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  1. shittt! I am bad on a small fery and i would be honking all the way on that cruise
  2. I am running on Goodyear F1's I must say I am really impressed by the grip of these tyres, they really do stick to the road like glue. Makes me feel fully confident taking bends at speed. Performance on wet and dry conditions Yoko's lasted longer but they are a harder tyre.
  3. Anyone know how many miles i can get on a set of oem brake pads... on average?
  4. I read somewhere that it is good to clean the MAF Sensor (Mass Air Flow sensor) every now and again with some isopropyl alcohol from Maplins. Anyone else done this? Any tips? thanks
  5. I have just joined this forum, I just bought a civic and want to put on the type r rear spoiler and front grill on her, Does anyone know where i can find one of these type R grills please?
  6. I am new here and wanted to pop in and say HI I have a 2009 Civic 1.4 VTec looking for a Type R grill for my Civic :)
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