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  1. Any joy with this? I have the same system and am due to get my battery replaced this week. I have the serial which is actually a word but no code is included. Can you help me out? Thanks.
  2. I did. Trevor was right. One of the calipers had split and was rubbing on the disc.
  3. Hello there. The Auto Idle with a line through it and battery light has started to show on the dashboard in orange. When I turn off the Auto Idle the lights go away but I was wondering if this means I need a new battery? i went for a 20 mile motorway journey with everything off thinking it might boost the battery but no change. My CR-V is 7 years old so would the battery be due a change? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, for the last few weeks every time I break there is a squeeling/crunching noise when I brake. The brakes were done 7 months ago. I noticed today that I've been driving for the last few weeks with the a/c on so I turned it off and now the brakes are making very little noise. Is there any way that the a/c was causing it? Thank you.
  5. Thank you so much Trevor. I just must never have noticed this before. It just looked to me like it had dropped. It's nice to know that I don't have to take it to a garage as they could tell me anything as they have done before! Thanks again.
  6. Hi Trevor an thank you for the welcome. I just went out a took 2 more pictures now that it's brightened up a bit. If this is the air conditioning hose then does that mean I don't need it looked at? Thanks again. I really appreciate the advice, Sarah.
  7. Good morning everyone. I was hoping someone could tell me what this part is that seems to be hanging down from the underside of my car. I just wanted to check first before I went to the garage so that I know what they should be fixing or not. Sorry but i've had a couple of bad experiences with garages so I would really appreciate any advice. There was a tiny pool of water that came out of this bit that's hanging down so I'm baffled. It's in the middle directly underneath the two front seats. Thanks in advance., Sarah.
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