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  1. My 10th Gen Honda Civic Hatchback makes a faint but noticeable helicopter/propeller like noise when going over 40 mph. There is no apparent vibrations to the steering or any swaying to a side and the drive seems fine. However I recently carried several bags of garden compost in the trunk possibly with a total weight of ~ 200 kg. Then the noise was definitely much louder when the speed reached around 40+ mph. For what its worth I have attached a small sound recording (mp3 file) of the noise. I was not carrying any load in the truck when I recorded this. In the sound clip, the noise gets more noticeable around the 15 second mark, as I increased the speed to over 40 mph. The tiers are relatively new and cant see any damage or debris. Would be fantastic if any one of you motor detectives could give me a lead as to what the issue could be ? Let me know if you like me to attach the sound file in any other format. Cheers Civic Helicopter 001.mp3
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