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  1. Many thanks Trev I'll do as you suggest.
  2. I have a 2018 CRV 2.0 auto. I do about 5-6K per year. I was aware of the fuel consumption issue but with the low mileage I felt for me personally it wasn't an issue. Most my driving is urban and relatively short distance. I currently average 29 - 30 mpg around town. It may not be the quickest but again for me I find it definitely adequate for my style of driving. Reliability and comfort are good. As a Honda owner for some 20 years I am probably biased, the CRV is an easy vehicle to drive, and the driving position I find is excellent, and I have had no problem in the last 3 years with reliabil
  3. Also you can purchase a Honda spacesaver spare from a Honda dealer. I did. It includes the spare wheel, jack etc. As you may expect they are not cheap.
  4. I have recently purchased a 2018 Jazz. I downloaded my manual from the honda site - link below https://www.honda.co.uk/cars/owners/manuals-and-guides/honda-jazz-owners-manuals.html Hope this helps
  5. I purchased a spacesaver wheel for the wifes 2012 Jazz which had 15" wheels. We have just changed the wifes Jazz for a 2018 model which has 16" wheels. The salesman at the Honda garage insisted I didn't have to buy a new spare wheel as the one purchased for the earlier vehicle would fit the new one. Can this be right as the wheel sizes are different?
  6. New member this is our seventh Honda. The Jazz is the wife's vehicle as I have a CRV. Hopefully I can contribute and get assistance as required.
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