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  1. I want to fit a reversing camera on my 2006 accord executive and use it through the sat nav screen as anyone done it , please .
  2. Can someone help me Trevor , my car as shoved a rod through the block , and some of the companies advertising reconditioned engines look a bit suspect , will a civic or the 4x4 engine fit my car , its a 2006 cdti , I don't want to scrap it I love the car , I wasn't a mechanic I was the auto electrical engineer for the west Yorkshire police , but please any help I need to get an engine I can get a low mileage civic , on a 2011 plate engine but would it fit .
  3. Hi , I am the proud owner of a 2006 Honda Accord CDTI EX , I can honestly say after 3 weeks it is the finest car I have ever owned , I started in the 70s as a learner with a MK2 Cortina , then I passed my test in 1982 and bought another , since then I have Audi 80 , Cavaliers , Rover 75 and 600 , Nissan Primeras and before the Honda the worst car I have ever bought a Peugeot 607 , that was a money pit , but this car is like driving a Rolls Royce compared with nearly all my other cars , I forgot to mention I was in the motor trade for 30 years as a auto electrician till wear and tear on my neck nearly put me in a wheelchair , I still need a stick , but anyway I may be able to make a contribution to this site , I believe when you join the owners club you become part of a family , just to say what qualifications I have C&G Part 1 Mechanics , C&G Auto Electrical , C&G Alarms and micro processors , C&G Fuel Injection also various manufacturers courses , plus various health and safety courses with my employer West Yorkshire Police, I am still a member of the IMI (institute of the motor industry ) as a AMIMI , but to cut to the chase with being out of the industry for so long 16 years , there is many apprentices that know more about the modern car than me , I am a relic from days gone by when dynamos were the in thing , don't get me wrong I am not a bighead , but its nice to remember what I achieved . Now to get to the nitty gritty , what do I look for on my vehicle , I have seen something about a manufacturing fault causing problems with the VSA which like Electronic Stability Programme , could someone please elaborate , and is there anything else to look for or avoid , many thanks for reading this and if you reply thanks again .
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