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  1. Ok that scantool will be difficult but i yry as hard too bleed the brakingsystem. Thanxxx so far
  2. Ok i replaced brakefluid beginning this year but would not harm to do again. How u move fluid around don t nlknow how. Sorry this because my poor english. Thank u very much for reaction and that there is someone with same expiernce and who solved it. Thanxxcc
  3. Ok thanks that s answer i can do something but one thing opencircuit defective but why obd screams abspump motorrelay open circuit. And the stupid thing is it s not continously some drive no problem then sometime while driveng this morning turning on ignition key. And only i can get fault out while driving ans turn ignition key off for 15sec then while rolling start and then gone. Some tomes 3 times restart. Firts i going to check the wheel sensors. Thank u again for answer
  4. Ok and how can i check them and are they just on the front wheels or on all 4 wheels
  5. Hello who can help me i drive accord dtec 2008 since short time my abs/vsa/tsa light comes on. First thought where battery this was bad so replaced. But now still come back. After 2 till 5 times restart while rolling the car it s gone but after fews days comes back. I doubt if its really the abs relay. Who knows or have expierence with this. Greets edwin
  6. I have the same problem vsa tsa abs light on try to delete no succes. Now i want to check relay but wich and where is the abs relay placed .
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