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  1. They said Honda said. Cost me a lot in labour just for them to look it. They quoted me the price of what I paid for the car for a new one (around £1200). I said no. I only bought the car recently. I've given it to the people I bought it from. They're gonna have a look. It's been a nightmare. Changing starter motor, battery, paying for recovery 3 times and it could all be for nothing. 😔 What makes you say it might not be the flywheel? It's done over 100.000 miles.
  2. Hi. Thanks for the reply. I got it to the second garage. It wasn't the starter motor that was at fault. Everything you mentioned was checked. They said the fault is with the flywheel. They went and spoke to Honda directly. Only had the car for under a year and it's probably gonna be a write off. 😞
  3. Hi. I'm having an issue with my car not that's not starting. Had a problem for a few months now. I would turn the key and it wouldn't immediately start. I could hear the crank sound. I'd have to hold the key forward and it would start after several seconds. Then it completely died. I've had 3 people look at it. The first person from a local garage bought a battery incase it was the battery but he said it wasn't. Lights were coming on etc. The second person from a different garage I recovered it to changed the starter motor thinking that was the i
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