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  1. Never thought of that. That’s the last thing I need after forking out to fix the actuator. Not sure if it’s worth Paying for a new clutch but will have a think. thanks for the feedback mate
  2. Finally got the actuator repaired but after fitting it back in its now coming up with these codes. The chap who fixed it says the clutch also needs replacing, my mechanic doesn’t believe it’s the clutch. Anybody else have this issue?
  3. I've been looking on those sites for a few weeks now with no luck so far. Was hoping for a second hand one to at least get me by for a few months as I currently haven't got the money to buy another car.
  4. Good afternoon all, I’ve recently been told my clutch actuator is “beyond repair” as the circuit is too damaged. Would anyone on here have a second-hand one or know where to purchase it? its for a 2006 Civic EX 1.8
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