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  1. Any ideas on how to reboot Trevor? I've looked in the most obvious places (manual, interweb etc) but can't find this detail. cheers Edward
  2. Thanks Trevor The compressor had to come over from Japan. It was during the first lockdown so not too inconvenient. But costly. I think I paid something like £1,400 all in. Ouch. Yes moving away from London means the Oct 2021 ULEZ deadline I get to miss. But still will look to change the car anyway in the next few months. This place here already has a charging point so every incentive to change. E
  3. Looking for any hints or tips please. A few days ago the radio on my CRV EX 2009 stopped working. But strangely everything else (CD, Aux, voice control, satnav sound) all works just fine. The unit is able to auto scan and record all local stations (so I assume not an aerial issue) RDS works fine. I can select a station but zero sound. Switch to CD or Aux and sound is just fine. Steering wheel controls work fine (but not on radio). Carefully went through the handbook and gone through all the menus, everything seems fine. Powered off the car (disconnecte
  4. Hi there Just popped in as I have a technical question. But before I post that (will need to find the right section). Had a look around and am impressed with the friendly helpful nature of members here. No surprise really as you are all Honda owners so know how to make correct decisions. 😄 Anyway I have a CR-V EX I-CTDI 2009 for about 6 or 7 years now. Love it. Other than having to fill it up every now and again not many problems. No I lie the aircon compressor went down - cost a bomb to fix. Otherwise just niggles here and there. Live in West Sussex -
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