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  1. Jono

    Honda FRV

    Will do pal.
  2. Jono

    Honda FRV

    Going to have to bite the bullet and buy one ! The car is old but runs like a dream and never let's me down. It's been converted to lpg and does 150 miles off £10 of gas.
  3. Jono

    Honda FRV

    Cheers pal. Since the post I have spoken to a Honda Specialist who says that the abs sensors are FRV specific ones and no body stocks them. Phoned up Honda £160.16p for the sensor. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask !
  4. Jono

    Honda FRV

    Hi there. I own a Honda Frv 54 plate. My nearside rear abs sensor is faulty and I can't for the love of god find anybody that sells a replacement ! Are there any other Honda vehicles that share the same abs sensor ? Please help as I'm beginning to lose my mind.
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