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  1. Hi Trevor I suspected a battery as my partners job is community car so it's stop start all the time. So left for a few hours and all seems OK now weird???? But its going to the mechanic later for further testing will keep post updated. Thanks for the reply
  2. Can anyone help. My 2007 2.2 diesel type s decided to play up when I needed to get to work. I started to clear the frost my windscreen came back to it 15 minutes later and noticed alll the dash lights are on and the dash flickering and getting brighter as I rev it. The steering wheel was locked in place and the power steering warning light on. It had been fine the day before and the battery is less than 18 months old. I have gone back to the car just a second ago all the dash is on and still flickering radio works but now it won't start. My mechanic is in bed with man flu is there anything I can try in the mean time? Many thanks
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