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  1. Hi Trevor - it’s a mystery at the moment. Honda dealer tells me to wait till it happens again and get Honda’s AA assistance and have car towed (not jump started) to the dealer so that they can see what it is like when the battery is completely flat. Not an ideal situation as I don’t know when or where the battery will run out again. Hoping someone else has had a similar experience. Thanks
  2. Hi all - just wanted to find out if anyone else has experienced their battery draining on the Honda CR-V (2018 model)? Ours is only 7 months old and the battery has died completely twice within 10 days. I drive the car every day (maybe a half hour in the am and a half hour in the pm). Breakdown services and the Honda dealer can’t seem to explain why the battery is draining. We never had this issue with our previous model. I’d really appreciate hearing back from anyone who has had a similar issue and how you fixed it. Thanks in advance.