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  1. Thanks for responding @VanDerSnow. I did consider it might be the hazard switch but I would’ve expected it to fail altogether. Pill take another look at it and wiggle the cable around to see if it makes a difference. Don’t have a multimeter or spare switch. always worth investing in a multimeter but I’d be clueless with it.
  2. Thanks, presumably then the most up to date maps I can get will be from 2012?
  3. Hi folks. I’ve got a 2006 Honda FRV with built on sat nav. Unfortunately didn’t come with the Sat Nav DVD. seem to be a lot of 2015 > version discs available on eBay. will these be compatible? if not, which is the latest one I can buy? unfortunately I can’t get any info from sat nav screen as without the disc there’s no menu structure
  4. Odd one this and I'm not sure how it passed it's recent MOT. All my indicators work fine with the indicator stalk, however, all the left side ones (front, rear and wing mirror) don't work when hazard switch is pressed. Any ideas?
  5. would be great if somebody was selling these as an off-the-shelf hack.
  6. Can't remember the name but there's a chap that has done useful video on Youtube on various things for his FRV including stereo upgrade and the steering wheel control. Would be interested to know exactly what unit you've included and your feedback on it.
  7. same here. The manual doesn't state how time can be changed on the clock.
  8. Recently got a fault code reader and I suspect it suggests there's an air leak in one of the intake/charge pressure pipes. It's a generic reader so provides generic code. Was wondering if this site has any resources/Wikis for things like Fault Codes, Fuse boxes, wiring diagrams etc? FYI Fault codes I have (if anybody can decipher): P2017 P1042 P1401 U0122
  9. common problem. I know you've got it sorted but it will happen again. I've just had to get in habit of resetting the handle every time i open it.
  10. Thanks for responding Trevor. After faffing around inside the boot and looking at the mechanism when I took the plastic trim off, I’ve found a sticking plaster solution. The issue appears the be the boot lid handle doesn’t return back to its position, it’s stays in its “pulled” position. So for now, I just remember to push the handle back in. If I get time I’ll try and remove to see if it just needs a bit of WD40. The Glovebox I found the metal cable inside which I just tug on and can open. I just need a lock handle to attach to it. the electric window switch seems
  11. Thanks but appears I would need a diagnostic tool for the key. hoping to find somebody reasonably priced in the MANCHESTER area to do that. itks the fob I’d like to do myself. What I’ve seen from YouTube so far (all American based videos) is that you use the working key to switch car on 4 times and press lock button on fob each each time. hope it works. is the immobiliser integrated into the key blade or is it a removable chip inside the housing?
  12. Hi, does anybody body know if there’s a way to reprogramme a 2nd remote fob to a 2005 FRV? i already have one working key & fob. Have ordered a 2nd hand fob as a spare. i know with some other brands there’s a sequence of events where you can programme another fob (providing ECU will accept Nth fob) by using an existing key whilst in ignition. Don’t need to tap into ECU/OBD
  13. Hi all, just bought a 2005 FRV CDTI. Got a few niggly bits I need to sort out... the boot wouldn’t shut closed, i.e. that reassuring click-clunk you get. When I eventually got it to shut and lock, it now won’t open. I’m assuming it could be the latch. I should’ve given it a spray of WD40 when it was open. Is there anyway to open the boot from inside? What could be the problem? cant believe we didn’t notice this when looking at car but the glovebox handle is missing, so we can’t open that. It’s just a whole there. The driver’s electric window switch is faulty. It
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