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    2009 accord idtec 2.2
  1. hey guys having issues with my 2.2 dtec accord. i bought car from a garage in southampton and had it delivered to me in gloucestershire, car seemed ok but a bit down on power anyway a week after i got it on a friday dpf light come up and went into limp mode. took car to honda dealer and had force regen went much better after that. 2 weeks later on a friday wtf dpf light comes on again, getting a bit pissed off with car already now lol. my mechanic got his mate who is a proffesional dpf cleaner to come and clean dpf, great sorted he said dpf is totally clean nice one. a few weeks later ffs dpf
  2. Hi guys I've got an 07 accord tourer cdti, I'm finding its gone very flat on power and power don't kick in till 2500 rpm. I can hear turbo whistle especially when car cold. Any ideas?
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