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  1. They've said that if I need to find a particular part, they will help to provide part numbers if I email them. I've searched online and haven't been able to find anything similar to what we use for our old cars to identify the part numbers. So guess I'll have to just go with it and cross that bridge if/when I get to it.
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply. I have contacted Lings and apparently they are unable to supply parts diagrams for newer than 2010 due to data protection. I was just surprised that these diagrams don't exist as we can find pretty detailed ones for our 3 current Civics which are about 20 years old!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new here and am considering buying a 2012/2013 1.4/1.6 Civic. We currently have 3 old Civics and have always been able to find original part numbers through Lings Honda online, however, on looking at Lings website, they don't appear to list parts for any Civics newer than 2010. Does anyone know of anywhere online which has detailed parts diagrams with the original Honda part numbers at all? We do a lot of repairs/servicing ourselves and it's useful to have the original part numbers to cross-reference when looking for new aftermarket parts / original parts from breakers etc. Hope what I'm asking makes sense! Many thanks in advance for any help. 🙂
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