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  1. Brought to my local guy and he cleared 1 fault and light stayed out for a day and then back on again so not sure if it was just an fluke as the light is interment ? Doing some more research and the engine bay battery is an L2 60Amp when local autoa parts dealer says it should be a L3 70 Amp Could this be my problem ? Talked to 2 Honda dealers and they are none the wiser ...just give us £95.00 and we will plug it in and see .... A new "Gell" type L3 battery is £100 Decisions ?????
  2. Hi all, I recently bought a 2016 HRV Dsl. The attached dash light pic comes on every now and again and can stay on for hrs too. I have replaced the battery in the 1 key fob I have with a quality new battery. I have charged the engine bay battery to 100% All that has been done lately to this vehicle is a standard oil change & basic service after time of purchase. Light came on a few weeks later. Another problem is every now and again the main screen for Sat Nav etc has to be restarted due to low battery message ? So...whats up folks ? Is it a main engine bay battery neede
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