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  1. Hi Trevor, thanks for that, I had actually found the 'hidden' aux jack in the armrest, it wasnt particularly obvious in the handbook (massive handbook!) but I did eventually find the page. Did the bloke thing, handbook? what do we need that for 😀 Anyway loving the car, its a one owner well looked after ES. Iain
  2. Hi everyone. Just acquired an 08 CRV ES which has the all in one Audio and sat nav screen. Unfortunately for present day usage its pretty pants as there is no Bluetooth and while the car does have some bluetooth again its not up to current standards. There is also no Aux jack point but it does have a handy PCMCIA slot (whoever used that?). Anyway I have been looking at some plug in thro the 12v socket type of unit that you tune to the radio and Ive no doubt that they would work but in reality I would like to fit whloe new head/unit that would bring the car up to modern day standards. Has anyone out there done this type of thing and is it worthwhile? the units seem to cost from £180 to £280. regards iain
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