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  1. I'll have to see if I can track down a competent indy garage see if they're up to the task, I can imagine taking it to Honda and their eye watering prices.
  2. Hi Trevor, thanks for the reply. It still does shake/vibrate even on flat road with anything over half acceleration starting around the 45/50mph mark, just a bit more noticeable when going up some type of incline, when I'm not accelerating the shaking/vibration disappears, and returns as soon as i touch the throttle. I've heard no clunking when turning the engine off.
  3. Hi everyone, new to the forum. I have an 09 2.4i Accord Manual which I've owned nearing 3 years now, and have loved the car, really fun, great engine. For a good few months now its developed a horrible shaking/vibration when accelerating past 45-50mph, more noticeable going up any type of hill, its really horrible when I look at the passenger seat to see it shaking. In the last few months, it's had 4 wheel alignment done, recently noticed the driver side wheel was missing its weights so thought that might have been the culprit, turned out I needed new front
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