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  1. Many thanks for the picture - this has worked. I was nearly there but now know how the clips were to be it wasn't working due to the spring clip tension being too wide so not closed and holding in place. Many thanks for the help on this much appreciated.
  2. Hi Trevor Thanks for responding. I'm really struggling with this now and having spent a few hours in this I am no where nearer figuring this one out. Being an engineer this is very frustrating. Since me last post I have found another of the spring clips. If anyone is able to remove their drawer flaps and take a photo on the inside this would be really appreciated as may give me an idea how this goes together. I think I have all the parts. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi I have a 2008 1.8 EX FR-V. The little pull down flap drawer thing has come loose and fallen off along with a spring clip which somehow needs to be fixed to the drawer or housing. I've tried various ways this could go together but struggling to refit with the spring. The drawer door clips into please but drops down all of the time which I presume the spring clip keeps the drawer door in place when closed. Does anyone know how this goes together please? I would be very grateful to get some idea perhaps someone could post a picture of theirs so I can get an idea please? Many t
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