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  1. Okay that's great anyway they just don't want you to fix your own cars these days lol. Not that I'm a great DIYer lol but was hoping to give some things a go and perhaps will. I know you tube can be good for specific jobs as well anyway. Thanks very much for the info Trevor that's great.
  2. Hi I hope this topic hasn't been posted recently as I couldn't see a search for recent topic. I'm looking for a good manual for repairs preferably a cd manual with good screen shots and step by step guides for jobs to de done on my Honda for when the time comes. The Honda model I have is a diesel 2014 I DTEC Honda Civic 1.6L. I've just bought it from an approved dealer but may want to do some jobs whatever I feel brave enough to do later. All information on the best repair guides appreciated. I couldn't see anything on the Honda website unfortunately. Thanks.
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