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  1. Hi, any advice on how to solve this would be much appreciated, as I imagine it will cost me a few quid to sort it. Brief synopsis: The car is an 11 reg plate and as one who drives around loads with the job I was getting sick of road layouts being different in reality to what the sat nav still thought. I purchased a newer disc (eBay, sorry!) and it worked fine for quite some time. It then began to produce an error and told me to contact the manufacturer. As that wasn't expensive I don't mind binning it (I thought!) and took it out and replaced it with the original, which had caused no issues other than being a decade out of date. However, on entering this disc, all I get is the above message for a few seconds and then my display goes blank/black. Has anybody else had this and perhaps found out a fix for it that they are prepared to share please? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have a 2011 CR-V. Lately it has been juddering (felt mainly through the steering wheel and also down by the pedals) when either on a full lock turn, whether forward or reversing, or an almost-full lock turn both in forward and reverse. I am very concerned at the safety aspect of this, as well as clearly annoyed that it could happen. Any help with what this might be; how serious; and what might need doing would be appreciated... Thanks.
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