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  1. You bought an Ep2, my first car was the same, to be honest you would rather just buy an ep3 as it's cheaper than engine swapping and then adding all the bits for the ep2 to be able to handle the power. Plus ep3s have started to go up in value and will only continue to do so
  2. Hi guys new to the forum, Abit about me I've owned a 2003 ep2 civic for about 3 and a half years as my first car before that was tragically destroyed in a crash, since then I've owned a Kia proceed 1.6 diesel 2010 and it's been absolutely abysmal and unreliable in comparison. I'm now looking at buying another civic and due to having a baby on the way and with ulez compliance being required I have been looking at 2015 honda civic 1.8 sport nav. Does anyone have any experience with this model? Is it still as reliable as my old car and does the VTEC still kick in for fun like I remember
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