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  1. Yes its probably once or twice a month in the summer and it stays in the garage most of the winter so I guess I should just get out there with the top down and use it more often.
  2. Hi Trevor, Thanks for your response.. I have tried the quality fuel/ redex but wonder whether its actually due to the lack of use (750 miles per year) or that it requires a modified EMS to suit the UK fuel standards.
  3. Getting my car through the MOT is always is a bit of a trial. It takes ages to get the car engine/exhaust warm enough to pass the emissions test . I always use super 97 fuel with Redex and whilst the car really drives well it still takes a while to get it hot. The car is an import (2005) so is there any engine management change I can make or is it a case of a decoke or something else ? Thanks John C
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