted to put it on eBay and have a high reserve so at least you can see what it bids to then remove it from sale if not high enough bids received. This way it would gauge the value that people would be interested in paying for it
  6. They should do I imagine, best people to ask would be your local Motor Factors as they can look at cross-referencing of parts and see if compatible
  7. Now that report tells a tale, the Lambda reading shows 1.09 which is outside of the operational parameters due mainly to excess oxygen levels and the sensor informing to the injectors to run rich. Look for an oxygen leak in the exhaust system starting from the manifold where it bolts to the head and work your way down the system (make sure you check the catalytic converter joints and bolts to ensure gas tight and place a rag over the rear to listen for hissing. A four gas or five gas test would show the oxygen levels high and this is more than likely the issue
  8. I still maintain that I would not replace any components until the Oxygen / CO2 levels have been checked. Typically the Oxygen level should be as close to zero (0) as possible and the CO2 should be around 16% (from memory). A pre-test MOT emissions check should reveal the result. If the oxygen level is much higher than zero then you are drawing air through a poor weld, split or crack in the exhaust system or a poor joint/gasket and the result is what you are describing
  9. Usually it is on the outside of the lens and is easily (depends on your commitment and stamina) to polish it up using T-Cut or even with a dedicated cleaning kit that is widely available https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2499334.m570.l1313&_nkw=headlamp+cleaning+kit&_sacat=131090
  10. I used a tuning box on my diesel CR-V and it was absolutely superb increase in performance and economy but the clutch started to slip so removed it (self adjusting clutch which doesn't like increased torque lower down)
  11. You can still find replacement parts and not that expensive through eBay Give it a try first before condemning the car to the scrapyard but there should be quite a bit of interest in an early Civic if you want to advertise it for sale
  12. Wow! an original Prelude VTEC 4WS, haven't seen one of those in a very long time. Great car in the day and the 4WS really worked incredibly well. I have used ABS sensors from the same car but another side (means you have to coil up the lead if longer but works fine)
  13. I would confirm with a local Motor Factor as they can reference the part numbers for the struts
  14. Hi.....welcome to the Club Had a look at the advert on eBay for the Jordan Civic and have to say would have loved one of those back in the day, opted for a Rover BRM in the end and was chuffed to bits with it. Good to have you onboard!
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