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  1. Hi Don't know if you got this sorted but as an update I have had some good results with Mothers Mag And Aluminium / Alloy / Metal Polish on the Accords headlights and at around £8 its not too expensive I only tried it by hand , the you tube videos do show it been used with power polishers. I did find the results by hand to diminish the more you did. You may need more than one tub for that window though, and again watch the spoiler Regards Kel
  2. Hi Really trying to get a feel if my car a diesel 2012 type S Accord estate (Tourer) Mk 8 is a bit of a strug or normal, reasons for my question are below but to save reading them . But essentially as any body with a post say 2010 Honda diesel ever had the first stage DPF filter come on (the one without the exclamation mark)? Also what sort of mpg are other Type S Accords getting? Prompt for my questions are the latest addition to my stable is a 2012 type S Accord estate (Tourer) Mk 8, Came back to an Accord having replaced my last 2008 EX version firstly by a Seat Leon Estate (nice car but discovered later been a works vehicle for a fishing place and it had been squeezed down too many tracks on its way to fishing ponds and what looked like marks were scratches so short of a full respray, next up was a BMW M sport estate, cashing in a pension pot to do the upgrade. Less said about that experience the better but I had a £450 Lancia Y10 that was more reliable. After a long hunt for an S type, ringing up on a Friday to arrange to go on Saturday for it to be sold. I think 4 or 5 times finally a mid-week trek up to Hull to Marshalls Honda for a low mileage example. I know I paid over the odds at 11k but back to Honda with a modern version of a trusty old friend. Not so as despite having essentially the same power plant, it’s been saddled with an emissions system that’s very restrictive, I had my first DPF garage forced regen last Febuary, 10 months later and I am lined up for my second. I know my usage is not great for a diesel 10-15minutes each way to work and down to the supermarket for the weekly shop, interspersed with traveling out to cycle events twice a week (why I need an estate), Covid means it’s probably only 2K a year at the moment. However since my last regen I flushed and changed the oil, I already use Shell V-Power and I even forsake the CRX to go for a not quite so joy ride once a month to purely to try and satisfy the DPFs needs. I would have hoped that on at least on these rides it’s own regen would kick in if there was the start of a build up. That it did not or that once again the stage one regen warning light (the one you do yourself for free!) as never put in an appearance. It’s also struggling to get above 30mpg I know its got a bigger turbo than the old model, but a previous DC5 Type R Integra used to get 30+ regularly. I initially thought it may have been down to a previous lead footed owner but now I think it’s the emission system. Honda say their diesels are only really suitable for folk doing 50k a year (I’m guessing in minimum trips of at 50 miles a time. My options at the moment appear to be either walking to work, not enough for a Honda to work properly but at 45minutes each way and half an hour get up early 5.30am instead of 6.00am. Only using the estate to go shopping and hope that travelling to events is enough to offset the “damage” that going to the shops causes. So pretty much have two cars for weekend use only. Or go rogue and have the DPF deleted and chipped. Regards Kel
  3. Hi Trev had a 1966 Sceptre before the hunter shaped one, and several Manual Monzas, even looked at one for auction last weekend 25K ooer methinks that's one that wont be coming back to the garage I did dig some piccies out but seem to have lost the abilty to post them up. As an admin guy do you know if anyones got access to a british manual for this bumper off operation I am planning next week. only not got a lot of answers yet. Regards Kel
  4. Hi Trevor Yep always had an appetite for slightly off route cars, even the bus (Accord) is a bit rare being a type S. biggest regret is selling an old Opel Monza, I restored and had for a long time, I think its still out there, last time it cropped up on ebay at 7k I sold it for £1400. and it did not look like it had much work by its subsequent owners. Don't think the same could be said for the Humber sceptre estate , think these were only made for a couple of years, badge engineering before VW, Audi, Seat etc. And sports tourers try and dig some piccies out Regards Kel
  5. No probs Unfortunately the purple Integra is no longer with us, the last owner ended up in a ditch as I saw an advert for parts on E-bay. part ex for a DC5 , that then got part exed at a local Honda garage for my first Accord estate, and since that one appears to have vanished off the face of the planet. pity I messed up the formatting though Kel
  6. Cheers feeling very old nowadays but not been told to grow up with the CRX and I was a lot younger last time the aerodeck was on the road
  7. Hi Posted this on my intro but , thought this maybe a better place for it. I am trying to swap the original grill for one I purchased from MV Tuning in Russia, I have had a different insert made up for it and had it painted so keen to try it on the car. Question is do I have to take off the full bumper to remove the old one, admit it does look the case as I can see how you can get to the clips that hold the bottom tabs in place. If so as anybody got any helpful instructions (or can point me to a video or manual). If anyone as experience of MV Tunings kit that may stop me making a mess of it much appreciated. The new ones got no tabs on the bottom so I am tiger sealing it, but I would still like to do it in away that I could put it back to stock. Hope some one can give me an insight Regards Kel
  8. Hi I am new to the site although I have been running Hondas for several years starting with grey imports, a 1.5 CRX on carbs, followed by a DC2 SIR Integra then a DC5 Type R Integra. as my user name implies "Old" perhaps if I had the DC5 a few years earlier it would have been great, but as a daily driver it and the roads around here (Staffs Moorlands) the DC5 was bril 10% of the time but a pian the rest. Went sensible with a 56 plate Accord Estate (being a cyclist hatch's and estates are best). However a bit of mid life crisis went after another CRX but a UK one, saw loads as use to have Fridays off and this was the best but TBH not really. sill covers off revealed a lot of rust, and probably should have broke it for spares (wasn't todays prices) but stubbornly stuck at it, realising it was going to be a long job bought an 86 Aerodeck to be going on with (that job was laso teh best paid I ever had, albeit short lived). Poor old Aerodecks not been on the road for a few years now, as the CRX is the weekend toy. Last year I bought a 2013 Accord estate Type S diesel (Not without incident). So currently have a stable of three cars, two taxed. On my last one I intend on swapping the grill but can't find a manual online, and the ones I have found seem to be for US cars, although I believe I have to take all the front end off, any pointers would be appreciated Regards Kel
  9. Only just joined myself (ie 1pm 24/06/21) so don't want to tread on any experts feet, especially as I will be looking for help myself later. However have you tried any of the treatments for the plastic headlights, you tube abounds with how to on them but I don't know whats best. I did get some reasonable results with my sisters Scenics headlights once using houseold CIF paste (I heard toothpaste works) and fine wet and dry plus water, as ever I would test a small area first and I would hope the trade stuff would work better, although they still look like paste and polishing paper. You will have to watch the proximity of teh spoiler though. Hope it helps Kel
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