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  1. Honda Integra Type R of Course DC2 :rolleyes:
  2. Smith

    Google Car

    I was behind one of these the other day, i wonder how many shots it takes and will i be in all of them all the way down the road? LOL
  3. nice video.. i did notice another dash in the video as well as the Lotus.. i take it that was the mitsi evo? I like Castle Coombe.. done a few meets there as well.
  4. hmmm gotta be cheryl cole LOL
  5. Smith

    Sat Nav Woes!

    I have a Garmin thats out of date and yes it has taken me off route but my fault for not updating it :) wanna TomTom next
  6. bloody ludicrous idea!
  7. Smith

    Car Servicing

    i always get my Teg serviced at my main dealer.
  8. I always park at the other side of the car park and yes i agree.. i hate it when i come back and see some beat up banger next to my pride and joy
  9. I want on one last year.. it sucked. but i learnt a few things though. I am more cautious
  10. i hate it when i see people who are not disabled park in these disabled spots. Also i do question how some people are registered as disabled as some look like they could walk quite well
  11. Ford Fiesta (not my best) My integra is the best thing i have ever owned :)
  12. Smith


    haha theyre having a laugh!
  13. Hi Guys My Name is Smith and I am new to the club. I have a 2000 model Integra... would be great to see some other tegs!
  14. Hi Guys.. new member here:) Has anyone here ever had to replace the ball joints on their Integra? My Teg sometimes makes a clunking nose when turning the wheel full lock.. do you think it could be the ball joints?
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