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  1. Trevor

    Warranty claims

    I have to say that the technology used in Honda SatNavs and other onboard systems is way outdated compared to some other manufacturers....an area in which they could do with investing in.
  2. Trevor

    Hi All

    Hi willyh and welcome to the Club The CR-V is a superb car but I have to say, so is the Jag as well....definitely a lifestyle choice though. I love my CR-V for the pure reliability and available space inside and the comfort and..... Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  3. Trevor

    Heater Motor Rheostat

    Not sure if this is the same model version but generally the rheostat is located near to the motor (if not on top of it)
  4. Trevor


    Hi...welcome to the Forum It could be the file structure for the music stored on the flash drive. Maybe worth playing with the titles and format of the content to see if that makes any difference Let us know how you get on Cheers Trevor
  5. Trevor

    New Member

    Hi Tezza...welcome to the Forum The CRV is a great car and I can understand why you've had a couple of them. Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  6. Trevor


    It sounds like it is broken and unable to refit if it has been ripped off....maybe Araldite or a similar adhesive would work
  7. Trevor

    New 4x4 Terrible

    GDMurray how are you finding the CR-V in everyday driving (e.g. non-snowing conditions)?
  8. Trevor

    New 4x4 Terrible

    Hi Gee I own a 2007 (3rd Generation) 2.2 diesel CR-V with manual gearbox. The Yokos are summer tyres with not a huge amount of tread left on them. In general, i think even if you put your foot down and it starts to slip and lose traction then the Traction Control System should kick in to cut the revs and give you back the traction. If you still have some snow it may be worth trying it again to see what happens....also check your tyre pressures are correct for the conditions. Cheers, Trevor
  9. Trevor

    Another Honda brother.

    Hi...welcome to the Forum What aux box did you fit and what does it allow you to do? Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  10. Trevor

    New 4x4 Terrible

    Hi Gee....welcome to the forum I took my CR-V out in the snow and deliberately went up slopes on unmade roads to try out the 4wd...which I have to say I was very impressed with. Having never experienced it in action before, I was amazed at how it just dug in and went up the hill (with low throttle only) with no effort at all....different to coming down the hill though. The only time I knew it was active was when I felt a small bump from the rear as it engages the final drive. I am only running quite worn Yokohamas and they did the job okay....what tyres are you running? Cheers, Trevor
  11. Trevor

    Key Battery.

    Hi Billy...welcome to the Forum You could try somewhere like Timpsons who will replace the battery for you while you wait for very little cost. It should work straight away with the car as opposed to losing the code....not known it to happen on Honda, unlike VW or similar. Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
  12. Trevor

    Warranty claims

    Hi...welcome to the Forum It is unusual for any Honda to have this many issues in such a relatively short space of time. It could quite possibly be down to fuel pressure as generally when you accelerate hard it will pull the fuel rail pressure down. I could only really suggest running some reputable (quality) fuel treatment additive through the fuel system to clear any carbon, etc within the engine and restore power. Keep us updated with progress on how it is all going and whether the fault returns. Cheers, Trevor
  13. Nearly 50% of all cars that fail an MOT do so because of small faults that could be avoided by simple, at-home car maintenance. These problems are easy to correct, and fixing them before taking the car in for its MOT could help you pass first time and avoid garage costs. To help, Ring, the automotive specialist in bulbs, wipers, battery care and tyre care, has some advice on the simple things that can be done to avoid an MOT fail. Lights and signalling – 17.8% failure rate 4.5m cars fail because of lamps, reflectors and electrics every year. Doing a quick bulb check before you take the vehicle to the garage could avoid an MOT fail. Make sure you check all the exterior bulbs – this includes the side light, indicator, tail light and number plate lights. The registration plate lamp being out accounts for 4.5% of MOT fails. When it comes to headlamps, there are plenty of options out there, including upgrades to help bulbs last longer or put more light on road for safer driving. We recommend you always replace bulbs in pairs, to ensure the light output is equal from both headlights. Ring stocks a range of bulbs, including long life versions, and for headlamps, try the new Xenon150 bulbs (nationwide – SSP £39.99), which put up to 150% more light on road without compromising on life. Tyre condition – 7.5% failure rate Well maintained tyres are essential to ensure safe driving – and neglecting them could mean a failed MOT. The legal requirement for tyre tread on passenger vehicles up to eight seats is 1.6mm, but studies show that when the tread drops below 3mm, stopping distance begins to be significantly affected. Checking tyre tread is easy and requires a simple depth gauge. However, to ensure your tyres are both safe and helping cut down fuel consumption, drivers need to check the pressure as well. For a digital gauge that gives accurate readings on a large backlit screen, records the correct pressure and has an integrated LED light, Ring suggests the RTG7 Programmable Digital Tyre Pressure & Tread Depth Gauge. This is easy to store in the car and easy to use, wherever you are. Available nationwide, SSP £24.99. While there is no legal requirement for tyre pressure, under- or over-inflated tyres will reduce the traction between the tyre and the road, making driving less safe and less fuel efficient. For easy pressure top ups, try the Ring RAC635 Digital Tyre Inflator, with preset for accurate inflation. This industry-recognised inflator can inflate a 13” tyre from flat to 35PSI in under 3 minutes – making tops up quick and simple. Driver’s view of the road – 6.8% failure rate Cracks in the windscreen and worn wipers are a big reason for vehicles to fail. As wiper deteriorate gradually, drivers often don’t realise they are no longer clearing the windscreen effectively. Choosing and fitting the right blade can seem tricky, but Ring’s new range of Ultravision Wiper Blades (SSP £9.99 to £13.99) make blade selection easy. The unique, patent-pending clip fits 95% of the car parc, meaning that drivers just need to know the blade length for their vehicle to select the correct blade. The clip adapts to fit the seven most common wiper arms. Henry Bisson, Marketing Manager at Ring, says “Motorists could be making savings by carrying out basic checks and maintenance at home, but often they don’t realise that these minor faults could cause an MOT fail. What’s more, having well-maintained tyre, blade and lighting are driving safety essentials, so making sure they are regularly checked and replaced when necessary is critical.” For more details on Ring’s range of bulbs, wiper blades and tyre care, visit www.ringautomotive.com