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  1. It's a bold idea - I don't know if I dare do it as the car has a some kind of warrantee on it - 3yrs I think. I do have a friend who had his Passat Estate remapped to 155BHP but he drives a lot in his work and some long distances to Scotland from the Midlands too - I've been with him -it's an awesome drive. I imagine it would make a big difference - I'll have to weigh that one up. I've just asked Honda for a price on the towbar (including fitting & electrics) and it's astronomical - £789 fixed, £860 detachable! I want to ask here about the options - surely that price is completely unreasonable.
  2. We only bought the car a few months ago and weren't thinking about buying a caravan at the time but after a week away in a VW T6 campervan we decided to look into a small caravan. We went to the Campervan and Caravan exhibition at the NEC this week and decided the Swift Basecamp Plus is exactly what we want. I searched for info on the Tourer pulling a caravan and found very little bar one not -so -positive review. Is there anyone here with a Tourer who has any experience towering a caravan? I don't want to change the car - we think it's a beatiful car for long journeys (we drove to the Netherlands and back recently) even though I'm not completely won over with 6 gears when driving over the Pennines from Stoke to Sheffield - too many gear changes required!
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