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  1. Big Toe

    CRV EX 2011 / Dashboard light query.

    Hi just to let you know it had to be reset by using the computer between dash dials by using buttons on the steering wheel.
  2. Big Toe

    CRV EX 2011 / Dashboard light query.

    Thanks Trevor. will double check.
  3. Big Toe

    Hi to all

    Thanks Trevor one of the topics i would like to speak about is the onboard computer ─║ol! its having trouble understanding me too!
  4. Hi guys. I'm hopeful that someone may be able to offer some advice regarding dashboard warning lights. I've only had the car a couple of weeks and am loving it! Last week the tyre warning light came on so I took to the manual to see what the problem is? From what I read it informs of a tyre losing some pressure. So I checked all tyres and put the correct amount into each one, but the warning light is still on, and remains on some days later. I was wondering what if anyone had experienced this and could point me in the right direction? Hope to hear from someone soon. best regards
  5. Big Toe

    Hi to all

    Hello everyone My name is Tony, and i live in Dagenham which is on the east London Essex border. I've just purchased my first ever Honda a CRV EX 2011. Have to say at this point I think it is the best car I've ever owned. Still getting used to talking to the computer at the mo, and getting my head around all of the gadgets that are available. I already have my first question to ask, so will navigate to the correct forum and ask away!! Best wishes to all. Tony