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  1. I would check further inside the bulkhead as it can collect due to blocked drain tubes, which can usually be cleared out by running a metal coat hanger through it and then see if anything runs out from under the car
  2. I have experienced seized calipers on my CR-V and replaced it with a recon one. problem solved
  3. Not sure, but worth a try if you have the parts to hand. Let us know if you do attempt it and how if works out
  4. You may be able to get some keys recut and just replace the blade inside the fob. Having loads of keys and keyrings hanging from the ignition key is a good way to introduce wear into the mechanism due to undue weight hanging off the key
  5. I don't think you'll find anything newer for Honda from 2018, they are always slower to update than other manufacturers
  6. Hi....welcome to the Forum I would start by determining whether it is a fuel or electrical issue. Has the Crankshaft Sensor been checked? If the starter is turning over slowly then it may well be the battery. But also be sure to check all earth connections and leads. If it is fuel then start with the filter and work forward from there. Fault codes would help to narrow down the possibilities. Let us know how you get on with it
  7. Hi....welcome to the Forums water in the boot could be coming through the light units which is common on many vehicles. The heater however may be the diverter flaps which could be stuck in one position and would require further invesigation. Otherwise, the Civic is generally a very reliable model much the same as most Honda cars
  8. Hi Den It may be worthwhile looking on eBay to see if there are any clips that match the ones you have. I have managed to source some obscure clips for cars in the past this way.
  9. Hi Taz...welcome to the Forum Nice selection of Honda cars and bikes over the years. Welcome also to a fellow biker....Super Blackbird is an absolute machine, totally envious! I reckon the FR-V should do you well for many years to come as they were built well then. I suppose if you have the bikes to give you the adrenaline you need then the Civic choice is the right car to also provide enough entertainment for those daily commutes when things return back to normal 🙂 Good to have you onboard
  10. Yes it seems so....Honda have always been so far behind with updates but this is probably the latest that will work with the FRV hardware
  11. Try this company https://www.satnavishop.co.uk/honda-22-c.asp
  12. Hi John.....welcome to the Forum I would personally go to somewhere like Halfords and they can test the battery for you. If it fails a heavy discharge test then you can replace it at a far more reasonable cost while you're there (they can change it for you at a small cost) and should be able to retain the stored memories.
  13. Honda is to recall around 78,000 CR-V models in the UK after a possible fire risk was established. A gap between the car’s window switch prompted fear that liquid could cause a short circuit. Honda warns that it would even “catch fire” in extreme circumstances. In a statement, a Honda spokesperson said: “In 2012 Butyl tape was applied to the power window master switch (PWMS) as part of a market safety recall to prevent liquid exposure to the inside of the PWMS. “However a gap could exist between the applied Butyl tape and PWMS case, liquid could then accumulate in th
  14. That sounds a great result....can I ask how much it costs?
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