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  1. that Tulisa from X factor is quite cute!
  2. Over the the top Tuned Civic? Whats your opinion ?
  3. I guess this is a question for the track car owners. I've not long had a 4 wheel alignment and I noticed the car felt different pretty much straight away and I'm sure the cars' predictability has lessened. The only alterations made were to the front and rear toe which have slightly altered the camber (~ 0.05') and caster (+ 0.05'-0.10') according to the alignment report. What the car feels like now is that turn in is not quite as sharp (like I have to turn the steering wheel a touch further), and on moderate bends (steadily powering round the bend) the back feels like it is oversteering. Als
  4. as far as I can see they are providing saftey to peeps on streets.. I am not bothered by them.. i don't commit crime so why should i be bothered.
  5. Ford Popular (3 speed) 59 VW beetle Triumph Herald 65 Ford Corsair Ford Anglia Ford Cortina (MK1) Ford Granada VW Variant Another Beetle Austin Westminster Singer Vogue Chevrolet Chevelle Mk2 Cortina Austin Cambridge Mk3 Cortina Hillman Avenger Transit Van Volvo 740 GLE Volvo 940 GLT Volvo 940 Wentworth Ford Galaxy Ford Mondeo Another Ford Galaxy Vauxhall Vectra Honda CRV
  6. haha this made me laugh.. just how i feel when i take the wife shopping! I drop her off nowdays and pick her up when she needs me.
  7. I agree... some company cars see 60,000 miles or more in 2 years... build quality in some cars are aweful!
  8. Natalie Portman would be my choice.. she is scrummy :) if i had to go with a bloke it would be either lee evans, stephen merchant or carl pilkington for a right laugh :)
  9. Had a flashing Green D (Drive) light on the CRV this afternoon, it lasted for about 2 minutes. A minute from home we noticed the flashing D light. Parked in the drive and turned off the ignition. Checked the manual, It said 'Possible transmission problem'. May sometimes be accompanied with a warning sign as well if there is a problem. There was no warning sign that I was aware of, but I went back out to check. When I started the engine everything was as normal. No flashing D light and no warning light. I have not seen the flashing light since.. has anyone else had this?
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