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  1. Thanks for the welcome and the reply! I'm hoping that it is something simple like that; I'll be checking the earth lead as soon as it stops raining ☔.... I'm also off to look at a 2012 iDtec auto on Saturday. Anyone got any experience of the auto box?
  2. Greetings all from Northern Ireland - hope you can help. My CRV is, at the moment, broken down, and has been for most of the last month. It's a 2007 2.2 Cdti with 160000 miles and just suddenly stopped working, with all the dash lights flashing. I've had a diagnostic technician out, but he couldn't get the car to communicate with his equipment, though it did start and run for 3 days after he had been. It's very frustrating, to say the least. I think that it's something electrical - the cam chain is fine, no noise when running, and it has a new clutch and flywheel, which is why I'm loathe to give up on it. Anyone come across this before? Thanks in advance!
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