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  1. I have had this problem in the past and had to adapt my speech (talking slower) to see if that made any difference....it did and also then accepted some choice words which also worked 🙂
  2. How many sensors did they have listed for it and can they be interchanged (if the same part number) so you can try the other sensors if faulty
  3. I think there is a post in the forums that covered this some time ago. Try a search (top right corner of screen) and see what's there
  4. Sounds like the belt is shredding as either the alternator or the air con compressor are seized. You will need to remove the belt and see which pulley is not rotating.
  5. May be the only option as done it in the past as long as you have a replacement one to hand
  6. Hi Jeff....welcome to the Club I would probably go from the part number and see which others share the same compressor. Find the number and put it in an eBay search and hopefully should list other models with this pump fitted
  7. Hi Mark.....welcome to the Club Chances are it may be the belt slipping or broken. Also, when I have stored up cars over the years then the alternator can seize which is evident by the belt slipping and burning smell. Worth seeing it the belt is in good condition then running the engine to see if the alternator pulley is rotating then go from there with electrical checks on the alternator connections
  8. It may be leaking from the rear screen and dripping into the boot area. The hose sometimes becomes detached from the washer jet so worth checking that first
  9. Hi....welcome to the Forum A lot of modern automatic transmissions are sealed and can only be drained and then refilled at most. If it is not faulty or leaking then it should be fine and not worth worrying about until it is due for routine maintenance
  10. Try these guys https://www.iceboxauto.com/honda#/specFilters=2m!#-!193
  11. Hi....welcome to the Club That's a tough one as the only way you would really know how much is in the tank is to run it out completely and then refill it to gauge the quantity. I would imagine it does have in the region of 13 to 15 litres but the range is only really an estimate based on driving styles and conditions.
  12. Hi Ian......welcome to the Club It sounds like the air con system is not working and its just running off the standard heater system. There is an issue with the air con relay which can be sourced from eBay at little cost (Denso relay). You then have to reset the air con system .... plenty of info on YouTube how to do this and if it has triggered the engine management warning lamp then this will need to be reset Let us know how you get on with it
  13. Hi Kelly....welcome to the Forums You should be able to source a company in your local area that can repair or make a new one at very little cost. These companies usually make hydraulic pipes and hoses for diggers and trucks but can replicate your one if you take it in with you. Let us know how you get on with it
  14. It's usually in the door pillar area or if not then should be on a card that was supplied with the car originally
  15. Hi....welcome to the Forums Haven't had any experience towing with an Automatic CR-V but I would say it is a case of going at a slower pace and not relying on the engine for braking so much (which would load the transmission)....then it should be okay without any mods.
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