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  1. It sounds like its "bouncing" A spring would have snapped inside the lock mechanism and doesn't offer any more resistance inside the lock. A new lock would solve the problem in most cases. Sounds like the drivers lock because that's the master that tells the other locks to open.
  2. Welcome. I have the 1.8 Ivtec FRV. Its a great car.
  3. Will do. You won't be able to shut me up.... 🤣😇🖖👍
  4. Thanks Trevor. I'm an auto electrician with 20 years experience. Hopefully, I might be able to assist somebody on here at some point.
  5. Try looking at your crank sensor. They usually don't start when warm but this is also a symptom.
  6. I know the answer. A can bus radio does not have an ignition. It works via your can bus system. In your original wiring loom, you won't have one for your new radio. You need to find a new ignition supply near the fuse box and put a 7.5 amp fuse in line with the new supply. This will then go to the ACCESSORY WIRE, usually yellow at the back of your radio.
  7. The loom on your vehicle would also be used for other vehicles with different equipment different to yours. If there aren't any warning lights on and everything is working fine, there's no need to worry about it......
  8. Either a broken wire or faulty locking motor usually. You'll find the broken wire inside a rubber tube in the door jam.
  9. If anybody needs a radio code for radios after 2001, please leave your serial number in your reply and I will give it to you on here.
  10. Ross M Do you know your serial number???
  11. Agreed. As an auto electrician, it is usually the battery or alternator at fault. Over/under voltage.
  12. New member. Here to help with radio codes for fellow members.
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