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  1. Are the links these ones: https://www.coxmotorparts.co.uk/ https://lingshondaparts.com/cars/car-parts.html ? Thanks
  2. How do you get the part reference to search in amayama?
  3. Dow anyone knows how to turn the SRS light off from Honda Accord from 1999 6th gen ? I see in some videos that this is done via the cables under the driver steering wheel but couldn't find it: Img1 Img2 img3
  4. Hello all, Which online stores you recommend to buy auto parts? I usually use autodoc but there are some particular pieces that they don't sell like PCV valve. Does anyone know where I can buy a PCV valve and genuine honda oils ? Note: My car is at Portugal at the moment so products should be available to ship to Portugal Thank you
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