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  1. Dannyk

    Strange Vibration

    so after spending nearly £700 on the car i still have a vibration. I had the front N/S drive shaft replaced thinking it was that but the vibration/wobble is still there. i also had the front bush changed on the wishbone both D bushes and while the mechanic was under the car he found a broken rear spring so due to towing he replaced both and had to do the shocks at the same time as he had to cut the old ones off due to the bottom bolts being seized in. oh and i also had to replace front discs and pads so its now like a new car. i am now going to go back to the place i had the tyres fitted and get them re balanced to see if that helps. the only other thing to try i think is the rear diff oil as doing some research this can give the symptoms that i am having has anyone else had this?
  2. Dannyk

    Strange Vibration

    Hi there I have got my dad to have go in it and we think it’s the drive shaft on the passenger side as it was doing the same just after the warranty ran out when he bought it from new so we believe it to be that shouldn’t be flywheel as that is only just a year old and I only towed for the first time this weekend just gone will let you know the final outcome
  3. Dannyk

    Strange Vibration

    Hi All i am hoping someone can help me. i have an 06 MK11 CRV 2.2 CDTI it has recently developed a knocking noise on the front which i am unable to find the source of nothing cam up on the MOT and i asked them to look hard this isn't the most worrying thing though. When accelerating especially in second i get a strange vibration/wobble coming up through the car. It seems to be when the car is in the power band as the turbo comes on for example. Does the CRV suffer from drive shaft issues or prop bushes? The vibration was defiantly more noticeable when towing. i had the clutch and fly wheel replaced just over a year ago at Honda so i am hoping that it wouldn't be the dual mass as this was a genuine part. Any help is appreciated. Also any common causes for suspension Knock on the front end would be much appreciated Regards Dan
  4. Dannyk


    Hi All i am new here i have used forums in the past and know that they are a great source of information. i have a MK2 CRV 2.2 CDTI bought from my dad who owned it from new and has been a brilliant work horse Dan