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  1. So this leaves me with a unused full size 15inch steel wheel with a brand new tyre purchased for our previous Honda Jazz. Never been used only when I rotate the wheels to give even wear, never been on the road. Anybody interested in purchasing for £50-00. If so we can meet up on the A1 near Lincoln. Let me know via the forum. Bpb
  2. Hi Folks Problem solved. Full size wheel with tyre, scissor jack, wrench, clamping bolt for wheel in the boot all for £115-00. Looked online and found the Wheel Shop in Manchester. They supply spare wheels for all vehicles who's manufacturers don't supply spares. The wheel, jack and wrench all fit in the well in the boot. The wheel is bolted down so no MOT problem and the floor of the boot sits at the same level position as original.
  3. Hi Guys our trusty Honda Jazz I VTEC ES CVT 2011 has just been written off by some clown driving into the back of it. IK had purchased a spare 15 inch wheel for it as a spare, haven't got anytime for the fancy gunk and pump. We have now purchased a 2019 Jazz I-VTEC EX Navi CVT that doesn't even haver a jack with it let alone a spare wheel. I have made enquiries at my local supplier and he tells me they can't get me a spare wheel, albeit they did get me one for my 2011 jazz. I've asked the guys in the dealership and they tell me you can't put a full size spare in the boot of the new jazz as it would lift the floor level of the boot and would not be legal when taking the MOT. I've tried my 15 inch spare in the boot well and it is okay. Do you have any answers for me? If I get a 16 inch wheel and tyre will it fit or could I use the 15 inch wheel that I already have just to get me home if ever I needed to. Would appreciate any thoughts or expertise you might haver on the subject as Honda only want to see me sitting beside the road waiting for the AA after the bottle of gunk hasn't worked. Cheers Bob
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