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  1. They only went out when I moved the terminal on the bulb so it was contacting both contacts and yes all bulbs are correct they worked for a second then went of what I need to know is there any fuses for trailer bulbs? Thanks
  2. Hi I have been fitting a trailer to my civic 1.0 I decided to get the tow bar fitted , then I had to wire up the trailer once I fitted the trailer to the car and pushed in the electric plug and tried the lights , first of all I got them all working apart from the back near side so I took the light cover of while the car was running with lights on then I noticed the terminal was not touching the bulb so I move it over to touch it as I did the trailer lights went out apart from the indicators they still work but no tail lights all the car lights still workI have not tried the the brake lights on the trailer, now to me I would think it must be a fuse but where would it be any one got any ideas or any one got any other ideas what it could be it has me baffled Thanks phil54
  3. Hi every body I am a new owner of a Honda civic 1.0 x thanks for letting me join I have owned this car for about a month and love it love driving it and love owning it.
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