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  1. Ah many thanks! I saw that 3/8 insert and was wondering what it was. In that case I think I have got a good idea. I shall take up your advice and grab the Transmax gearbox fluid! Thanks again for all the advice/help you have provided. Hopefully I'll make this car last to 200k miles 🙂
  2. Thanks a lot buddy, in that case I won't need to go find another similar engine. Happy that an expert can confirm! I did a complete service - oil+filter, air filter, Denso spark plugs, drive belt, cabin filter, brake fluid flush, clutch fluid flush, new clutch kit repaired the undertray and put new chimney u nuts and bolts, new calipers/rotors/pads on the rears (similar fate as my MK7 accord's seized rear caliper pistons), and an alignment (the camber on the LH rear is off by 1 degree so will see if it does anything much to tyre wear and decide whether to buy a camber kit, so far tracking is good). To be fair the car only had one previous owner who did all the servicing himself but never logged them. A little side question: My only outstanding item on my list is the gearbox fluid which I have yet to figure out where the drain bolt and the fill bolt is.. do you happen to know if there's an image that can point those two out? (And I'd like to think it just needs the bog standard Honda MTF?) Agreed, I will probably need a whole weekend to just take my time doing the valve check. I've done it for two of my previous motorcycles so I'm hoping it's not going to be too much more onerous!
  3. Thanks for replying that's great to hear!, engine is idling fine and all throughout the rev range (just went on a good blast)... if I get the chance to view a similar engine car and listen to the noise in comparison I think that would put me at ease. Mine's already done 100k miles but has no service history so don't know if the valves have been adjusted at all. I'll probably do it as a DIY project this summer.
  4. Can anyone identify the noise? It almost sounds like injectors but the tapping/ticking noise seems to be too loud? Is this normal? Only thing I can think of is maybe I'm due a valve adjustment?
  5. I will probably go and do that. The local Honda dealership just phoned up asking if I wanted to try both, how did they know? Really keen as they have a 0% apr offer, so will end up with a Civic this time next week if all goes well.
  6. I've been reading around, and I'm getting a general sense that for some reason the 1.5 is just as economical, if not, more economical at motorway speeds compared to the 1 litre version? However there are oil diultion issues with the 1.5 litre engines isn't there (or does this not affect 2018+ models)? Or is that just a problem with very cold countries? It looks like Honda has stopped the 1.5 litre production for now as I went to their website and the 1.5 litre engine option is now greyed out across all the civic range? Also keen to get one in black so it looks clean (I think it hides the fake vents and stuff).
  7. Have had hondas for years! Own both a car and motorcycle. And my first love was a Honda was a 1976 CB 750.
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