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  1. So I am pretty sure my alternator is going out, my battery light has come on and I have charged my current battery and spare battery fully and made the battery clamps tight, I read the battery’s with a multimeter on 20 D.C. and both battery’s at around 12.6 I also checked the positives on the alternator itself while grounding to the battery as well as the alternator housing and it is also getting around 12.6 so it doesn’t seem to be an issue with the battery cables reaching the alt. When I turn the engine on the battery and alternator read around 14.5 but very quickly after 30 seconds running and a few revs it will drop down to as low as 12.4, if I turn electronics on it will get even lower. The alternator is burning hot to the touch after running for a short time, hotter than any other part on the engine. Am I missing anything any other tests I should do before buying a whole new one and what brand would people recommend? Don’t want to spend 100-200 pound of it may be something else. Also the car is at around 125000 miles and as far as I am aware the Alternator is original stock so it may be time for a new one. I will replace the unit myself so any tips appreciated. I am also in the UK. Many Thanks
  2. So I just got the car and it’s great but I noticed the aux button is useless as their is no actual aux port... I would rather have Bluetooth anyway and have found a few adapters online that plug into the back of the stock radio but I’m not sure what to go for, does anyone have a recommendation? Thanks
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