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  1. Hi Andrew.....welcome to the Club £85 for the software update is worth the money as it would have put everything to where it should now be. However, the fluid change I imagine should be somewhere between the two quoted prices but nearer the higher price if the filter is also changed Let us know how you get on with it
  2. The BR-V is not sold in the UK so not too sure of what performance mods are available for this model. However, a Tuning Box which interfaces with the injectors is something to consider as it may be available for the engine range used in other Honda models and works extremely well at adding a lower-end torque increase.
  3. It could mean a worn clutch as it is trying to adjust to the cover plate and that could be the reason why as it is out of range?
  4. It could be water ingress that's seized them in place? Could also explain them all failing at the same time (if that is the case)
  5. If this is your spec vehicle then it is 5w30 https://www.castrol.com/en_gb/united-kingdom/home/car-engine-oil-and-fluids/motor-oil-and-fluids-finder.html?customerType=retail&category=cars&make=honda-eu&model=jazz-ii-ge-gg-2008-2015&engineType=jazz-1-2-i-vtec-2008-2011&ref=64e1ceb4e5374f787597255e066481e1&component=engine
  6. Hi Tom.....welcome to the Forum Good to have you onboard
  7. The feed may come through from the cold weather equipment
  8. That is odd, has to be a common connection, such as power feed or earth....worth starting at the switch(s) and working back from there until you find power feed Also, is there a link between the heated rear screen or heated mirrors, do these work as they should?
  9. Hi ....welcome to the Club I guess if you could drill another hole to accommodate the bolt thats in a different position or the other option would be to remove it and secure with two bolts which may be sufficient to securely retain it to the car. Let us know how you get on with it
  10. The engine should be relevant to the newer generation but dashboard would be different though
  11. 10w40 semi synthetic would be fine to use.
  12. Its a tough one as old Honda's are really becoming sought after but not sure its worth spending huge amounts of money on it. Maybe worth removing the subframe and getting it welded as an option (if welded correctly) as opposed to a replacement, if available
  13. There is a manual for the earlier version (Gen 2) but it shares the same mechanicals as the Gen 3
  14. I would try either the Coolant Temperature Sensor or the Crankshaft Sensor as either could be causing this issue,
  15. You should be able to just straight swap an aftermarket horn and it should work okay (assuming resistance is similar)
  16. Thinking about it Honda did use to hide the ECU within the passenger footwell (if you pull the carpet back under the dash and see if there is a plate there that covers the ECU. Also, around that time they may still have been using flash codes which were blinking LEDs on the ECU which you then deciphered the meaning of the long and the slow flashes
  17. That's the compromise....you really need the best of both worlds...just got to get it past the Mrs 🙂
  18. Hi....welcome to the Club Good to have you onboard!
  19. Nice looking engine! certainly looks like it packs a punch
  20. Hi.....welcome to the Club Not sure, but does it relate to the instrument panel illumination dimmer control and when the lights are on/off?
  21. Not sure where to obtain a manual. The language I don't think is available in English as it was only sold to the Japanese market
  22. Hi.....welcome to the Club It is more than likely corrosion on the discs if it has been sat around for a while so just needs to be driven and eventually it will rub off the rust surface and return to normal
  23. Hi....welcome to the Club My first recommendation would be to scan the ECU and see what fault codes are stored in memory. This would lead you to see whether it is fuel related, or electronic sensors, etc.
  24. Hi Isabel.....welcome to the Club It may well be a common fuse or something that has recently been added to the electrical system (dash cam, satnav, etc)
  25. To reset the honda crv audio system, turn on the ignition, turn the sound on, then hold the power button down until it resets.
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