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  1. Our Mk3 Jazz is about to run out of warranty. I've never ever taken out an extended warranty and, considering its good reliability record, feel confident that the Jazz will survive another 3 years without too much expense. To date we've averaged 9000 miles/year. Vertu Honda have just offered the following warranties: 1 year £299, 2 years £499 and 3 years £699. Full payment or option of 10 monthly payments. Monthly cost over the respective periods works out at £24.92, £20.79 & £19.42 per month (3 years). The back of the booklet I received shows original prices as £399, £707 and £940 which have been amended in biro. There may be less exclusions on the extended Honda warranty than a cost-comparable 3rd party warranty - I haven't checked this out. Internet research seems to indicate that the average cost of repairs might be less than the average warranty cost. This will vary according to what you drive I suppose? The Jazz is a safer bet than most cars and I'm inclined to take the risk that I'll get another 3 years of trouble-free motoring...