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  1. Found the ECU its on the passenger side under the dashboard, behind the glovebox. Has anyone taken one of these out before? I've got the unit free its just got the wiring harness plugged into one end, a bit like a big scart socket with a push pull sliding clip top and bottom. Looks as though it just pulls out, but ive tried and i just can't get it too move. Don't want to force it and brake it but i can't find any info anywhere on how it comes apart. Soooo fustrating!! If anyone can help, it would be very much appreciated. Timbo
  2. Thanks for that, i have seen that mentioned before, and that would ring true with my inital warm/hot start issue and especially the fact that the car ran perfectly when cold, this could have carried on until the joints completely went and then it just will not connect/start, which is where we are. So Good Shout! I have had a good look for the main relay and can't find it. It dosen't appear to be in the same place on the diesel as it is on the petrol models!! (this one is the 2.2 diesel). Some of the other honda club feeds suggest that it is all inclosed in with the ECU itself
  3. Update/help! Since I last posted, my car will now not start at all hot or cold. Decided to bite the bullet and see if I can take the ECU out, hoping this might show up a potential wiring/relay problem and then if not, have the ECU checked and if needed changed for a refurbished unit which is an awful lot cheaper than a new one! Looking at other club feeds etc as there is very little info regarding the diesel models, I understand the ECU is on the passenger side wall behind the glovebox. Spent all day looking at this today, removed the glovebox and the blower itself but you
  4. Hi Trevor, thanks for your help, much appreciated. As I have not had the car that long, I've looked back through the service details and it looks as though the fuel filter might not have been changed for quite a while. The previous owner didn't do a lot of mileage and it looks as though in recent times the car had more in the way of a "intrim" service" which most probably didn't include this. I will be following this up and will keep you posted on what happened. Timbo
  5. Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on here, hoping someone can help. I have a 2008 CRV 2.2 diesel, starts first time when cold and runs perfectly even down the motorway. Problem is, once you turn it off it will not start again for 2 or so hours when its cooled down, it just turns over and displays engine light and VSA & TSA. Once cold back to normal again!! Main dealer has said the ECU is not holding its memory and needs a new ECU at £1700. Had a second garage take a look and they have said ECU memory is all there it's just not communicating when war
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