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  1. Hi Trevor, only thing that happened is one day the rear window switch stopped working for a few seconds but then finally put the window up. When I got back in the car an hour later all the passenger windows never worked again. I had on that journey prior to the fault had to press the window lock a few times due to kids, which is why I think it’s that switch cause the unit is now behaving exactly as it would if the window lock was activated even though the switch has no effect anymore.
  2. Hi all, I have a 2005 1.7 FRV. A while back I had a sudden window issue, the drivers window switch works perfectly but all other windows won’t work from either the master unit or the door switches. I’m feeling the power window lock button has failed in the unit, all fuses fine, I did have to use this regularly as I had young twins playing with the windows, however I want to get the windows going again. I’m happy to fit a new unit before spending the amount I want to ask if anyone has had this issue and what the resolution was, or anyone who has the knowledge to point me right
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