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  1. There are lots of internet search posts stating the noise levels as being high. Shame you can't fit some other wheels/tyres to make a comparison I have replaced some Chinese tyres (absolutely lethal tyres) considering it may have been a wheel bearing and the difference in road noise is tremendous.
  2. Quite possibly it is a worn DMF then
  3. Hi Paul Usually I would say it could be tyres but you have already covered that one. What tyres did you fit by the way?
  4. Hi Dave....welcome to the Forum I suppose it is down to personal choice with engine and transmissions but I would highly recommend road testing any variations to make you own decision. Unfortunately, some car reviews are personal opinions rather than true fact so it is worth looking at it independently. Most Honda's nowadays are completely trouble-free but always worth getting a good warranty with the purchase just in case
  5. Hi Phil....welcome to the Forum I would personally work my way through a list of 'to do's' once I had a Basic Service carried out. This way at least you can programme the work to be carried out by an independent garage but still have the Honda service history in place
  6. Hi....welcome to the Forum The 3rd Generation CR-V ran from 2007 to 2011 and was facelifted halfway through production From 2011 this was then referred to as the 4th Generation, which was also facelifted later on.
  7. Hi...welcome to the Forum You have used quite a good diagnostic process so far and it looks like everything is normal except for the SatNav face playing up. If it were me, I would pull the fuse for the SatNav / Audio and see if the power drain still occurs. If not, then chances are it is a fault unit and needs replacing.
  8. Thanks for the feedback, fitted some aftermarket bulbs to a CR-V a couple of weeks ago and got them from eBay for around £12 each and they worked fine.
  9. Hi....welcome to the Forum I believe there may be additional audio settings in the system, found this before on earlier generation CR-V and it was a different setting for SatNav than it was for Audio....just got to play with the settings or refer to the extensive manual
  10. Hi.....welcome to the Forum I have heard this too and not surprised as Honda have always been way behind on any multi-media system updates. I think with the current situation then you may have to wait a little longer until a newer version comes out
  11. Unless as you say they are using the USB as an AUX source rather than the traditional small round plug of old
  12. Hi...welcome to the Forum It's all to do with the EURO emissions and how much CO2 they produce, so even though they are more fuel efficient they do actually pollute more. For the small difference over the year I would just go with the one with the best economy and claim back the increased cost that way
  13. Great result and excellent diagnostic skills to find the fault. Any chance of posting up a photo of the affected area of the fusebox in case anyone else encounters the same issue. Thanks
  14. Hi....welcome to the Forum I have replaced a headlamp bulb once before and it was definitely a skin -remover but not impossible to replace in situ. Let us know how you get on or if you find an alternative method of attack
  15. Hi.....welcome to the Forum Great looking car, and has a great stance on those wheels. Not sure whether you may need to source the correct wipers through Honda on this one. If you try to negotiate a trade price then the cost won't be too astronomical Good to have you onboard
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