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  1. Hi....welcome to the Forum I have found that several times before when one family member gets a certain brand of car then the others tend to follow and with Honda reliability its easy to see why this methodology works. Good to have you onboard
  2. Hi....welcome to the Forum I have in the past moved the door seal around just slightly (shuffled along by about an inch or so) and this can give the seal a slightly different profile and may give better sealing.
  3. I don't personally own a smoke generator although I would like one (bit expensive) so would source a local garage that has one
  4. Hi....welcome to the Forum If you can find an old school panel beater they will be able to repair that damage. Trouble is nowadays they are not (in the main) capable of repairing damaged panels or it is not economical for them to repair (as in they don't make quick money out of it). Replacement panels are the only route for most people nowadays but if you can find someone who can heat and beat the dents then respray afterwards the that is what I would do.
  5. Wow! thats a hefty price! I'm sure a good independent garage can sort a replacement at a lot cheaper price
  6. Hi....welcome to the Forum Haven't heard of it being an issue. If the engine is very low miles then until it is completely bedded in the you may get some washdown in the bores and in which case you could use a slightly heavier weight oil until then.
  7. Hi Usman.....welcome to the Forum That's a fine looking machine, surprised the styling didn't carry across onto other UK models. Good to have you onboard
  8. Thanks for the update Paul....at least they're getting there with being able to update through the phone now.
  9. Hard to say from the audio recording, if it is wind noise then you could use a smoke generator to see if there is somewhere the noise is coming in from.
  10. Thanks for sharing this useful information. I think there more you can do to deter a thief the better and by putting as many hurdles in the way the more it will deter them.
  11. Hi.....welcome to the Forum At first glance the serial number looks to be updated so I wouldn't see that as being an issue. The sensor, as long as it is the correct type (e.g. 4 wires, etc) then it will work okay. I would be tempted to look at any wiring, earths and connectors to ensure that there is no corrosion present which could cause a high resistance and therefore low voltage.
  12. I think you'll find that the PGMFI system relay will run the pump and other subsystems but it will still rely on a crank sensor signal to trigger the injectors. If no signal then the system will not know the engine is turning and also the frequency of pulses relating to engine rpm. Worth looking at any connections and wiring to the Crankshaft (and Camshaft) sensor just in case they have been swapped over accidentally or not connecting properly
  13. It may be a situation of having to code it into the vehicle. This is common on many modern vehicles as the unit will need to communicate via CanBus and this means it needs coding with the correct equipment. A Honda dealership or Independent Honda specialist repairer should be able to resolve this issue.
  14. That doesn't sound good....it has a timing chain and these can start to rattle and lead to engine failure if allowed to progress. https://www.car.info/en-se/honda/civic/9th-generation-16-i-dtec-6615256/specs I would have the car checked at a dealership and see if there is any warranty recall on it
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