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  1. Hi I have just put a genuine spoiler on my car and yes I believe it is a bit of a faf to change the light. I have attached a link to the fitting instructions of the spoiler. If you look at how you fit it it shows how to fit the light so maybe you could use this in reverse. my advice is to buy a genuine light, I tried a cheap one on eBay and it was rubbish. https://www.coxmotorparts.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/08F02T1G6-.pdf
  2. I am just about to fit a next base dash cam to mine. I’m planning on hardwiring it, It’s a mk4 do you know which fuse would be non permanent live?
  3. Loving it Trevor. I had been having some issues with the rear parking sensors but the dealer I purchased the car from have paid for new ones from Honda. So really pleased with that( the entire quote was £480 for the diagnosis, 2 new sensors and fitting.) I really want to get a spoiler for her now. So saving up for the genuine one from coxes motor parts next month 🙂 lovely car though and drives lovely.
  4. I am about to fit a dash cam to my mk4 2.2 dtec. Ive brought the hardwire kit for it. does anyone have a photo of the fuse diagram for the drivers footwell? I need to know which fuse to piggyback from. thanks guys
  5. Hi I have been looking around for the recommended intervals to change the differential fluid on the 2.2 dtec 2014 car. My car has only done 55k now and struggling to find any info on it?
  6. Thanks guys this is my baby brought before Christmas and loving it so far 2.2 SR with 52k on it 🙂
  7. Hi everyone i have just reserved my 2013 CR-V 2.2 dtec to collect next weekend. It has 55,000miles on the clock. FSH I just wanted to ask a few questions to be prepared for when I collect it. - if there anything I should be checking for with that sort of mileage that should have been done or any issues? - is there any work that will be due to be done at that mileage? I believe these are chain driven?(correct me if I’m wrong). But anything else? - finally the dealer is offering 3 months warranty as standard but with the option to increase to 12 months RAC warranty. Is this
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