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  1. Car: 1999MY Legend 3.5 auto UK spec. If anyone's interested in changing their stereo in their Legend... I did a bit of detective work and found the wires which operate the (resistive based) steering wheel audio controls. Dunno why but I'm fanatic about buttons working - I hate it when stuff doesn't work! So I've embarked on this mission to adapt the steering wheel controls to a Pioneer aftermarket head unit (it has DAB). Anyway I'm going to be using a CARAV R-100 device which is programmable to any car (that uses resistive controls). It says it's for a Pione
  2. I didn't like that answer so I did some more research. (Bearing in mind my Legend is 20 years old and I'm not made of money). Mannol claim that their 'MANNOL O.E.M. 8218 Multivehicle JWS' product 'Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products' including "HONDA ATF-Z1 (not for CVT) / ATF DW-1". It also suits a lot of other Japanese specs too according to the list. https://mannol.de/en/?action=accessory_chemical_preview&name=O.E.M. 8218 Multivehicle JWS Which is good enough for me, especially at £20 for 4 litres (eBay). I did us
  3. OK I'll changing the ATF and PAS fluid in my (20 year old) Legend soon. Workshop manual states 'Honda ATF Z1' which I think is now out of date. Was thinking I'd use a synthetic alternative to Honda fluid simply because it's cheaper. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  4. Thanks Trevor I'll give it a go. Pretty sure there isn't one on the other side. Given that the car has HID/Xenon lights, I'm thinking this is to adjust headlamps as you say - particularly with load in the boot. Interesting that it's not mentioned in my workshop manual though - maybe USA cars didn't get that feature?
  5. Greetings all, new Legend owner from Warwickshire. Well, the car isn't new, but it's new to me. 2000 model. Anyway I've been poking about and I found a ride height sensor on the OSR shock absorber (see pic). There is a position sensor pot behind the bracket which you can't see in this pic, plus an electrical connector. Does anyone know what this is for? I can't find it in the [Acura RL] workshop manual I have.
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