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  1. Space saver wheels ?

    Hi Merlin....welcome to the Forum Sorry I'm not sure of the exact answer but have had similar issues in the past and have gone to a parts department at a dealership and asked to try one on in the car park to see if it fits okay. Let us know how you get on with finding the correct wheel Cheers, Trevor
  2. Reversing camera

    There are plenty of aftermarket audio head units out there that support reverse cameras (Halfords have some in store I beleive) also, there are bluetooth versions on eBay as well
  3. First Time Civic Owner

    Hi...welcome to the Forum I haven't seen a Z600 in years...surely there can't be many left on the road? Good to have you onboard and feel free to post up a piccy of the Civic if you like. Cheers, Trevor
  4. various

    Maybe worth taking it to a transmission specialist to diagnose before flying into gearbox replacement as it may be something else within the driveline that's a cheap easy fix....worth a try
  5. various

    VTEC is the camshaft variable control on the petrol engines and should be clearly stamped on the engine covers, etc This may shine some light on it
  6. various

    The HR-V should be the same as the CR-V for the 4WD function. It uses fluid pressure to measure any slip on the drive and applies it accordingly. The Diff fluid in the rear final drive should be changed periodically to ensure it doesn't degrade (a knocking when on full lock is the usual sign). Automatic transmissions can whine but if it is permanently doing it through all gears then I would be concerned as it may be a bearing on the way out. Worth having it checked over I would think
  7. Result!!!! Glad you managed to source some in the end....worth keeping the old ones for spares in case you damage them in the future. Thanks for keeping us updated. You've just got to fit them now
  8. screen washers

    That's great news Jim Wonder how it blocked in the first place, whether it was calcium in the water or poor quality screenwash depositing residue in the jets?
  9. screen washers

    Can you inject a blast of air into the washer jet with something like the compressed air tin that you can use on a computer ?
  10. Buying an 09 auto Jazz

    Not sure about the width as to whether that includes mirrors. The autoboxes are reliable as far as I know but ensure that regular fluid changes have occurred over the mileage and years. I have always found the auto Jazz to be surprisingly nippy and picks up well on the gears. Had problems with the central locking not working and throwing up a fault with the immobiliser. Had to replace the ECU, keys, fusebox and ignition barrel (second hand parts) and therefore didn't need coding.
  11. screen washers

    Sounds like the jet is blocked and may need unblocking with some fuse wire for it to work.
  12. Whistle when changing gears

    Sounds like the release bearing which is usually worn by resting a foot on the clutch pedal when driving...takes up the working clearance and after a while you get a whistling noise when changing gear. Hope it gets sorted at a reasonable price.
  13. Newbie

    Hi Darren...welcome to the Forum A fellow CR-V must obviously be a very good chap indeed! Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor