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  1. Not so sure about diesel now as the ULEZ is being extended next year to the north and south circular roads and the diesels are chargeable but the petrol are not, well at the moment that is! Has anybody got any feedback about the idrive automatic/manual gearbox? My wife would prefer an automatic but I don't want trouble down the line.
  2. Hi. I'm looking to buy a mark 8 Civic and in the photo ads I can see a button on the dash saying CD/Aux. I would like to play music on Spotify through my phone and a 3.5mm cable directly through the head unit, is there an aux in connector on these vehicles that takes a 3.5mm cable and if so where is it located? Thanks. David.
  3. Hi. I'm totally new to Hondas but I was impressed by what I read about the Mark 8 Civic on Parkers Guide when looking for a car for mainly commuting to work and back and the odd trip to the coast. I'm looking to purchase one in the next few weeks and wondered whether there is anything I should look out for when going to see one, inherent faults, best engine, best spec etc? My commute is 13 miles round trip each day, is diesel best or petrol? I'd love an automatic but Parker's said that it was not very good, is that true? Anything that could help me find the right Civic would be very much ap
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