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  1. Thanks Trevor, will have a look at that. Honda belt tensioners eh... I remember those on the old Honda CB twin motorbikes 🙂 Anyone who has a take on whether I should restore it before sale, dell as-is, or indeed keep it ? Also advice on the best place to sell it... Cheers Peter
  2. Hello ! I am new to this site. I have just inherited a 'P' reg Prelude 2.2 VTEC. It's a beautiful car and is a good runner with a recent MOT. However it needs a paint job (the lacquer has peeled) and the headlamps have been bodged so that needs sorting out. Only mechanical issue is that there is a loud squeal on starting that fades after 30 secs or so - I'm told it's the water pump bearing that settles down once the water gets round? Otherwise it's in good nick. I really don't know whether to sell it to an enthusiast as-is (if so where do I advertise it), do it up and sell it then, or just keep it. Anybody able to help will get free beer when we are in the same pub. Peter.
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